Friday, July 18, 2008

I Love Bling Blings!

People who knew me knows I am always on a lookout for wonderful yet affordable ANYTHING!
No matter how much I love to prettify the world ("world" meaning myself) LOL
I wouldn't spend a lot just for myself!

I started a relationship with "bling bling" hair accesories 4years ago.
I was in China and "bling bling" pieces are quite cheap in China.
But of course, I can't afford to buy a roundtrip ticket to China just to save up for hair accessories right? <--- I have thought about this idea though

Hubby wasn't able to pick me up on time last night, what a girl to do???
NOT SHOP you silly!
Window shop! :P

Everyone who knows how to window shop knows how to shop!
But your "crazy" askmewhats know when and where to spend my moolah!
And I only spend ..when I see a big sign from above...
A big sign that says...


L- original price Php250.00 (approx $6.00) NOW Php125.00 ($3.00)
R- original Price Php200.00 (approx $4.50)
NOW Php100.00 ($2.25)
On sale, 50% off

It doesn't look so cute when it's just laying there flat on the carton right?
What's my head and hair for?
Of course! To model for you reader!

I don't know about you,
but i'm starting to love my head !
I think they look lovely and worth the "attention"
Agree? Disagree?

Before anyone gives out violent reactions,
I just wanted to share that these 2 aren't much!
But I don't mind, a simple buy like these makes me happy :)
It is a reward for myself on a hardworking day!
Go ahead, reward yourself! You deserve it!


  1. cute hair accessory, especially the 2nd one!!

  2. I like the butterfly one, it's very pretty ;) I know you are smiling back there lol I hope these little jewel doesn't come off from the hairpin. Sometimes I paint clear nail polish so it will prevent from falling off

  3. Oh, I do love bling but sometimes I just haven't got patience to fiddle with my hair like I used to do. When I'm not working, I leave it loose and when working I just pull it back. At work, we're only allowed minimal hair accessories but sometimes, it doesn't hurt a lot to push the boundaries ha ha ha!

  4. the hair accessories looks so cute! you really do know hwo to save =D lol

  5. Cute! I particularly like how the clip looks on your hair. :)

  6. How lovelyyyyy. Quick and cute. Loves it!

  7. LOL, I love that line "i'm starting to love my head"! You're so cute. I also smile when I take pictures that aren't even pointed at my face.

  8. I love butterflies (err everything but the actual insect :P) so I thought the hair accessories were so cute :p

  9. NicNic, ooohhh I first got hold on the 2nd one too!!! In person , it blings like crazy! I love it too!

    Nabi, I know what you mean about the "diamonds" coming off! I have wasted so much money on buying, using once or twice, then diamonds coming right off!!! Tsk tsk! thanks for the n ail polish tip! I'll do that!

    Gracie, I am the queen of hair design when I was younger, but when I started to work, I have lost all interest in fiddling with my hair as I felt i'm too old to get those clips and stuffs. But now, it is CONFIRMED..I am back to my 2nd childhood! lol

    Erica...ohhh I am really into buying "what's worth it" that's my motto in shopping! I don't go crazy with sales, I would really check on the quality, the price everything! I hear "OC" lol

    Liz, thanks dear, I know you are one of those blogger friends of mine who are into hair bling blings too! *winks*

    B, thanks darling!!! I love CUTE and I LOVE QUICK! that's a great combination!

    Psychoexgf, it is so funny, even if I had my back turned, I can't help but smile if I knew someone's taking a picture of me! LOL Even if you take a photo of my toes, I'll probably smile like I'm on cam! LOL

    Tine, ooooppsy, I wouldn't dare use an actual insect as my hair ornament as well. *goosebumps* I can feel the goosebumps coming out just the thought of it! :P

  10. I like the second accessory. It's cute and it has the color blue... lol~ :P I love hair accessories as well. I have so many, but I doubt I wear them often *sigh*. :(

  11. i love them both! :) you are soooo lucky to have spotted them!

    and i love that yellow smiley on the top of your hair! haha! you always manage to keep us smiling!

  12. They are so cute, love them!

  13. oohh!! i can't wear stuff like that. it falls of my hair easily (like in the commercial).

    you are too cute nikki!! :)

    another great find without breaking the budget! salute to you sis! :)

  14. Alyssa, you are obviously a blue lover! :D

    Sab, go buy them! at any SM malls!

    Gio, are you into hair ornaments?

    Shen, wow, it falls of easily? You've got really SOFT hair then!!!


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