Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Grand August Sale at Robinson's Malls

Friends who are located in the Philippines?
Are you a shopaholic?
Do you love to shop and still save up?
Robinsons Department Store will have their Grand August Sale upto 50% off of selected items.
The good news? It's not a 1 day midnight sale or 3 day weekend sale. This will be happening for the whole 31 days of August!
Start saving up now and let's all see each other at the Robinson's mall!

And before I end this post...
My wallet won't complain, my credit card will be swiped a few times,
But I'll definitely pay on time.
I do know how to shop wisely you know
*bleh :P*


  1. Robinson's won't be here 'til 2009. Poo. I want in on the sale too! :)

  2. Vi Anne, really? So sorry about that, well at least 1 year left for the waiting!!!! So mostly SM malls there?

  3. OMG how come you guys have so many sales there?? wish we had all the sales.. but then again.. my wallet would've been always empty if that's the case:p

  4. oh no nikki!

    patay na naman tayo!


  5. Good luck on you sale hunting sis!!! I'm sure you'll come out with great stuff!

  6. OMG why have i just now added you to my blog roll? i've been missing out!

  7. I can't wait to see your haul from Robinsons. Do we have Robinsons in U.S? I've never heard of this store, but then again I don't shop in expensive places when it comes to clothes. I just need Old Navy... lol~ :P

  8. Sales can drive women into madness.. I too have just learned how to shop properly and not give in to low prices easily. Hope you get some great goodies! Do show us what you end up with.

  9. awww, i miss shopping in the philippines! hope you find some good stuff!

  10. Purple Snowflakes, yes, we have a lot of sales down here, BUT not as great as the cosmetics sale you guys have up there! LOL I guess we just can't have everything we want right?

    Sab, I KNEW it, when I got this email , I knew I had to post this early on to advise you to save up as early as now! LOL

    Gracie, you are right, I am a "sale" lover, "sale" buyer..."sale" queen! thanks darling

    Renren, no no, you're not missing out much :) nice to see you here

    Alyssa, I think they have Robinson's in Singapore but it is a different kind of mall. Robinson's mall is local but they ventured out and opened up in China <-- that's the only place I know for now :) Don't worry, you guys have ULTA, COSTCO, WALGREENS, I'd give ONE robinson's mall in exchange for at least ONE of those places that I mentioned.

    Jiejie, I will definitely show you guys what i bought, but this will be month we'll see! LOL

    Tracy, come home!!! Visit us here!!! Do you have plans to go back to PI? Or not for now?

  11. What we have here:
    We only have 1 SM here but they 'll have 2 in 2010. :)

  12. Vi Anne, is the one and only SM mall BIG enough? They should open up more!! SOON!!! How often do you come to manila? or you don't? Gosh!!! They should open more Robinson's and SM soon!!!! They have it all crammed up here in Manila, they should do something for other places! But on the good side, you save more? hehehe


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