Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Massage, Anyone?

I remembered 2 years ago, I went to Malaysia with my friends. We walked so much that I lost the feelings on my legs! As I was strolling along the mall, I saw a sales guy coming towards me. The usual "Nikki" instinct would give out this apologetic smile and say "no thanks". But as I was looking at the product on his hand, I was so curious and drawn to it. Well, aside from the fact that I saw a massage chair as well. Who wouldn't want to sit on a massage chair for FREE?

Are we ready for Alien Porn?

Here's such a wonderful side angle... Sexy!

The button you see below that looks like a mouth is the ON/OFF button

Now he's shy, you're staring at his "butt" lol

This will be the exact moment I go:
"ooohh ahhh!"
(I did say PORN right?) lol

Askmewhats says ---

  • relaxes you
  • affordable
  • durable (I dropped it many times, it's still working lol)
  • comes in cool colors (baby pink, cool blue, mint green)
  • NONE for now, and for the past 2 years!

This battery operated Alien-like baby is perfect to be used on your back, your shoulders, your legs! It relaxes you in an instant, and the best thing, it's lightweight!

  • Use rechargeable batteries to save money
  • Do not use this longer than 15 minutes on each area
  • Do your loved ones a favor by massaging them with this! Who knows? They'll return you the favor! lol

Will I repurchase?

Yes! I actually repurchased 12 pcs of this!!!
Imagine the look on the sales lady?
And I would love to see the looks on your faces! LOL

Let me explain, both me and my hubby love this so much that we repurchased these as wedding favors for our godparents! :) We love something that would be useful and would remind them of us!

Yes to my Philippine readers, they are not only sold in Malaysia, I am happy to announce I've seen them at the Rustan's Malls. And the best part? It's less than Php1,000!! (approx $25.00)

Are you looking for a nice gift for your friends, family
who are always complaining about their back pains?
Leg pains? Headache? Or whatever ache???
Except Heartaches though LOL
This may be something to help ease their mini pains everyday!!!

And before I end this post, let me leave you something to smile or even laugh about :P


  1. i've seen these massagers everywhere. my bf bought one that's similar to this one. his is round all over and it lights up. haha.

  2. I saw that too. These days, they come out with really cute designs, I've seen turtle and lady bug, all different types of massager. :) Ohhhh Ahhhh lol hahaha, I really like your jumping like a Monkey picture, I might try next time ? hahaha Very cute !

  3. I'm always on the look-out for good massage tools. I'd love to get my hands on this, but I don't think they are for sale here. :(

  4. Tracy, LMAO, I know the ones with colorful lights!!! that was cute!!! LOL but I find these babies have longer legs and more arched! perfect for shoulders :) How'd you like your colorful alien?

    Nabi, wow! turtles and lady bugs? I wouldnt' want a lady bug on my back!!! Major goosebumps..but turtle would be cute. Are there any teenage mutant ninja turtle massagers ? Lol Do the jump! It's difficult but so worth it! The guards from the KL tower were all smiling, who in the hell would jump on this lovely bridge...ME! :P

    Liz...really??? about OSIM? I do believe OSIM is more international. I hope you find your massagers soon!!!

  5. You bought TWELVE?? Geez woman, that's a bit overboard! Time to come back to Msia to buy more - $25 is seriously overpriced!! It only costs less than RM40 here! :D

  6. Dear beetrice! I know! It's waaaaayyy cheaper in Malaysia but we thought about going back to buy those 12pcs But can you just imagine the airfare? The hotels? everything that we have to pay just to buy the 12pcs massager? lol If I've known you then on, I'll ask you to hand deliver it to me :P

  7. nice jump nikki! haha i have seen those many times in malls last time, but never bought it coz i thought it would just spoil like after a month or so. i can't believe that it works for whole 2 years for u. or u have used up the dozen by now? :P

  8. am not really into handheld massagers but someday i'd like a big massaging chair i can just lay down on after a long day... you're too sweet to give these as favors! funky, useful and cool! :D

  9. Prettybeautiful, it works for 2 whole years and I've used it like 3-4 times a week!!! Or sometimes, I'll just leave it on top of my leg and doze off! no no the dozens are not for me! Time to stock up you reckon? lol

    Mhean, hey girl!!! I love the big massage chairs too!!! But too expensive, so I'll just settle for these mini babies!

  10. Oh my gosh! I thought I've seen it all ha ha ha! If I bring any of that in my house, my bf and son would probably laugh their heads off! I can just imagine Sam making his Dalek robot attack them ha ha ha! Exterminate! Exterminate! My bf does give a lovely massage though ha ha ha! Oh, too much information!

  11. Such a pretty color robot... lol~ Blue!!! :) I like the last picture of you jumping up!

  12. I could imagine how Sam would play with this and poor Alien's life span will be less than a montH! Lol he'll be like, "Kill the alien!" ain't telling much!!! go on...your BF gives lovely massages...then? lol

    Alyssa, yes, you love blue!!! And this color was chosen because of my hubby, if I have the choice, I'll go for the pink! lol Thanks, It was a hard jump!

  13. you're so funny, nikki! kaloka ka! :) sexy daw! hehehe! cute little massager. must get R something like this soon. :) great gift idea! :)

    you look uber cute on the jumping pic!! :)

  14. LOL I have the exact same massager in the exact color...i need to break that bad boy out!

  15. I see those all the time, but I didn't know they actually worked! thanks for sharing

  16. hey nikki!! i too love this and a few years ago bought a couple as christmas gifts for the girlfriends. =)

  17. I have one of these, too! I love it!

  18. Gosh i wondered what that was... thinking a web cam or some sort?? but no it's a massager! haha. looks cool!

  19. Shen, people will appreciate gifts like this..well..according to me! LOL

    Renren, you have the exact one? Oooh girl, with your busy sched! Better use it!

    Jaime, how'd you like yours? LOL You have one but you just left the poor massager? :P

    Yummy 411, wow you got it as xmas gift??? I wish I got this on Xmas day! But I bought it on my own but no regrets!!!

    Tokyostargirl, glad you love it too!

    Nicnic, you are funny! It does look like a webcam! I love how it looks like, I called it Alien ever since. I would tell my hubby "alien please" and he'll know what I'm referring to :)

  20. i know this picture! wehehe. where did u buy the 'alien'? in bukit bintang? i didnt see u buying this, maybe we already left KL when u bought this massager. gotta one of this too! wehehe.

  21. Gail, yeah we bought it when you guys left na :) Girl!!! You can buy it too! I forgot the place but it's all over KL! :)


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