Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Citre Shine Loot Bag

Can I be honest?
Do you know that I am not the type of person who gets stuff without working hard for it?
Everything I own, everything you see in me..
I've worked hard for it.
I'm glad though, coz it made me understand the value of everything I have
Tangible or intangible.

That is why, my jaw nearly dropped...
and my tongue nearly rolled into the Oscars --- as red carpet...
When I won this lovely loot bag
from my favorite magazine!!!
(can you just believe it that I was just talking about them days ago?)
Girlfriend magazine, thank you!
I must be doing something good...

Here's my winnings
Yup, they're all mine!

And let me show it to you one by one. Can I just squeal and say..
"It looks soooo lovely!!!! I just want to hug them to sleep" LOL

Citre Shine Fresh Fusion Shampoo and Conditioner

I actually just finished up my HG shampoo and conditioner to give these babies a try
I am always open to set aside my HG shampoo and conditioner just to try out other stuffs

Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

Good for days that my hair just goes crazy!

Citre Shine Curl Booster

This would be great for my sister-in-law who loves to curl her hair

Citre Shine Glossing Pomade

did I hear shiny hair??? I want!

I will do a separate review on each one of them when I get the chance. I have to give them all the proper time to test them. Just so you guys know, they are not too expensive.

Nose test: Smells HEAVENLY!!! <--- not because it's free ok? lol

Have you had any winnings lately?
What are your winnings?


  1. I told you you're a very lucky girl!... lol~ See it's proven! :P

  2. aww congrats to winning some goodies, everyone loves freebies! :D:D

  3. Toma, thanks so much! I am a li'l caterpillar learning from the QUEEN butterfly! yay, can I do my own cocoon now? :P

    Alyssa, thanks girl!!! I got luckier when you said I was lucky!!! So can you say that again? lol

    nicnic, i know! Freebies are great to test on products you wouldn't even purchase. And of course, freebies can make you spend more...you may love the product so much and plan to repurchase! Any freebies you got that you repurchased?

  4. Ooooh SWAG ;) Congrats on that.

    Btw, you just got tagged on my blog :p

  5. wow! that is soo lucky!

    maybe you wrote them a letter and you're like their choice for the letter of the month?

    but that is soo awesome! i love girlfriend too! :)

  6. Thanks Tine, will let you know as soon as I've posted mine!

    Sab, yes, I did wrote them a short note choosing the products you would like to win!!! and I did!!! I am so lucky!! But i'm not the letter of the month! LOL If you have July ish, check the back part...it's quite small lol but you'll see my name! YAY

  7. Ohhhh it's perfect set for the hair! That's so awesome. I wanna know how citre shine would work on your hair. Shiny woohoo, sounds nice ;) You deserve this! Please let ue know how this works out on your hair.

  8. wow!! goodies!!!

    :( i hardly win anything :( can't really remember when was the last time i won something

  9. Woop woop! Congrats doll! All of it looks lovely! I'm always wanting to try new stuff for the hair that makes it healthy and gives brilliant shine! Hope these work out for ya :]

    NYX concealer jar is the BEST, I will forever be a customer! I had three total stocked up, but gave one to my momma because she loved it so much when I used it on her for a wedding! It will get ya hooked like that ;)

    but yea S&H sucks so I just end up buying back ups! I'm always afraid my favs are going to be discontinued so I tend to do that haha or in case one gets broke/stolen, who knows!

    Keep in touch, Oh and I added swatches for the Cherry Culture Haul!


  10. wow! our famour nikki! hahah! i will def get one! angelica panganiban on the cover right? :) i love that ish! a lot of makeup featured there. :)

  11. Congrats girl! Citre Shine is some good stuff. :) I'm using their serum and I really like it. :)

  12. Nabi, I'll definitely do a review on this, i've been using the shampoo and conditioner set since I received it. So we'll see LOL Do you guys have Citre Shine products available there? I bet you guys should...

    Prettybeautiful, that's why Whitney Houston sang the song "When you believe..." it's for people like US :)

    Sara, i know! me too, I have this feeling that products I love won't be available soon, so I'm stocking up like mad woman especially when they are on sale!

    Sab, yeah Angelica Panganiban cover..LOL you don't have to buy it..i can lend it to you, coz you'll just see a boring name that says I'm a winner..that's it..nothing more nothing less..do you want a magazine with all photos with ME on it?? I'll make one for you! LOL (I am joking ok! so stop nodding!)

    Vi Anne, ohh really? the serum is nice? I haven't use it yet, coz I want to finish up my Face Shop serum..but since you said it's good, I want to try it! ASAP

  13. wow..congrats on your winnings! galing galing! i've been using the shampoo and conditioner, it's good for colored hair kasi..and their color boosting serum too!

  14. wow ang dami ah..citre shine gave me terrible dandruff..as in super laking flakes..

  15. that looks like such a great prize! how luck of you to have won it. i've been using the citre shine serum for a long time now. i apply it after i heat style my hair. it works great, and i love the smell.

  16. Jheng , based on your soft smooth hair, i would say, it works for you!!! gosh now I'm really excited to try on the serum.

    Miemiemie, oh no!!!! Dandruff??? oh my!!! it doesn't work for you. What shampoo and conditioners are you using now?

    Tracy, yes, it is great! Winning just 1 shampoo would already be great! Lol they do smell heavenly, I am not a citrusy scent person! But this one smells great!

  17. yey! congrats!! :) you are so lucky! and deserving rin kasi you give unbiased reviews on the product whether you buy it or its given for free. :)

  18. whoohoooo that's a super cool prize you got there. Give me some luck twin! I need them badlyyy :(

  19. My confession:

    I walked into the Girlfriend magazine office, put a gun on the editor in chief's head and make her pick you, coz you're awesome !!!


    j/k nik, congrats!!! thats a very orange prize, dontcha think? *envy*

  20. Wow! Congratulations!!! Sis! They look really great! I want them too!!!!!

  21. Ohhh, congratulations!! I'm the type that doesn't win much either so I know you are excited!!

  22. yay! Congratulations!!

  23. Congrats! You are so funny, i love your sense of humor. Enjoy your products!

  24. Sis Shen, thank you so much !Coming from you, I am really touched!!!

    ebeautyblog, to get luck, you have to call yourself the "evil" twin...DEAL? *winks*

    NANZY! LMAO!!! That is so cute!!! Though I'm sure you didn't do it, just the thought of it....I LOVE IT!!! awwww, this is the first time someone did something illegal for me! Love you dearest!

    Gracie, you sure you want them? You still have stocks for hair products...come on..admit it! lol

    B, thanks girl for understanding, I am such a kid when it comes to stuffs like these!

    Jaime, thanks girl!!! Ohhh Life should be full of humor..or else..people will go crazy and boring..at least..I am crazy yet exciting! :D

  25. Thanks Gio for the congratulations! :)

  26. yay! i love new goodies, especially when they're free! i love the smell of those products too :)

  27. im using the suave for kids 2 in 1 shampoo in strawberry scent along with pantene conditioner..the latter is still causing dandruff..hai

  28. yay! i'm like you, i never win things :P
    i do have to say though, i've been using citre shine for YEARS (as an alternative to biosilk) --just their anti-frizz serum though & i LOVE IT :)

  29. Renren, *high five* to freebies lover!!! (high five to all of us!) I love the smell too!!!!

    Miemie, Suave, never tried that, oohh I tried their conditioners..but it doesn't work for me, we have our differences in scalp eh?

    Aireen, wow..for years? I LOVE LOVE biosilk! The original formula, I've tried on biosilk again and I'm not loving it..maybe my hair aged... :D

  30. wow lucky you! and Citre pa! :D i like their anti-frizz serum pero expensive for moi hehe... am curious about the glossing pomade though, am crazy about shiny hair! :D and you're right, Citre products smells great!!!

  31. Mhean, me too, haven't thought they have glossing pomade! I thought it was for men.

  32. Please review these once you try them!

  33. Please review these once you try them!

  34. Congratulations girl! Enjoy your loot! Do give us a review after you've tried them out. :)

  35. Fabuless, sure! Definitely will!

    Shades of u, thanks sis!!! I am using the shampoo and conditioner for a week now. And I've tried the serium this morning, looks promising :)

  36. Lucky! Enjoy your prizes. :)


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