Monday, July 28, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: The Body Shop Mini Brush Kit

As you all know, I love to do make up on other people and I don't want to take along with me all the long handled brushes, I thought of buying a mini brush set. And I gave in with the Body Shop Mini Brush Kit. They cost around Php1,000 (approx $22.00).

I gave in because it is so small and compact and I can just bring it anywhere!

Here's how the set looks like

When opened, you find a small mirror
and 4 mini pockets to put in your brushes

Each of them are approximately a size of a PINKY finger!

Yup, very SMALL

The Body Shop Says ---

A portable, stylish-looking pouch containing miniature versions of The Body Shop make-up Blusher Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Slanted Brush and Lipstick/Concealer Brush.

Askmewhats says ---

  • indeed very portable
  • the brushes are very soft (because it's synthetic)
  • since it is quite small, easy to pack on eyeshadow colors to my "small eyes"
  • the handle is too short, difficult to apply make-up


1. Lipstick/Concealer Brush

I like it that they have a cap to make it hygienic. I think this is better used as a lipstick brush rather than a concealer brush.

2. Eyeshadow Brush

This is my favorite among the 4 brushes! I like it that I can easily pack on colors with this brush. Again, because this is quite small, it is easier to apply with my smaller eye area!

3. Slanted brush

I tried using this as an eyeliner brush, it just won't work as the brush is quite long and it tends to be soft so it bends a bit more making my eyeliner smudge. So this is the best to be used as an eyebrow brush.

4. Cheek Blush/Blusher Brush

I find this is a bit too small to be a cheek brush. I wanted my cheek brush to be fluffy. I use this brush though to remove the excess make-up below my eyes!

Will I repurchase?
No, again, I take care of my brushes and I won't need this til after 10years? lol

Let me leave you guys a question,
I want to know...
What's your travel brushes?


  1. I love the body shop brushes
    they have the best foundation brush i love it

  2. I've been tempted to get The Body Shop's travel brush set for YEARS. They're so cute and TBS' brushes are always very good to use. I do agree with you, they are pretty small, very short-handled, but then again, good for traveling ;)

    My travel brushes are from Lumiere Cosmetics; a set of mineral makeup brushes which I don't just use for mineral makeup, of course :) They're slightly bigger than TBS'.

  3. Ha the body shop...I don't like little brushes (but I like retractable ones though...) but the case looks quite convenient , I wish they have those little pouch so that I can carry my little tweezer and those tester benetint bottle...

  4. I just got a MAC brush set that I'll use for travel and regularly anyway :)

    That looks a great brush set too for $22!

  5. i've never really shopped at the body shop before. i guess that's because they are Bath & Body Works rivals so i've never really been inside. but the fact that they have brushes and makeup is pretty dang awesome.

    some of the travel brushes that i use are from longs drugs & wallgreens. i usually have the nice long handled brushes at home and then take with me the cheaper brushes from drugstores. size really doesn't matter to me because i have a HUGE makeup bag haha.

    nice review!

  6. i have the big version one from bodyshop and i really like their brushes! one thing is, the handle is so long and i often poke the mirror coz i stand very close to the mirror ( im short sighted :( ) i am now finding suitable short brushes too :D

  7. I've been hankering after TBS' mini brushes for AGES now...and you got it first?!? *sigh*...I'm using my Revlon travel set - it's still holding up great after 3+ years, so until it falls apart (or something better comes along!) it's gonna be my travel buddy... :)

  8. i always thought shorter brushes are better.. cos i can get as close to the mirror as i possible can without my brush bumping into it. but i guess it's a different story when applying it on someone else

  9. Beautyaddict1one1, I would agree with you, their brushes are so soft! You are using them?

    Tine, it is quite short for me. But if you're used to it, I would say it is good quality brushes. Go get one! lol How much is it there?

    Citrine, you are right, I got it early this year and I haven't found any good retractable brushes here in PI, you are right, I would choose retractable brushes, more convenient and hygienic!

    Gee, oooh yeah, mAC has good travel brushes!!! and they have cute pouch too!

    Nikki, I hear yah about B&B! I love B&B products!I've been using Victoria secret forever, but now, i"ve switched! We are definitely NIKKIs!!!!, I understand you pretty well, I hit my long handled brushes when I do my own make-up..poor us..old women with bad sight! lol But the long handled ones are great when applying make up to other people. But I find the Body Shop travel brushes tooooo short! lol already have a travel brush set, and you still want more?? WOMAN!!! Well wait for your revlon to rest in peace and buy the body shop one. You guys have a lot of sales there!!!

    JieJie, this one is just too short for me lol...I think the perfect length would be the MAC travel brushes..

  10. i have that too! lol but i haven't used the blush brush yet. i just never seem to pick it up lol

  11. hi nikki! my mom got this for free, provided ofcourse she bought a certain amount of products. hehe. she loved it! and i loved it! hahaha! yeah, too bad about the handle.

    and it's expensive pala!

  12. I've seen this set in the shop but as what you've said, the handles are tad short which makes them not very easy to use. However, for retouching make whilst out, it won't be much of a problem I guess. I've got a portable brush set from Boots and they're quite nice and wanting to get a set from Benefit :)

    I love Body Shop make up brushes though, I think they're great value for money :)

  13. The brush set I got from Blusche feels like the Body Shop ones. They were cheaper too.

    btw, i made a comment on your blogger swap post. :)

  14. Erica, I never seem to use my Lip brush! LOL coz you know how it is when new right? VERY STIFF, and I am so lazy to wash it! lol

    Sab, lucky mom! i'm sure she shopped a lot there to have it for free, and yes girl! It's not cheap, so take care of it!!!

    Gracie, true, if you are outside and you're desperate, this brush set saves the day for sure!

    Vi anne, hmm..I wonder how blusche brush feels like...and cheaper? like how cheap a set? hehehe

  15. Hi Nikki,

    Long time lurker here commenting for the first time :-) I received a similar set for my birthday, the only difference is the color (mine is green). I like that the brushes are dense and doesn't shed. I agree that the blush brush is too small. However, as a latebloomer in the use of make-up, I'm happy using this until I have my own regular sized brushes.

    Like reading your posts!

    :-) Candygirl (CG)

  16. Hi CG! So nice to see you and thanks for commenting. I'm glad I did this Body Shop travel brushes post coz I've got to know a reader :) I bet these brushes are really a favorite of yours? Because you came out! :)

    Hmm, I didn't know they make other colors? I think it has to do with the shot, but mine is dark green (kinda dark moss green). And you're right! They don't shed, goodluck with your regular sized brushes! What's your plan on the brushes? Do you have a brand on mind?

  17. I usually can't get down with mini brushes, but those look pretty good! thanks for sharing

  18. I don't really like mini brushes, I prefer the regular ones, but this looks like a nice set for $22.

  19. i wanted to get this brush set before but R said, "para naman pang liliputians yan eh. get the bigger one instead." but since it was really really expensive, i didn't. :)

  20. i got the lumiere synthetic travel set similar to this but i found it difficult to use because of the short handle. but it was so soft, though. :)

    blog hopping :)

  21. wow those brushes are tiny! he he...i bought the posh travel brush set which is pretty decent...

  22. Those are real cute! I just bought one blush brush a looong time ago when I was still in Manila, and it was too stiff, I didn't like it. Maybe it's time to take another look into TBS brushes.

  23. After using Ecotools, I don't think I can use anything else. Thanks for the reviews! :)

  24. Thanks for the review. I actually don't have a travel size brush set. I really need to get one! Any recommendation?

  25. MUA in Scrubs, thanks for the input!!! I have heard so much about the Lumiere brush set. I'll see you around.

    Makeupbyrenren, it from a couple of beauty bloggers reviewing it and it looks wonderful.

    Shades of U, this is definitely soft! When are you coming back?

    Alyssa, ecotools and sonia kashuk are brushes that I would love to try. I have to remember that..*lists down*

    ebeautyblog...i think with all the POSH brush, crown brushes, ecotools and sonia kashuk brushes you have there, give them a test and see which one you can try. I don't really recommend the TBS mini brushes coz they're just too short. Knowing you, you would want the size to be "just right". Right?

  26. i only tried one brush from TBS and that is the one that comes with the blush (the kind where it is built-in with the brush). at first it was soft but then after a while it got scratchy i got rid of it in a snap.

  27. Mhean, ohh I know that!!! Really it got scratchy on you? so sorry to hear that..but I guess its always a YAY and NAY on things right?

  28. Hi Nikki,

    I think we both have the same color (forest green-ish?). Yours look black in the photo.

    I've been thinking of buying Suesh brushes. How do you like your set?Is it really good?

    :-) CG

  29. Hi CG, yes same one, it just looks black with the lighting I think.

    Suesh brushes are great! Especially if you're starting up and you don't want to spend too much. I've used it so many times now. Everyone whom I used it for says the same thing "so soft, doesn't hurt the face" . If it's for your personal use only, you can also try the 5pcs one, costs 1,000php (i think) :)


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