Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Heaven n' Eggs

WARNING: Food porn again! lol

Heaven & Eggs, got famous because of their pancakes! But do not expect us just to eat pancakes! Me and my hubby are quite adventurous and we always dine in this restaurant and would order different dishes!

We were greeted with a lovely Heavenly Ambience.... Let me show you a photo of this lovely place when we were still dating!

This photo was taken at the Timog branch year 2006...
we were still BF and GF then

And now that we're married, nothing will change. We will find time once or twice a week to dine out and enjoy dishes we had and reminisce.... (60's music on the background lol)

Here's a freebie that greeted us if we use our Metrobank Credit Card
Pinoy Nacho

(tip: Always check with the waiter if there are some good freebies for certain credit card companies, they ALWAYS have something up to their sleeves and you won't know unless you ASK)

I love the crispiness of the nacho topped with cheese, tomatoes, mangoes and pork

Our all-time favorite
Asian Chicken Salad
(Php 200 something approx $5.00)

This is one of our favorite salad because the sauce is totally different. They use "Hoissen" sauce <-- Chinese sauce , instead of the usual Caesar salad. I love the crispy noodle with cabbage and the best part is the Roasted Chicken! YUMMMM BUT, today, it was a bit disappointing. Since we had this salad for more than 10x in our lifetime, that can make us an expert on this dish. The salad tastes so bitter we just have to drown the salad with water! After several bites, I told my hubby we have to tell the staffs it doesn't taste good so they won't serve it to other customers. (Yup, we do care) We told the staffs nicely and they willingly gave us back a menu and told us to order something else.

Smoked Bacon and Sausage Pasta

(for Php279.00 approx $6.00)

The garlic bread tastes wonderful. I love pastas that are of different shapes! (childish I know). You can taste the herbs every bite. This is delicious. It's good for sharing and I just love that it can tingle your tastebuds.

And since we were full with some salad we ate and the pasta, we had the Roast Beef Sandwhich order to go in exchange for the Salad that tastes "BLAH"

Roast Beef Sandwhich
(Php295.00 approx $6.50)

I can't explain how yummy it is eventhough we ate this the next day. Strips of roast beef topped with gravy and onions with my ultimate favorite food...POTATOES! I forgot the bitterness of the salad with this wonderful sandwhich!

Have you had any bad dish that you have to return?
where they nice to you?


  1. Oh they look so yummy !!! I wanna taste the hoissen sauce, does it taste like teriyaki flavor ? Yummy Yummy :D I love to see your weekend food tripping !! I also wanna taste their nachos ! I went to Quizno's sub today, I will sure update that too :)

  2. tha nachos looks delicious! you makin' me hungry. hehe.

  3. Nabi, hoissen sauce..tastes a bit like teriyaki but I think teriyaki sauce are thicker in consistency and sweeter. It is TOTALLY different, it would look weird and sounds weird, but the blending was great!!! NACHOS! YUM my favorite too!!! Can't wait to see your food tripping post!

    Jiejie, sorry!!! But nachos that are thin and crispy like that..melts my heart! LOL

  4. Oh my more food, but thankfully I'm sure full. It looks delicious though! :)

  5. And you guys still look like bf/gf, don't act like you've been married forever :P You guys are very cute together! just like me and my bf :P hehehe, Lovely couple you guys.

  6. the asian chicken salsd looks yummy!

  7. Alyssa, you're full??? Better check back at my post when you're hungry again heheheh

    Nabi, thanks li'l sis!!!! we acted like BF/GF..crazy li'l kids!

    Lydia, it is yummy's the best Asian Chicken salad..too bad, that day it wasn't the best! :(

  8. Miemiemie, talagang masarap!!! :D

  9. oh wow! i'm a big pasta fan and that looks yummy!

    it's a good thing the staff was able to change your order, other restaurants here won't do that. the sandwich sounds like a winner too!


  10. ooh! food is one of my passions as well! my boyfriend and I are always trying out random new places-although we got sick trying out a greek restaurant and were both throwing up for hourse so we haven't tried any new places in awhile!

  11. aww you and your hubby are cute together!!

    food looks yummy xD oh the hunger strikes! haha

  12. Sab, the sandwhich tastes WINNER! :D
    You often go to Glorietta, try the sandwhich! You'll like it!

    Alyssa, now you're hungry? You made me hungry with your MISO soup!!!

    Yellow me and my hubby loves to try new places too!!!! While we're still young and our cholesterol level are still normal! :P

    Nicnic, sorry about the hunger strikes..not intentional ok?

  13. favorite ko rin yung asian chicken salad!!!


  14. You know, I'm actually hating you for posting this. You know how much I love foods...and looking at all these good foods but not able to touch and feel it is a BIG TORTURE!!!

  15. Iya, awww salad are great! I just hate it that KFC don't carry their salads no more!

    Nessa, :P thanks

    ebeautyblog, you girl, are just looking for a reason to hate me! You've hate me since day 1! lol and food is definitely not the reason! LOL Don't worry dear, come over and I'll treat you for all the food you want!!! <--- just be extra nice to me ok?

  16. that sandwhich looks sooooo good!


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