Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"My Cherry Amour" Nails

Good day everyone!!! I had my nails done again the weekend.

Have you encountered days that you wanted to be really creative but you just can't squeeze your mind on anything new? It happened to me, I am one of the most creative person you may find but I had my short portion of "Brain drained" when I was asked what nail design I would like to have (Gosh, such big problems huh? You thought I was referring to a life long decision? nah..that's me, I stress on the smallest detail lol)

What a girl to do to be creative? Look around...and anything that we can see can be inspiring! And when I say everywhere, I mean it! I promise, this may sound superficial, but this doesn't only have to do with nails or beauty. Anytime you need inspiration, just LOOK AROUND. You will definitely get answers!

In my case, I am a superficial whore that day, I looked around, and my eyes fell on my pajama! It was a green "cherry designed" pajama pants. EUREKA!

I swear, they are cherries! hahaha I should have taken a shot upside down as this photo looks like flowers! <-- Talking to myself (sorry)

Sorry Kitty lovers, I didn't mean to step on Hello Kitty's face :( I just wanted to show a lovely face so you guys won't get distracted by my feet! LOL

Just a little update, I am starting to do nail art for my mom, and she's loving it!!! The first time I've done it, I was expecting it to come out really gross and ugly! I was honestly surprised and happy with the outcome, so surprised I forgot to take a photo of it! If I'm ready, I'll definitely show it to you guys!

Life is full of love, happiness and inspiration
make everyday.. a Cherry-ful day!


  1. your nails look so cute! great job!

  2. How cute is the nails and toes!!! You make my nail art look awful... lol~ :P

  3. Oh I like this!!! The apple green and cherry red work well together. :)

  4. LOL @ HK lovers....yes, I am quite offended that you are stepping on her face. Hehehe, I'm kidding. The nails and toes look beautifuuuul. So summery. I love it!

  5. That's too cute. I wish I could do my nails like that and not get 'em chipped. Sigh.

  6. Wow I'm impressive sis!! I thought it was tulip flowers but when I see them upside down they are cherries :D Yummy,,,awww poor hello kitty :P Oh I would love to see your nail tutorial too !

  7. oooh! nail tutorials! wow nikki! i can't pull this off, but you sure can! your nails are lovely! :)

    such a great way to start a day! :)

  8. wow so cute!!! i am terrible at painting my nails :( i can't even do a simple painting without smudging everywhere

  9. hi honey. i will let you guys know. she is supposed to send it friday. i'm guess it will be here next work by wednesday or so. we'll see. and yes, i hate that ppl can be that way, too! they don't respond until you get mad!

  10. so cuteeee... you're very good!!
    i cant do nailart.. even only in applying nailcolour, the result always so terrible.. messy.. hehe..
    i have shaky hands!! :(

  11. so cute!! LOL!! (when are the grapes and strawberries coming out?? i want too!!)

  12. love! love! love! your nails! =) so pretty...wish I could have my nail done but they're too "pudpod" now because of all the nail biting I do, hehe!

  13. Oh no, the nails aren't done by me ok, it was done by a nail artist who goes to our home :) I salute her! I am learning from her!

    Alyssa, when I said I"m no expert like those nail artist out there, do you know I'm referring to yOU??? You have the best nail art and you've done it so good! So don't feel bad ok? You're the queen!

    Liz, thanks dear, hope you're not too busy now!!!

    B, oh dear, i KNEW it!!!! I would get punched on the face for stepping on HELLO KITTY!! SORRY!!!! I just want to leave a smiley face... :( Boohoo

    Tine, speaking of the devil, I managed to survive 3 days unchipped nails, but because of my typing, the pinky fingernail just CHIPPED :(

    Nabi, I would definitely do a nail tutorial (after 10yrs) lol, If Alyssa okay'd for it, I am still waiting for the nail supplies I ordered :)

    Sab, thanks dear! *hugs*

    Prettybeautiful, don't worry, even in my case, I've done my own nails and my mom's nails for more than 10yrs now, but at times, there are still badly smudged moment!

    Spankedelic, I hate hate hate unprofessionals! *hugs* I hear ya! can't wait to hear how it goes. I hope she sends it!

    Marie, no worries, you can ask your friends to help you ? I would love to do it for you!

    Beetrice, you would be surprised, strawberries and watermelons are part of my "upcoming designs" LOL

    Marianne, pudpod or not, you go girl! use bright colored polish! it honestly can brighten up anyone's day.

    Dianatan, thanks girl! Your MAC collections are cuter :(

  14. That's just adorable! THe colors are lovely, nice shades of my fave colors.. and so neat too! Yes, nail tutorial would be fun!

  15. your nail design is soo cutee!

  16. Beautiful nails. I always love fruit on playful. You inspired me to get my nails done again! LOL

  17. Jiejie, soooonnn Thanks for the compliment

    Erica, thanks :)

    Ebeautyblog, go girl!! I'm glad to be your inspiration!!! (seldom to I get to inspire you) Are we friends now??? :D

  18. HAHAHA...uhmmm...let me second thought that. Of all the time you've bullied me and made me cried myself to sleep...should we still be friends???....hmmmm....I guess.....not! we're more than friends girl. We're twins...and you're the evil one! LOL

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. WOMAN! You? Cried yourself to sleep? I nearly killed myself for you!!! When I got hurt with all your comments, I ate all my make-up and nearly choked to death when I ate the pigments! shame on you girl for calling me the evil one..up to now, I'm still recovering from make-up coming out of my nose! I offered you friendship, you denied... who's the evil one now?

  21. so cute!! you're very good! I wish I could do my nails like that..

  22. Oh... Wow! You've NAILED it sis! Super duper cute!!! Would you do mine too ;)

  23. omg your nails are so cute! you've inspired to do up my nails.. i'm just gonna do them the boring way - paint them!! LOL.

  24. Wow Nikki, your nails are adorable! Now I want to go to a salon and get my nails done. :)

  25. Nessa, Thanks dear

    Gio, thanks too dear.

    Gracie, you definitely would complain if I do yours..for someone who does her for 4hrs, definitely yours is way perfect than mine!!!

    NicNic, i love painted nails, just paint them and you make the world "oh so happy" :D

    Emilee, with pretty face like yours , even if you have bad looking nails, people wouldn't even notice!

  26. your nails are so incredibly cute!! does it cost a lot to get them done like that?


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