Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paul & Joe 2.0 Sale

PAUL & JOE is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati. For inquiries, call 818-6891.


  1. LOL, Nabi, your P&J is still in store! LOL If I steal some for ya and got caught, can I just give them your photo and tell them you're the mastermind who brainwashed me? LOL

  2. Oh boy, I can see our Nikki's wallet is going to be much lighter this coming week. LOL

  3. Be still my heart! P&J! :) i still don't have P&J in my stash... nikki, did i mention that my birthday is in september? wink! wink!

    just kidding!

    i'm in no buy mode!!! no money to pay for credit cards anymore not mention makati is soooo far and gas price is such a pain! :(

    do post your loot instead and we'll just drool. :) hihihi!

  4. eBeautyblog, oh no! I won't be buying any! I have already bought all that I need from P&J. This is just for other people who would be interested! (someone like Shen LOL)

    Shen sis!!! Advance Happy Birthday!!! LOL September is the bday of my hubby too!!!! Oh yeah, I understand no buy mode..I've been no buying mode for quite some time now, I do buy stuffs still but not as much as before. And dearie, I do apologize I won't be posting my loot for P&J for now...I am eyeing for bigger sale! lol and yeah, like I told Cinthia, I still have stocks on what I need from them :)

  5. Oh, Nikki! I'm sure you won't miss the even for the world ;)... Make sure you don't upset your bank manager ha ha ha! Just kidding... I know you're sensible enough with your shopping :)

  6. careful nikki! careful din sab! haha! :)

  7. whyyyy can't i be in the philippines right now?

    ps. check out my blog. you're in it :)

  8. Gracie, is that reverse psychology? LOL Promise, I wont' go there! hahaha, I will be meeting my highschool friends this weekend! Thank goodness lol

    Sab, you din! You want to give their products a try di ba? Go ahead!!! If you'll be able to be there, Look for Sunday and tell him I recommended you! He's super nice and no pressure in buying talaga!

    Nikki, so sorry, come on over, I would love to exchange with you even a day, I'll buy everything that are BOGOF! LOL and you eat everything and we'll teleport again lol isn't that a great idea?
    Nikki dear, thanks so much for the award, *hugs*

  9. you serious? you're not going to buy anything? hmm...how come I feel SURPRISED!!! LOL. btw, my bd is also in September!!! YAY...we septemberu rules!!!!!!! hAHAHA

  10. ooo another sale! you should get two items there, nikki!! *wink wink*..

    to shen: haha hi five to you!! my bday is sept too! :) and i dont have any single item from P&J.. haha.

    anyway, we dont have P&J here.. (i think so.. not in my area).. but i did read from the magazine about this product. maybe someday i can try one, especially for the foundation (i heard of its raves!!)

  11. ebeautyblog, how come everyone's teasing me if I said I'm not buying??? Where's the Nikki Support group??? *sniff* February rule! February borned individuals are SMART!!!! <--- a.k.a. ME LOL

    Maria, hey, nice to see your comment again! Don't please..do not tempt me, and no winking pls, my knees are weak when people winks at me. Ohh wow, September birthdays again!!! Anyone who's birthday is on Feb??? Help me!! They are ganging up on me!!! LOL

    Where are you located again Maria???


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