Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reader's Corner: How to Iron Your Own Hair

When I did a review on my newly purchased flat iron
Prettybeautiful commented and wondered how to get around using this on your own as she seems to miss the back part.
Again, I am no expert on this but I am sharing "my way" on ironing my own hair.
Feel free to share yours!

Step 1: I create a "half" ponytail

Step 2: Clip it using any clip you're comfortable with

Step 3: Section your hair into 3 parts (Left, Middle, Right)

Step 4: Start with the middle section, start ironing your hair starting near the roots downwards

Step 5: You can go back from the top again, this time with a comb, so you won't burn your fingers

Step 6: Move to the left section of your hair, then right section (not shown on pix), repeat steps 4-5.

Steps 7-8: Let loose the clip, let loose some hair (not too thick) and repeat Steps 3-6 until your reach the top

Hope this is helpful!
That's all I can share for now.
Stay tune for more helpful tips from your smiley Askmewhats!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial =], it was helpful. I am usually a lazy person so I just take whatever strip of hair on my hair and straighten it, lol.

    Speaking of irons, I seriously need to get a new one >.<. The one I have right now is soo messed up.

  2. That's alot of work ate ! I'm afraid of burning myself ouch ! :P It looks very pretty

  3. sis, we nearly have the same technique.. but i blow dry mine first. it takes me about 1 hour to finish everything. that's why i had my hair rebonded. now i just let it airdry... :) you're hair is lookin so sleek and shiny. the color is amazing!!

  4. wow! thanks pretty nikki for sharing your tips.. badly needed 'em =)

  5. oh wow! this is helpful!

    i do not iron my hair though, but i've always wanted to curl it. hehe. maybe this technique would work!

    thanks nikki! :)

  6. thanks nikki for hearing me out!!! :D

    i know what i missed out: hair clips and comb. lol. i almost burnt my hand when i was doing the behind part. and guess what, i usually only do the strips that easily reached by me :p just like trang. hehehe. will try this tip out! :D

  7. I don't ever straighten my hair; I like it with a bit of bounce. Ditto with any heat/chemical treatment, but I do understand the need to be 'bad' sometimes. :) In any case, I love how shiny and healthy your hair looks here!

  8. YaY I hit 32222 readers !! No gift this time also ? :(

  9. Trang, your hair doesn't need ironing!! I like it the way it is on you!!!! But yeah, I would understand your need to buy one, I bought one but I honestly don't need one! WOMEN!

    Nabi, no burning, no worries, I am clumsy but I never burnt myself ...yet *knocks on wood...3x!*

    Shen, oohh yeah, before I forget, I do blow dry my hair a bit too, to lessen the wetness and to speed up the ironing time!

    Pretty me, you're very much welcome dear! I'm glad you liked it!

    Sab, oohhh ,curling is easier as it is ok to miss a spot with curling! I'll probably share my curling techniques in the future, I say future as I get to be so tired everytime I go home from work, you know..when people work hard *winks*

    Prettybeautiful, MY PLEASURE! I enjoyed your question and I enjoyed doing this. What's more enjoyable with this post? It's ok to look like trash coz you just show people your back! MJAJOR LOL

    Liz, I love your hair too! I've seen photos of your back part! and I love how you used lovely accessories for that!

    Nabi Nabi, li'l sis, you are inventing your own gift giving rules! LOL isn't it supposed to be 33333??? or 22222? there's no such thing as 32222!!! lol

  10. Very nice demonstration! I did it the same way too. How did you like the flat iron so far?

  11. Ohhh sorry Li'l Sis Nabi!!! Don't cry, ok ok...hmm...*hug? Kiss?* as a prize? hehehe

    Ebeautyblog...I love it so far!!! Been using it for weeks now (not everyday) but been trying to my friends as well at home! It works wonders! lol <--- I sounded just like a annoying home tv shopping ads

  12. This prolly one of the things I can never do 'coz I'm too afraid so. :P I always end up with someone doing it for me instead. ;)

  13. wow, the only thing i can do at the back of my hair is to comb it. lol. you are really a master of beauty DIY's lol. i suck at these stuff haha.

  14. *sigh* If only I have long hair...=D I love my short locks, but this is a great tut for those with long hair like you. =)

  15. Roanne, you're lucky you have someone doing it for you!!! I don't have a younger sis who could do it for me!

    Mhean, lol your hair is wonderful!!! No need to iron!

    Shades of Hue, it is easy honestly just to have a short hair! The funny thing is, I've always longed for long hair so I could do different hair styles, now that I've got long hair, I'm too lazy to do hairstyles and I'm getting old to do all those teeny bobby styles :P

  16. The back of the head is the hardest part I swear! I do the same as you in almost every step, except I follow my iron with a comb rather. (So it's iron and then comb immediately after. This way the comb keeps the hair off my skin too so it won't burn!)

  17. aww you do it so pro.. i actually curl my hair like that way too! hehe. Your hair is so shiny looking!

  18. Psychoexgf, thanks for your tip :) combs really are vital especially on heated iron!

    Nicnic, thanks girl!!! I paid for the shiny hair! I hope it last!

  19. I like step by step instructions. I have a Karmin flat iron that works great, but look for more tips. Thanks! Here's mine if you're interested - http://www.professionalhairtools.com/karmin-envy-pink-professional-tourmaline-ceramic-flat-iron-p-522.html


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