Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tip for the Day: Changing Your Lippie Color ASAP

This will be part 2 (lazy edition) of creating your own lipstick shade.
There will always be days where I would be in total hurry and I wouldn't have the time to mix.
Here's the short cut version on creating a different lippy color without the hassle!
This is how I did my lip color in my "Sky and the Rose" Look.

Step 1: Of course you'll need a dark colored lipstick
(I chose red in this photo)

Step 2: Dot your lips with a liquid concealer

Step 3: Rub the liquid concealer with your finger
Making sure to cover all areas

Final Step: Just SMILE and enjoy the new lip color!
(Note: If you want to create a nude look,
add more liquid concealer and repeat all steps above)

If you are wondering what Liquid Concealer I've used.
It's my ELF Tone Correcting Concealer
You can read my previous review here
I kinda snobbed this when I got my NYX Concealer in a JAR :(
I don't want him to feel bad, so I've used him on my lips instead
(at least he's kissing me lol)

I will be dozing off like a pig as it's Saturday my side of the world!!!
Smile and be happy today!
As you can always change your lip color in a flash!


  1. wonderful tip!!! I have some lipstick shades that are too dark...I could totally try this!!! thanks girl!

  2. That's a good idea of changing lip color. I've never thought of that. Something new I learned... yippie~

  3. that is such a smart idea Nikki! The pink and red both look lovely on you :)

  4. wow i never thought about lighting my lipsticks like this! this would make a lot more lipsticks in my stash a lot more wearable. thank you!

  5. Nice trick! I wonder how it would work if nude l/s is added on top instead of the bottom. Gotta try this out.

  6. Ate! I nominated you as a fabulous blogger! Please go to my blog :D

  7. This is such a great tip! I had never thought of that, thanks

  8. I am glad it is a good tip for all of you! :) It's nice to share some ideas that works!!! I hope to hear from you gals how it goes ok?

  9. How cooool! See, I love lipsticks for the simple fact that you can change their colors quick and easily. Love it!

  10. Love love love red lippie! Ha ha ha! I do the same sis! ;)

  11. Hey B, yes, it's true, I think that's one reason I don't own much lipstick, coz I always change the shade with concealers!

    Gracie...ohhh I haven't worn it like that ! hahaha i dont' think it looks normal on me!

  12. great tip! i also noticed if you put on different lipglosses on top of a lippie it sort of changes the hue as well. :)

  13. Great tip, definitely trying this out with my concealer.

    PS: I so dig the hot red lippie on you ;)

  14. oh wow! it works for other concealers too right? i'm into nudes right now and this is waay helpful! thanks!

    btw.. at the end of your entry i thought you're talking about your husband there. haha!

  15. Mhean, so true about lip glosses! thanks for reminding all of us the additional tip :)

    Tine, awww, you like red hot lips on me eh??? hahaha You are in love with me!!!

    Sab, if you're into nudes, definitely the concealer tip! I find it really amazing when Ms. Cherry taught me that! I Just can't help doing this for all of my lippies.

    LOL about me referring to my hubby, you are mEAN MEAN woman! hahahha BTW, I thought about you last Saturday, but I didn't go to Glorietta, I was at Market! Market! When can I see you? hahaha

  16. Great tip! Reminds me that I need to try it the other way around. :)

  17. Emilee, yeah, I do know most people would put concealer first, but I find it sometimes different on me, so this works better for me :)


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