Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Award Worth Keeping

Thanks to Lily and Nabi for the wonderful award!
I felt so blessed to have lovely readers like you guys who took the time to read my post everyday. I started blogging with one thought in mind, just to put out reviews and stuffs I've found that would be useful for readers out there. But I was surprised to make lot of new friends from different parts of the world! Friends who, of course would accept the crazy me for who I am.

Now it is my turn to award to 7 bloggers I think are worth sending the award to. I want to send to everyone whom I visit the blog daily, but this is a rule --- 7 is 7! So here we go!!! (by the way, if I've seen your name nominated in other blog, I didn't nominated you again as that's repetitive)

My 7 Capital Sin (alphabetical order)---

1. Beetrice's Review
A lovely lady who knows how to come back with my crazy comments! She's definitely a product junkie and she know's how to make a person want to buy something with her posts!!!

2. eBeautyBlog
Another beautiful blogger who has the face that can launch a thousand airplanes! LOL. I love how she does her hair and I love her face pretty!!! Though I fought with her with my comments..she knew I love her for doing that! :P

3. Glitz & Glamour
If you feel bad about your purchases, take a look at Gracie's blog and you would know whatever you bought is nothing compared to her! :) The lovely licensed nurse who just graduated recently is one hell of a woman wrapped in ONE body! She never seizes to amaze me, she's got a whole lot of great personality and I would love to meet her someday!

4. Moi Hearts Makeup
A true Pinay MAC Addict (plus all the others out there, you know who you are). She is a loving wife and mom who knows how to take care of herself. Talk about someone who knows how to balance her life!! She's a person who stays true to herself and wouldn't be afraid to show her true self through her blogs. I admire her for being a real person!

My Addictions
A real photogenic who looks great in any angle on any photo!!! She's a real woman as she is. Someone who ain't scared to try on something new. Someone who knows what in life will make her happy and go for it!!! I am proud of her when she finished her Make-up class and now she's going further into hairstyling! That is an epitome of a MODERN woman!!!

6. Kikay Pinay
The Elle of the Philippines. She's not legally blond but she's definitely LEGALLY Smart and pretty! Very friendly and outgoing just reading her posts would make you "part" of her everyday life!!! I am wishing her goodluck on her upcoming bar exam!!!

7. My Women Stuff
ParisB, the writer of this blog, stays true to herself and her readers. When you are looking for a product review that doesn't sugarcoat her answers? She's the one!! You get real...true reviews and ideas and you can't help but admire her for her friendly attitude. I would love to meet her someday when I visit Malaysia too!!! (ok Paris?)

I know 7 was up! But SAB, I saw your name nominated from Nabi's blog, but I just want to send a special award to you...for making my day great! For making me go through the MONDAYS that I hate so much and for sharing a cup of coffee with me in cyberspace. And of course! For being equally as happy as I am during Fridays!!! I hope to see you too!!!!!

I want to send a separate post for this special lady But I thought of adding her here instead. To LizLin of This & That, she is my first ever commenter when I started to blog and she really took the time and effort to read all my nonsense talk from day one. Liz, though you're far away, I want to send you my gratitude for trusting me with my writings. *hugs*

To whomever I gave an award to, you must give the award to 7 deserving people. Here are the rules to follow:

1) When received, you may post the premio to your blog.
2) Link to the blogger you received it from.
3) Give it to 7 blogs
4) Link to those 7 blogs
5) Leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.


  1. thanks for the rockin' nomination!! love it! thanks!! much love to you!! :)

  2. Congrats to you - and what a neat idea!! :)

  3. YAY!!!!!! An award for me :) I wanna launch an airplane over and give you *kisses* and *hugs* right now. know I heart you too, right? but just to let you know I haven't given up on the crown yet! LOL.

  4. Oh, sis Nikki! Oh, do I deserve to be in your nominations? I'm soooo flattered... I never thought anyone would see me as that kind of person. I've always considered myself being 'too common' but you made me feel special this time :)... Thank you...! Very much appreciated! I'd love to meet you one day as well... in fact I can't wait... Our very own Charlotte!

  5. aww you're so sweet sis, thanks! :D

  6. Nikki! :D You are too sweet, thank you so much for the award. If ever you are in KL, drop me a line. Air Asia's quite cheap now right? ;)

  7. awww....thanks babe! :) very honoured to be on the list - dinner on me when you get to Msia! :D

  8. awww! i swear my headache lessened because of this. thanks hun for making my day! *hugs*

  9. Thanks for the personal mention Nikki, I'm touched!!!!

    I've been so busy lately that I haven't had the time to really read my usual blog roll, but I pop in here every day to see what you've been up to. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pieces of your life with me. Be well!


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