Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Ineng's Special BBQ

This post is dedicated to everyone from the Philippines and those travellers who wished to travel to the Philippines.

Anyone who's been to the Philippines, I must say, MUST try the Barbeque! I am not a meat lover, but when it comes to BBQ, I can't say NO.

Me and my hubby went to the Market! Market! as I love their supermarket. Their supermarket has wide variety of Thai, Korean, Japanese, Singaporean and Malay stuffs that you can't find in regular supermarket. And what I love about the Market! Market is their food court. The food court has stalls of different delicacies from different provinces of the Philippines.

I think my hubby is pregnant! Hahaha He was really looking forward to taste the famous Ineng's BBQ. He's been wanting it for quite some time and this was the moment! LOL

As seen in the photo, people DO line up for the special BBQ! I didn't, I just sat and waited LOL

This is the famous BBQ!
2 sticks with rice and coke
(Php123.00 approx $2.75)

What I love about their BBQ is the taste, it is so tasty and not hard at all! The sauce tastes heavenly ( I can't explain it) and you know what's the most important part of this meal? The VINEGAR!!! The vinegar is the perfect husband for the is sweet yet a bit sour. It tingles your taste bud and you just want MORE!

Fish BBQ (Lapu-Lapu fish)
2 sticks no rice nor drinks
(PHP146.00 approx $3.25)

Everyone's been going crazy for the pork bbq and I think I have to say, the fish deserves equal attention! It takes a bit longer time to have this order but this is worth it! It comes with a soy sauce but chuck the soy sauce and use the vinegar for the pork BBQ! YUMMMYY

Don't laugh on my next photo ok? I did say this is something Filipino...but I just can't help it!!! I am a Korean food lover and when I saw that they offer Kimchi, I have to give it a try!!! I was ready to sulk and just make fun of this establishment for selling Korean food, boy..I was wrong!!! This Kimchi exceeds my expectation! It may not be the best, but it does taste like how a good kimchi should be!

(php55.00 approx $1.10)

For less than $10.00 and a meal that makes us both smile? Who would complain? I know I'm NOT!

Oh yeah, before I bid bye bye to everyone. I have discovered a yummy treat! I am not a junk food eater, but if I do eat some, I have to make is not the WORST! lol I know all junk foods are bad, but we have to just let go and enjoy what's life gotta offer right?

Here's the chips that I am loving right now...

I love that they don't have MSG, doesn't taste too oily and the flavor is just right! Just to let you know..after typing this? it is all GONE!

Stay happy everyone!
Give yourself a break and eat anything you crave for even once or twice a week!
Your body deserves it!
Be beautiful...inside and out!


  1. Oh wow, now many place sell kimchi huh ? It's good!! I wondered why that food was so small amount and price was pretty good! It looks yummy I used to eat chicken BBQ with spicy sauce on, it was so tasty :D

  2. omgggggg cheap food!!!!!! i really cant wait til i come back home! where are you from in the philippines anyway?

  3. yummm bbq! i agree with you. i think it's important to have bbq that's tasty but not burnt to crisp! $2.75 is a steal!

  4. Aaargghh! Your pics are killing mee! I'd give an arm and a leg for really juicy barbecue-on-a-stick right now. Too bad we don't have those here.

  5. Nabi, no, not a lot of places sell kimchi except Korean restos! That's why I told myself I have to try this! LOL I thought it was Kimchi Filipino styled. But it was a normal Kimchi flavor. Yum, where do you usually eat your bbq?

    Anne, aww, when will you visit? How long was it since your last visit? I'm from MANILA! I'm a Manila girl! LOL but I'm the most boring Manila girl you can find!

    Nikki, true, the food here in PI are all affordable, but of course, the servings are definitely ASIAN servings! LOL

    Shades of u, sorry, I just wanted to share to everyone how much I love the bbq here, I hope i'm not causing any gastronomic trouble :( Come on over...or do you want me to FEDEX it to you? :D

  6. i love Ineng's BBQ too! :D i usually eat there once a week since there is a small branch in Eastwood... btw, have you tried eating BBQ at Serye? for me, that is the best BBQ i've ever tasted!!!

  7. i eat here every chance i get! :) this is btw the place i ate when i went to meet up with mhean to get our MAC loot! totally great for on the go and starving. a definitely great fast food with Juicy bbq!!

  8. aww nikki! you managed to make me hungry again! haha! and i just had lunch! hehe.

    i did a lot of eating this weekend too! too bad no photos. haha

  9. Mhean, I haven't tried SERYE, i take your word for it, I'll give it a try soon!!!! YUM

    Shen, oh yeah, I remembered you met up with Mhean and you ate there? Isn't it just yummy? too bad lang the area isn't air conditioned, so it's super hot and you smell like bbq afterwards..hahaha

    Sab, sorry, well go and eat more! With your headache, I'm sure you deserve more food! NO dieting today ok?

  10. Ooohh I was totally gonna go eat Korean BBQ earlier, but settled for tofu house instead. And girl, only $10 spent for good food? I might as well move over there!! LOL. Your hubby is pregnant?!! HAHA...well, you got one utterly sweet pregnant hubby there. Did you made him wait in line while you were sitting and relaxing? Boy, you have it GOOD!!!

  11. eBeautyblog, ohh Korean BBQ is one of my favorite as well!!! Accckkk !!! No more food talk! Come to think of it, it was my fault coz I posted this foodie post. And yes, you are right, it is affordable to eat in PI especially if you are a traveller. And girl! You meanie I didn't force him to wait in line, he was the one WHO FORCED me to sit down! :( I'd rather be with him and accompany him with the line but I have to reserve a seat you know! Gosh, when will we stop ??? LOL


    I have been to HK, Malaysia, Singapore but not the Phillipes - oh how I miss decent food! Cold sandwiches for me!

  13. oh i would really love to taste that barbeque! the bbq here in the states tastes so bad-it tastes like fire or ash covered with ketchup lol! I have those same kettle chips-i agree, they're so yummy (and those are the best flavor too)!

  14. You managed to make me hungry, it looks yummy!

  15. Hi Rowena, thanks for dropping by. Wow, you are quite a traveler! Come on, visit here and I'll be glad to take you around <--- if you trust me enough to be your tour guide! LOL

    Yellow fever, oohh you better taste it!!! Everyone who loves bbq should give this a try :D

    Gio, YAY!! I've achieved my purpose in making people hungry! lol

  16. Grrr, I'm mad at you, sis. You got me allll hungry here at work. LOL!! That food looks soooo yummy. I've been trying to get to the Phillipines forver. So much that I tried to learn some Tagalog.

    That lasted for a month. HA!! But A+ for effort, right? Have a beautiful day. :)

  17. I love reading Cinthia's and Nikki's relationship. It's a love and hate relationship which can always make me laugh... lol~ :P

    It's almost lunch time and you're making me hungry. H-U-N-G-R-Y!!! :P

  18. You really make me want to go visit the PI like now! could you believe I have NEVER IN MY LIFE been there???!

  19. Kettle chips are the best :D my fave are salt and pepper and salt and vinegar! Im a true Brit :P

  20. do i always have to leave your blog hungry?? lol!

  21. B, awww, A+ really for such effort. What Tagalog terms have you learned? No bad words ok? LOL...I am sorry , please don't get mad at me, I just want to share what we have here!

    Alyssa, sorry if we put you in the middle of our "love-hate" relationship! I hope you had a great dinner/lunch? Not sure what time it is there :) ENjoy your food, you make me hungry with your cooking too!!!

    Nessa? REALLY? You've never been here? But do you still have relatives here? Come visit with your BF!!!

    NicNic, I haven't tried the vinegar flavored ones. I should give it a try right?

    Yummy411...I am always leaving your blog hungry, HUNGRY for more make up :)

  22. Tomorrow I'm going to my favorite bbq place. This post is making me crave for barbecue!

  23. Hi Vi Anne!!! I'm so glad you're back !!! *hugs* go ahead and eat BBQ, that will be a comfort food!!!!

  24. mmmmm... bbq, damnit i was just in pinas and i so badly want to go back. the "filipino" food here in LA just isn't the same. it's like, they tweaked it so americans can understand the taste or something. pinoy food is best served in pinas, hands down.

  25. awesome, another food post...I want the meat...

    I have to say that I am strangely addicted to kimchi (I eat it by snack...) and other picked food...


  26. Imee, yeah? How long did you stayed here? What are the food you've tasted? Where did you go? hahaha I got so excited for you. I knew how it is to miss a certain food! and I would say, Filipino food really, are so heartwarming!

    Citrine, wow, you are addicted to kimchi? Can you find good kimchi there??? I wonder how the original Kimchi FROM Korea would taste like, if it'll be the same as what's served here!


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