Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arigatou Gozaimasu!!! Toma!

(Arigatou Gozaimasu = thank you very much)

You know that when I started to speak in different language (check heading), I am way beyond touched, happy, excited, overwhelmed!

A wonderful blogger-friend Toma of Makeup Masala, knew about my complaints on products I've been longing to try but I can't find them in my country. She's probably a mind-reader too, cause she knew I wanted to try ELF nail polishes so bad! (lol, in truth, I saw her ELF polish post and asked about it coz I told her I didn't even know they made polishes!) She then offered to send me ALL the colors available from the ELF nail polish collection! I was just thinking "a couple" of the colors, but she made my life easy by sending me EVERYTHING!!!

Here's the wonderful package I received after almost 3 weeks!
This is a HUGE package and I love that she even chose her bubble envelope carefully!
It was very difficult to ruin this envelope (I tried) :P

She bubble wrapped it again inside
BIG bubble wraps that I tried to press hard
But failed so I ended up using my sharp nails...
Sorry, I got sidetracked just talking about this big bubble wrap

LOL (and NO, it's not a fetish)

What's even sweeter is she sent me a postcard with a lovely message
Toma dear, I WILL DEFINITELY have Fun!

It's also cute that she wrapped EACH of the nail polish
So it's like QUADRUPLE protected
Everything's safe and sound
(note from Author: Me and hubby had fun unwrapping this)

And here goes the
Nail Polishes PORN!

As I was chatting with my nail polishes,

I got a good conversation with them and they wanted me to tell you all...
that they are happy to arrive safe and sound, they did tell me it was a rough ride!
A bit jet lagged, but ready to work soon! *grins*
I can't wait to create more nail looks with my new nail polish collection
Again, thanks my dear Masala!
You are indeed an angel with the ability to send polishes! :D


  1. Lol~ I never knew nail polishes can talk. Tell them a stranger from the states says hi... lol~ :P

    That's really nice of her to send you all the colors from the brand! :)

  2. Ohhhhhh Ahhhhh :P Now you got whole weekend to play with them :D Yay for you. I'm happy for you :) It was very nice of her sending you stuff.

  3. lovely colors!!! i love reds! that's very very nice of toma! :) we can't wait for you to play with them too!

  4. wow that is a lot of nail polish!! let us know if elf's polishes are good! i've been wanting to order some from their website!

  5. Toma is such a sweetheart. That looks like an awesome nail polish collection. Looking forward to seeing your work with them.

  6. many ppl like my twin!!! I'm jealous!!! :(

    And those colors are gorgeous!!! More more nail tut, yeah???? EHHEHEHE

  7. ohhh... i love free gifts. and yours are just drool worthy! Toma is so nice! :) enjoy designing and painting your nails. :)

  8. Alyssa, in my crazy li'l world! Everything can talk! :P lol you're not thinking that I'm a weirdo now right? LOL

    Digital Angel, I am so excited to use it too! They are all LOVELY colors!

    Sab, I love reds now too! Before it's NO NO for me, but now..with nail art and stuffs...RED IS HOT!

    Lily, I'll do a proper review on it if it's good or not ..will let you know!

    Tracy, indeed, she is! i was really surprised, someone I've never met would do stuffs like that for me!

    Nanzy, crap crap crap??? *looks around*

    ebeautyblog, TWIN! Don't be jealous...I LIKE YOU AND LOVE YOU TOO!!!!

    Shen, I will definitely enjoy painting my nails over the weekend! :D *giddy giddy*

  9. aww how nice! yay nice people all around :)
    can't wait to see the colors on you! i'm curious as to how the light colors will look since i have dark colors over load from my opi haul haha
    review yes?

  10. so sweet of her! definitely can't wait to see your work with the babies :)

  11. wow...lovethe colors. that's so sweet of her :) enjoy your gifts...u deserve it

  12. That was very nice of her! The colors are beautiful! Can't wait to see you play with them

  13. Monday night's almost here. I'm sure your mom would enjoy them too. Happy Bonding :-)


  14. Aireen, I'll play with it as soon as I can!

    Prettybeautiful, I am looking forward to play with right now!!!! and it's 11:46pm lol

    Jheng, thanks sis, *hugs*

    Gio, I'll let you know how it goes

    CG, you are sweet, I just met up with mom and brother tonight for a nice dinner! :) Thanks for remembering!

  15. Yuuuummmmy!! You know it's serious when you talk to your cosmetics (hey, I do too)! She hooked you uuuup! How beautiful. Can't wait to see some of your designs. Muah! Have a fab weekend!

  16. Hot dang! Girl, you've got enough nail polish to last you a lifetime! :p

    That was really nice of her to send those to you.

  17. B!!! I honestly can't stop admiring all the colors! It's like having a nail polish counter right in front of me! SO COOL HUH??? You have a fab weekend too!!!

    Tine, not to last me a lifetime, you know how women are...always wanted more colors! LOL but these polishes will last me...a year of "no polish buying" :P Thanks to Toma, I will shut my now..let's go back to cosmetics..LOL

  18. wow awesome nail color collection! How nice of your frd :D

  19. aww lovely friend you have! so sweet of her .. and thoughtful! enjoy your babies! :D

  20. NicNic, yes, I am really in AWE, I put them all in a lovely place..a smaller

    Mhean, I am enjoying them! :) thanks, I just applied nail polish to my mom using one of the pinkish tone color :) she loves it!


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