Saturday, August 16, 2008

Joppa Minerals: Free Shipping Worldwide!

One thing that stops me from buying online, is the shipping cost. I have been blogging about make-up for quite some time and you don't see me blog much about MMU. It's not because I don't use them, or want them, but it's because of the shipping rates! I hate it that most of the time, shipping rates costs more than the product itself.

Thanks to Nanzy for the heads up on the Free First Class Global Shipping!
If you want to try on MMU but hates the shipping...
Now is the time!

Hurry! Offer good on all global and domestic orders now through August 21, 2008!
Smile and click the photo below for more details
**all photos from Joppa Minerals website

I hate choosing, so photos below are what "tickled" my fancy!
I am hoping not to to receive this at the end of year 2008! LOL

54pc. Eye Shadow Sampler

22pc Blush/Bronzer Sampler

What's your mineral heaven?
Happy shopping!


  1. :D you're welcome, hon! I'm glad you found this useful! happy shopping & I must warn you, their blushes are TO DIE FOR !!!! so be ready for blush whoring...

  2. See there are stuff going to the Philippines from the states!... lol~ :)

  3. ah..must not buy!

  4. ah..must not buy!

  5. whoa! You're going to be busy for a while:)

  6. Nanzy, I am so excited to receive the blushes then! TO DIE FOR huh? lol I can't die! I have to use them all first... :P

    Alyssa, I KNOW!!! I'm glad the shipping charges are waived! I hate to pay super extra for shipping!

    Aireen, :( Sorry for disappointing you...i ...clicked...the ...BUY button :(

    THSG, dear, I will be super busy for sure :D

  7. I really like Joppa's blushes, but I can't say the same for their foundations. =( Hope you get your samples soon enough!

  8. Hi Tracy, thanks for the feedback, I am an MMU virgin...and good thing you told me about the foundation, I've been looking at their site coz I've ordered their e/s and blushes..and now I'm lookin at the foundie, thanks for letting me know, I should save my money then to some other stuffs :D *hugs*

  9. i love Joppa's foundies, it's actually my HG MMU foundie. ;) i really don't fancy MMU blushes, they fade easily compared to traditional blushes. if only my foundie ran out! but alas, due to Joppa's great coverage mine's is still half full! :D

  10. Mhean, if you like Joppa's foundies, it must be REALLY GOOD!!!! hmm..i am so interested with it now! I am course I know it works to some and doesn't to others..but for now..let me test on their e/s and blushes! I still haven't gotten any confirmation email from them if they received my order yet!

  11. You are such a Good enabler lol. Thanks for sharing this, now i gotta go browsing heheheh ;)

  12. Bliss girl! let's all blame Nanzy! LOL she's my enabler on this one! :)

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