Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Ardell Brow & Lash Accelerator

I know this is too early to do a review, so I won't be saying anything for now but leave you gals photos! I know a couple of my readers are waiting for my review on the Ardell Brow & Lash Accelerator.

Let me leave you photos after a week of consistent nightly usage!
(Note from author: I have to admit, there's one night that I was too sleepy and I forgot to apply LOL)

Again, I have to clarify that it has only been a week. You be the judge! :D

Askmewhats "Premature" Review ---
  • Hubby did say my lashes aren't longer at the moment, but definitely there's some volume going on in there!
  • Smells "custard-y" (it honestly smells like egg! lol) -- I can take it though, all in the name of longer and thicker lashes

Let's wait for a couple more weeks!
I can't wait to take more photos!

What do you think?


  1. Your lashes do look a little more voluminous. I haven't been using mine consistently, but I do notice that my lashes are a little longer than they were originally. Hope it works out for you!

  2. weeeee...me likey too. i went to Watsons makati yesterday and found Ardell, but they only have lashes :( i wanna try this one too. i have short lashes and i want to really have long, luscious (LOL) lashes. just continue using it nikki and im sure you'll have "existent" lashes in no time. hehehe (well, u said you have the thinnest and less existent lashes of all eh)

  3. that's weird that yours smell like custard, because mine smells like straight up rubbing alcohol!! I was so afraid to put it on, but I guess it was ok since I am not blind LOL. I wonder what the ingredients are.

  4. Oh wow, I see the difference ! I'm not sure about the length yet but it seems like you got more lashes now :D I wanna try it now hehe. Keep going !

  5. Tracy, I am very consistent because I am desperate! LOL Since day 1 that I heard about this product, I told myself I have to get my hands on this! :D And I did! And I'm happy I did :)

    Jheng, try it! hehehe I am very happy with the "feel" and the "result" ..I am excited for a month result! :D

    Nabi Sis, yay!!! I'm glad there's a bit of difference, I wasn't expecting any coz it's just a week! :D

  6. oh wow! how long should you keep on using it?

    i kinda laughed when you said you don't mind it smelling like an egg. haha! all for the lashes. :)

  7. it does have more volume. but you're right not too much in the length department yet. i hope this works out well for you :D

  8. it does have more volume. but you're right not too much in the length department yet. i hope this works out well for you :D

  9. it does have more volume. but you're right not too much in the length department yet. i hope this works out well for you :D

  10. hi nikki! :) i think your lashes had more volume! ang galing! i should use that too! both my hubby and my daughter have long and curly lashes! i envy them! ang ganda! hahaha :) sana ako rin . . :)

  11. yoyo i am currently using a traditional indian oil too! the name is castor oil, it is said to improve your hair growth, but i keep forgetting to use it every night, so i can't see result yet :(

  12. Sab, I'm gonna keep on using it til I finish up 2 tubes! LOL Imagine if it really works and when you see me, you don't see any eyes but LASHES! Scary! lol

    Aireen, thanks! I don't mind Length or Volume, just one of those, I'll be ok, I get contented easily! heheh

    Prettybeautiful, yeah I heard about the castor oil, why can't I just try conventional methods? LOL..oh yeah..coz it's OIL...I am a bit queasy when I see the word OIL!

  13. Glad that you can stand the smell. I hope you'll get great results so we could be twins with beautiful lashes together :)

  14. Rhea, awww I'm glad! I really crosses my fingers for it to work! :) I'll let you know soon if it's worth purchasing as it ain't cheap here in Manila :)

    Cinthia..wooohhh! *wipes forehead* I can feel the pressure! Do I need to get lashes like yours??? I just can't!!! yours are really long and great looking!!!! I am not a quitter though! Starting today, I will comb my lashes and USE gel to make it spikier! LOL <-- please don't take this seriously twin! I know you're going to challenge me to do so!!!!

  15. I see more lashes than usual. I'm glad to hear it's working for you! :) I noticed it works better on people with shorter lashes than longer for some odd reason. :/

  16. personally, it's a bit difficult for me to see the result...

    I use vitamin oil as a makeup remover if I am playing with some crazy gel eyeliner or as a mosturizer for the lid, I think I helps a bit growing the lashes...
    Since I broke two strand with a 3 dollar drugstore curler (damn it!)It's has been three week and it's almost 80% long now (from the lash line bald patch)

    yeah, I don't even remember to use it everyday...maybe 3 times a week...

    P.S. I think those other ones like sweet almond oil, jojoba or olive oil will do the same thing, but Vitamin E oil doesn't smell like anything, which is a plus for me.

  17. Err I didn't see any difference :(

  18. Alyssa, I think you will see the differences more with shorter lashes?

    Citrine, thanks for the added info, may give it a try after I finish this up :)

    Tine..lol no worries and no pressure, I still have months to go! wish me luck!!!

  19. Oh yeah! It showed an improvement in volume within 1 week. Let's hope it continues to work for you sis so it's worth the smell ha ha ha! *I wonder what hubby says about you smelling of egg when you go to bed ;)

  20. go with the lashes! gotta buy a tube although my lashes are like okay, i still dream of brazilian model level lashes.

  21. Gracie, I do hope that if I stopped using it, it will remain the same! We'll see! hahaha Funny thing is, hubby loves to eat eggs! but definitely not that kind of "yummy" egg smell..like..hmm....spoiled egg? LOL

    Bambi, I KNOW! I want those lashes but it's obviously fake on me! darn lashes! LOL

  22. I can definitely see the difference ALREADY! So imagine how beautiful your lashes will be in a month! Giiiiirl, I need to get some of that. I tried RevitaLash and it sooo didn't work!

  23. I can see the difference. They're not longer yet but they definitely have more volume. I'm glad it's working for you

  24. B, I hope it works and I can't wait to see the results in a month!!!! I'm sorry about Revitalash!!! You guys have loads of lash accelerators here! We just have Ardell coming down the shores!

    Gio, thanks!!! I hope it really does work for me! I can't wait for another week! :D

  25. im so bad with keeping up with lash serums... that ive stopped using mine lol. i hope it works out for you :D

  26. good for you sis! keep using it am positive it'll work for yah. ;)

  27. Because you mentioned it, I came to see what you wrote about it!

    Maybe its just me, but the hairs look lighter as well...

    but custurdy? lucky! mine smells...gross...I was actually surprised that it did :(

    but for longer fuller lashes, ill deal with it :)

    I should try and do what you did, and see if I can see visual photo results!

    thanks for sharing :)

  28. hi again,sis nikki!
    i just wanted to ask kung kumusta naman ang feedback mo about the ardell lash growth.

    im thinking of buying something for my lashes kasi i notice that whenever i use falsies & remove it a lash or two comes off din.

    i don't want all my lashes to fall off naman & i think lash treatment won't be inlcuded in my project pan kasi its not a cosmetic naman...or is it?

    but basically, what's the verdict?

    is it a good product?

    hope to hear from you!


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