Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks Clumps of Mascara!

Just a quick note to say "thank you" to lovely B for the her site, because that's where I found Lijit

B, you just don't know how much happiness you've given me because it has been WEEKS that I've been searching for a good "Search My Site" program and I just can't successfully do it. Due to my "computer ignorance" :P

Thanks to your site I've found Lijit and my dear readers, if you want to search anything on my site...feel free to do so! Easier to navigate right? (just don't search BUTTHEAD or NOSE HAIR) lol

Great day!


  1. hi nikki! the mascara doesn't look tooooo bad but it sure does clump! it kinda does look like false lashes. lol.

  2. haha! thanks for this nikki! this is indeed very useful! i promise not to search for nose hair. haha!

  3. Sab sis, hahaha You did searched no? hahaha Joke!

  4. MuuuuAAAHH! You are the best, chica! Ligit is the shizniiiit!

  5. B, I love you with all my heart! *muwah!!!*


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