Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beauty & Minerals CLEARANCE SALE!

Dear Philippine Readers:

Are you dead on MMU addict? Are you nodding? Well, the "SALE lady" <-- ME is back with a vengeance! Starting today til the end of September, the Beauty & Minerals are on clearance sale!!!

What to do? Smile and ...no...don't click HERE..but click the PHOTO ABOVE! (fooled you huh?)

Happy MMU shopping and don't forget to give some luvin' to those lovelies Tine and Sophie (my dear Shobe - younger sister)

You guys know I have so many sisters to take care of...mouths to feed..bleh! lol
Love you sisses out there!!!


  1. nothing like the word "sale" that makes me want to spend hahah that's so bad though!!! i will resist! i do not need it. i will resist.

  2. Hey Nikki, just wanted to let you know that I placed my first ever order with Strawberrynet today!!! So far I'm happy with their service. Fingers crossed my order arrives in 7-10 days like they promised! :)

  3. Aireen, TRUE! When I see SALE my heart skips a thousand beats :)

    Liz, aawww..thanks for letting me know!!! Goodluck! I hope they reach to you fast!!!! And so far, I've got no complaints too! :) yay! What did you ordered? Did you reach the amount to get a freebie?

  4. I got the Clinique Happy to Be 100ml perfume spray. Shopped around other items but didn't really see anything that caught my fancy (I'm good at controlling my spending!). In the end, I just checked out what I got on their page to do, the perfume! (I had to pay shipping charges though... :( but it wasn't too bad, 10% of the item price.)

  5. Liz, YUM I love Clinique Happy to be. I never ordered fragrance from them, but I do know they added tax for the perfume. But if it's cheaper it's good right? Tell me how it goes, I hope it arrives to you safe and sound!!!

  6. Yes, after shipping, it is still cheaper than the retail price in Ireland. I could have waited till December to get it in New York, but I think the US has already discontinued this line, so why take the risk?! :P

    Will let you know when I get.

  7. So true, I've found my Elizabeth Arden's True Love in HK and it was discontinued for more than 5 yrs!!! So if you can purchase them, purchase them now as we won't be seeing them again! :) Happy for you Liz :) Have a great day !!!

  8. i'm sure all the shopaholics out there will be crazy once they read or heard there's a huge "sale", hehe!

  9. thanks for the love achie! :)


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