Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: Simple Flower Blues

Hiya Askmewhats readers! Another nail art tutorial! A simple yet true cool blue as I've used the wonderful TFS Rainbow Blue Pearl as a base. (never thought I can use this color)

Step 1:

After cleaning your nails, put on nail polish base. Apply 2 coats of any cool blue nail polish. I use The Face Shop Nail Polish in Rainbow Blue Pearl.

Step 2:

Wait for a couple of minutes to let the polish dry (in my case, I used blow dryer).
Create petals by drawing a tear-drop shape (instead of the usual dots) I created 4 petals instead of the usual 5 as this petals are bigger in size. Create 2 dots for that "shooting star effect"

A closer look

Step 4:

Using any color, create a "bud". I used yellow as it will pop up more!

Step 5:

Using a pink nail art pen, create dots just below the black dots, to make the nail art more colorful

Step 6:

Using a glittery nail art pen, apply it on top of the black petal making sure to have some glitters on it to create a "lively" illusion

Step 7:

Top it with a clear polish to protect the nail art from chipping

Step 8:

Look back and enjoy your creation. Simple yet teeny-bop-py!

Inspired to do your own?

Do not be afraid!
I don't even care if it isn't perfect!

Imperfection is ART :D


  1. weeeee..i want those pens too! nice tut, sis! :)

  2. nikki!!! its so cutie!!!:) wish i can do it too:) can i make a reqiest? how about pink and green flowers? hihihihihi!!! love it!!!!looking forward for more nail art!!!

  3. I'm really digging the nail pen you have *jealous*!!!... hehe~ :P

  4. cute!:D but i'm not a fan of the color blue..i keep on saying i hate blue but i sometimes do wear blue..hahaha how ironic

  5. Yeah I heard about the remake of the K-drama "My Name is Kim Sam Soon." It better be good or else I'll go to Philippines and kick some producer bootay... haha~ j/k :P

  6. Ok, let me know how to use that pen side, I thought I could use only the round wired side, so I can just flip it and use other side too right ? just dip into the nailpolish and use it ? It's so cute how you do all different styles :)

  7. awwwwe. nice! you are really good at this, sis. :-)

  8. wow! what a steady hand you've got! can you do the right hand as well? :)

    this is soooo lovely! i bet it takes a lot of time! :)

  9. hey hun. no, it's not the crazy girl i talked about. this one is my ex bf's new girl. she's stupid! lol.

  10. OMG, you're the queen of nail art!! So pretty! I'm so lazy when it comes to that. ;-)

  11. Okay, that's like the prettiest thing ever! Really! Gorgeous jooob.

  12. Whoa twin, you are very creative. And yes, I want those nail pens too!!! They're so cute :)

  13. Jheng sis, thanks, if you want I can help you purchase when I go to HK :)

    Dyan, as in may request pa ah hahahah I'll try my best, but don't hold your breath! hehehe

    Thanks Erica!

    Alyssa, hey you've got those cool nail art tools!I am the one getting jealous! Uhhh, I think you need to come down here and kick producer's asses, lol I'm sure its not as good as the original!

    Miemiemie, really? You don't like blue??? How dare you wear them? hehehhe *hugs*

    Nabi, no need to flip, just press the polish and you'll see them coming out and create dots with it! but yeah, if you want other colors, you can use the pen and dip it with different colored polish! tricky but can be done! :)

    Nicnic, thanks, you're just an hour ahead of me now! :)

    Liz, thanks dear!! I need to be able to do something right! LOL

    Sab, yes, I do my right hand nails first, and let it dry before I do my lefty! Its easier that way :)

    Trinh, let's not give this crazy girl time of the day! I'm sure she'll like it that you talk about her :( Uggh

    Shades of Hue, definitely NOT the queen of nail art, come closer, you'll see imperfection! lol

    B, honey! thanks, i love luvin from you!!!! *hugs*

    Cinthia twin!!! come you don't post much anymore?? I've been missing my twin!!!! What are you up to???

  14. i want those pensss

  15. so sweettttt! you made me so tempted to try out for my own! btw, is it hard for left hand to paint on right? I always have problem controlling my left hand

  16. very cute! can you do the other hand equally well?

  17. I love your nail art, you're so good at it. Your nails are so prety!! And I want those pens too!!

  18. Ooo this is so cute! Where do you get those pens?

  19. I've always envied those who can paint their own nails, let alone do nail art! But yeah, it's so comforting when you said that imperfection is art. lol

  20. Aireen, if you really want them, I can share you some sites I've seen in the US that sells those pens!

    Prettybeautiful, it is indeed very hard to paint your righty, but with lots of practice, you'll slowly get the hang of it, NOT perfect...but if you do this frequently, you'll get the hang of it!

    Incandescent, I can do the other hand, but NOT equally well! :D Can you?

    Gio, thanks dear! You're making my head big! lol like I said, if you look at it closely, you'll know its NOT perfect!

    Lydia, i got those pens from my nail art lady, but I've found a seller in HK and will be buying it directly when I go there!

    Renren, thanks dear! You love the colors on my nails? I LOVE all your make up! hehehe

    Missmall, I am NOT joking, I could NEVER do perfect nails like those in the nail salon, but I don't care!!! Perfection could be boring right? hehehe <-- that's just an excuse to make myself feel better :P


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