Thursday, August 14, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: PAC Blush On

I have been starting to get addicted to blushes now. And as read in my previous review on the PAC e/s, I got really impressed with their e/s quality so it's time for me to venture on their blushes!

I have bought this a couple of weeks or almost a month ago and I gave it a test first before doing this review. When you go to the PAC Counter and ask for their bestselling blush, the SA will definitely give you this blush color.

** Refill costs Php299.00 (approx $6.50)

The color is matte, peachy coral shade

When swatched 2x, without base

When applied on cheeks

As seen both sides

Askmewhats says ---

  • affordable
  • pigmented
  • color comes off really nice and "natural"
  • stays on (note from author: I have dry skin)
  • few blush choices
  • some colors have their own "case" while others are available ONLY in refill form

  • they are currently on sale til August 31st for Php199.00 ($4.35) $instead of Php299.00 ($6.50) <--- Darn! I bought too early!
  • OUT OF BLUSH TOPIC: if you are starting out on make-up and you needed an e/s palette on basic's a good news for people who planned to shop
ORIGINAL PRICED at Php 2,000 ($43.45)
ON SALE for Php 1,499.00 ($33.00)

Good while stocks last til August 31, 2008!!!

Your Askmewhats didn't purchase this e/s palette because I bought a couple of their products before their sale period. *weeps* That's why I wanted to take a photo and share it to you guys who are still "planning" to buy coz I am a "PRO SAVER!!!!"


PAC indeed is a good brand with promising products. They don't have a lot of color choices though.

Will I repurchase?


Who's planning to purchase?
It's funny coz I'm getting jealous on whoever's getting this! LOL

Check out my previous post on PAC e/s review by
Smiling and click "PAC E/S"!


  1. That is a really great shade and it looks very natural on you.

  2. the shade. but honestly, i am more into pinks. corals and peaches make me look muddy. but it really looks great on you :)

  3. ooohhh loving the color of the blush on you. Looks so natural and cute. And gosh, your lips are so prettyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. I have the same PAC pearly e/s palette like you! :)

    Yes they are pigmented, however I don't really like how they smell.. no?

  5. Tracy thanks! :)

    Jheng, are you sure? I am sure you look good in any shade of blush! kahit purple! you'll look great!

    Cinthia twin! you are giving me some luvin! i love it! i felt 1000x loved! *hugs*

    Devi, I am surprised! mine don't smell at all! NONe! If it smells, I won't purchase it coz I hate e/s or blushes with smell! Lipsticks or lip glosses with scents are ok, but the rest? what kind of smell?

  6. i love the palette! i saw this at SM too.. but i think i have tooo many colors already.

    they have powdered eye shadows too! more color choices than the normal e/s, but more expensive.

  7. hey sexy mamas,
    nice color...PAC does make nice products huh? damn i shd ask my sister to buy them & send it to me..I'm sure it's cheaper back in Indo LOL

  8. hiya!!! lovin the color of the blush on you! o wow!! sale sale sale and its pay day!!! please... "tukso layuan mo ako..."

  9. u have succhh lovely skin! i am jealous!!!!!! btw, the color turned out so different on cheek, compared to the color on the pan itself. nice!

  10. hey, i'm a new reader here :)

    and yeah, the blush looks soo good on you and maybe Nanzy is rite, think it's cheaper in Indonesia. let me check ^___^

  11. oooh that's a pretty colour... :) love it love it love it!

  12. that blush looks fantastic on you, makes your cheeks just glow :)

  13. Never heard of this brand. There's so many Filipino brands I have never heard of... lol~ My friend who's Philippine doesn't even know them. :P

    You have such nice skin! :) Instead of looking at your blush, I was noticing your skin... hehe~

  14. The colour looked so natural on you! And I thought it'd be a tad on the strong side when you tested it on your arm.

  15. Lol when I first saw you type PAC I thought it was a typo lol. In the first picture it looked like a bronzer or something, but its actually a very pretty blush on you

  16. where can i find pac? i've been all over the malls in pinas, well, just cebu, and i've never seen that brand. but it looks lovely.

  17. you have such nice skin!! im jealous!
    & i also love the blush on you! it looks really nice :)
    mannn that's so cheap! wish i could get it

  18. Sab, I saw their powdered e/s too but it didn't interest me :) Same here, if you have most of the colors they sell..we "smart shoppers' won't fall into their sale trap right? hehehe

    Nanzy, I'm sure it's cheaper back home! When will your sister visit you again? You can always ask her to buy for you :)

    Dyan (Royal Mocha) lol..Sale day na when you wake up!!!! Save up some on food ha? Not just make up! hehehe

    Prettybeautiful, thanks sis. When she showed it to me, I was giving this "BLEH" (uninterested) face. And when she applied it on me, I'm sold! :)

    Dyahalit, if its cheaper and you have access on them, GO! BUY!

    Beetrice, thanks! I'm still waiting for your treat when I arrive in malaysia! And in exchange, a PAC blush? hehehe

    Audrie, thanks girl!

    Alyssa, it's Indonesian brand, they are really nice but it's just that the name is kinda makes us look like we did a TYPO on MAC PAC lol

    Missmall, it is very natural. That's what the girl told me, the most natural of all blushes from PAC

    Incandescent, oh definitely NO SHINE on this...a very matte blush, looks super natural!

    Imee, there's SM and Robinsons' mall in Cebu right? Well I haven't checked Robinson's Malls but they are available mostly at SM Malls, but not all SM malls carry them.

    Aireen, thanks so much, don't be jealous of the skin, probably just a nice angle! Wait till you see me breakout :P Hmm..i'll go checkout a bit, and see if they do sell PAC in the US..maybe online stores? not sure...if I did find any, I'll let you know :)

  19. That is a beautiful shade and it looks great on you

  20. ooh that blush looks really pretty on you! A really nice glow ;)

  21. Gio girl, thanks so much! I love it, it's a good buy!

    NicNic, that's what I want, GLOW baby! Nic Nic, I'm really glad you're in Japan now doing well!!! Sleep tight, it's way late at night now for you!

  22. really nice blush...makes you look purrrrtyyy :) i love that eyeshadow palette! is PAC a brand of the Philippines or is it intl?

  23. Hi RenRen, it's an Indonesian Brand and it's sold in Asian countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia...I am still checking if they're sold anywhere in the US :) The palette is really pretty and they are pigmented :)

  24. looks lovely on you!!, I do love blushes too!

    i was looking at the prices, and that's soo cheap...

    I may have to have you get some for me someday..

    do you have other colors too? or just that one?

  25. that is a really pretty blush on you!

  26. yeah, i think painterly would be a good first paint pot if you want a neutral color. i really like moss scape too. it's a nice olive green color and it goes great by itself too!

  27. Blush looks beautiful on you!!! I would love to see you in a plum blush. Girl, it would be hooooot.

  28. that blush is the perfect glow on you! how pretty!

  29. Mary, for the blushes, I only have this! I've checked out their other colors, one is pinkish tone, and the other one is like a highlighter, I didn't purchase them anymore because I already have those colors :)

    Lily, thanks for the suggestion, I would go for that when I start my paint pots collection !

    B, come to think of it, I don't have a plum blush ...I wonder how it looks on me! I may look around! :) thanks for the suggestion my dearest!

    Nikki, thanks girl! How's your skin? I hope everything's better for ya

  30. Thats a really pretty shade! I have never heard of PAC Cosmetics beofre

  31. my skin hates peach too. :( but even if this is pink, i dunno. am not that impressed with PAC. :( but for a newbie, i'd say it's a great start. :)


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