Friday, August 15, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Smokey Green-Eyed Monstress"

I seldom use greens because I don't have much green e/s in the past! LOL (what an excuse!) But I found myself leaning onto greens as greens look better on my skin tone than other dark colors! With my chinky and puffy eyes, I have to be careful in choosing a smokey eye look as it can make or break my overall look! (most of the time BREAK)

A little note about me, I am NOT a jealous GF or Wife, but if given a chance to be a green-eyed monstress, I can definitely do my part!!! For a day....VAMPY!

Here's my version of using different shades of greens to create a smokey green look! Hope you like it!

Let me break down the products I've used for my Green-Eyed Monstress Look!

  1. Maybelline Trio Eye Shadow Fresh Spring Green - all over lids
  2. L'oreal Soft Effects Moss - crease area
  3. Milani Garden Mist - inner corner of the eyes
  4. L'oreal Soft Effects Golden - highlighter

Not numbered:

  • L'oreal Hip Cream in Secretive - as base
  • Paul & Joe eyebrow pencil no. 2 - brows
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
  • PAC B02 - blush
  • 4U2 Lipstick no. 7 (mixed with concealer and Nivea Caregloss)

Green-minded day...hmmmm....
Wanna watch X-rated films with me?
UH I in trouble? lol
(excuse me, I am over 18!)
Have a happy day!!! I am happy!!! FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE!

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  1. Gorgeous!!! I think so far, this is my favorite look of urs!!!

  2. That's such a pretty look. (How come you line so neatly and I always screw up...) I would love it pair it with a little black dress and a pair of pearl stud.

    btw,green has my favorite color since I was 12...

  3. Ohhhhhh you look very cute with your new shirts :D Thanks for taking that picture for us :) Very sweet

  4. o i love green looks! thanks for the tutorial =]

  5. Cinthia my angelic twin!!!! I am feeling your love all the way across the globe!!! *hugs* How have you been?????

    Citrine, aww thanks girl! I don't line my eyes I guess I was able to line my eyes by several pokes and tries! :) Trust me, I cannot line a straight line!!! So if I can do it, you definitely can!!!

    Nabi, thanks li'l sis!!! You are a green lover!!! I thought about you when I did this!

    Trang, my pleasure! I am so sorry about your package..hope everything will be fixed soon!

  6. This looks great! Your blending is awesome!

  7. loving this look on you!! beautiful blending :D

    gorgeous last pic!

  8. nice olive :D

    /i just remember that i do not have any green eyeshadow...

  9. I have to agree with Cinthia this is the best look so far! :)

  10. Nikki!!! ang ganda! :) i love it! :)

  11. Awww, you make you daaaay. You look lovely in green, sweets. Happy Friiiidaaaay!!

  12. love the blending sis...told yah, you should wear dark eye makeup more often ;) pretty! pretty!

  13. green + smokey = gorgeous! I really like this combination. You definitely look great with darker shadows.

  14. you have such pretty eyes!
    i have really horrible eyes...
    one eye is hidden lid, another is close to single eyelid
    i can't bother with tapes or glue to get even eyelids >_< too much work...
    and i dunno why... my e/s never really come out like how i wan to! it always look dirty!!!!
    any tutorials? hehe~


  15. That's gorgeous! I have to agree with many others that this is my favourite look, by far. Good job, gal! :)

  16. Me likey!! ;) This is my favourite green look on you. I am partial to green, but seriously, I think green suits light Asian skin-tone really really well (case in point!).

    And Nikki dear, ditch the natural/neutral eye makeup!!!! I've never been a fan of brown/neutral looks (cuz what's the point... I look just like that without makeup! :P). And I think you wear darker eye makeup very well. I hope to see more in the future!

  17. I agree with you, I haven't had much experience with green and haven't found the right color of green that compliments my skin tone. but this is very pretty, and what a pretty smokey variation. I even saved the picture where you showed where you put the eyeshadow in each area of the eye. I can never do a proper smokey-eye, I am probably the worst eyeshadow person on the face of the earth. Thanks for the diagram. Will be using it for future reference!

  18. THSG, Char,NicNic, thank you ladies! I appreciate the applause :)

    Prettybeautiful, you bet! TGIF !!!! And ohhh it's time to buy green e/s!!! I think green is one color that I've always managed to forget when I choose e/s colors!

    Alyssa, really? wonder Nabi loves green, hmmm..I should use green more often then...thanks

    Rhea, thanks sweetie! Musta???

    B, nah! You made my day with your Friday FOTD!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I'm waiting for it every friday! that completes the week !

    Jheng, I should listen to you more no?? hayyyy I am just not use to kc eh! hehehe

    JieJie, everyone's been advising me to go for darker shadows..hehehe Thanks for affirming, I don't know why I love neutrals so much! haaay

    Plue, maybe you dont' need to blend too much especially if your eye area is smaller and if the shadow is too dark! I know what you mean about "dirty looking" eye make up!!! I've had those too!

    Missmall, Thanks dear

    LIZ! I know! I remembered you saying "neutrals?" then go to NO MAKE UP Look! lol..i can't ditch neutrals! LOL I have bought so many neutrals! don't wanna waste them! LOL

    Nikki, aawww, if I only knew you'll be saving it, I should make a better diagram! LOL I was too sleepy when I edited the photo! didn't even make it pretty !sorry! I will do better next time!! Good thing you're a NIKKI, NIKKI loves NIKKI!

  19. Nice look i love it

  20. i like this! its a soft smokey eye look and it looks great on you!

  21. It's so nice. Wish I had the guts to wear dark shadows at work. I'm still practicing my eye makeup application.

    :-) CG

  22. wow! green suits you! hahaha!

    let's all be green eyed sexy ladies together! hahahah!

    i laughed out loud to your xrated comment. hahaha~

  23. sis nikki, please do wear dark shades of eye make-up often.. fantafabulous! i also sported a green look today! yay!

  24. nice blending! you look hot in greens :)

  25. beautyaddict1one1, Anne thanks!

    CG, nah, I don't have much guts to wear dark smokey eyes at work too Coz I felt weird traveling early morning with this dark smokey look, I would do a more subtle version and would sport this look during weekends only! Try it :D I'm sure you'll be fine!

    Sabby ha! you love the xrated comment no? You want to join me ?

    Jaimie, thanks dear!

    Diana, hehehe You are lining up with Jheng on wanting me to use darker shades of eye make up ha! well well..form a line! :P hehehe

    Ren ren, thanks girl!

  26. You look so pretty. :D You did a great job with the greens. They look gorgeous on you!

  27. love this look! :) super sophisticated ang dating. :) love it!

  28. Tracy thanks sis!

    Shen, awww sophisticated? ME?? Wait till I open my mouth and talk! lol

  29. i love this on you you look great :D

  30. you look smashing dear. actually you will look so HOT if you put on a sexy outfit with this look! ;) now that's X-rated haha!


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