Thursday, August 7, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Prestige Shadow Crease Brush

Any make-up enthusiast have their own favorite brush. Most of your favorites probably are those expensive ones. Me, I am different! My favorite make-up brush that I would find myself picking up every morning is less than Php300! (approx $6.70). This is one brush that I can use in applying the whole "eye" look!

Prestige #103 Shadow Crease Brush
(I also call this my blending brush)

** The Prestige Shadow Crease Brush #103 available at all Beauty Bar

Askmewhats says ---

The Handle
  • Wooden handle
  • Covered with a shiny polish that prevents the handle from getting cracked or chipped
  • Approximately 4 inches long which is just the right size

The Ferrule (the metal part that holds the hair and the handle)
  • I think this one is made of nickel
  • rust-proof (I have washed this many times, doesn't rust)

The Hair
  • using my own EENT (eyes ears nose throat) lol test. This is made of natural hair (but I don't know which kind)
  • Very soft
  • no hair fall (washed more than 50x since I first purchased)


  • Since this brush is very soft, I use this to blend my make-up well.
  • Always remember that the softer the brush hair, the lesser the product it can pick, thus creating a very soft and very natural look!

Will I repurchase?


Now, Askmewhats asks you ---

You will be going for a month-long "Survivor" trip and you can only bring just 1 brush, what brush are you going to bring and why?


  1. I haven't noticed this brush whenever I passed by the Prestige displays. I'll have to check it out next time! Thanks!

  2. I will bring my eyebrow brush because I need it more than any other brushes. My eyebrows are thin and I hate drawing it with an eyebrow an eyebrow brush is my HG until I can find a solution for fuller eyebrows :(

  3. I think I will bring my Everyday Minerals brush :) It's just so so soft I never felt anything like that soft :D

  4. hmm, this is hard...i guess i'd choose my MAC 187 brush since it can be used to apply different formulations of blush and foundation. i used to be a foundation-blush girl only :)

  5. that looks like a very nice soft brush! i don't invest in brushes that much but i'm loving the elianto e/s brush that i'm using. it costs me less than P100. haha!

    i'd probably bring this soft face powder brush i got at multiply. it's perfect for powdering the face and for blush too! not to mention it's pink. :)

  6. If I go on a "Survivor" trip, hell I don't need any brush... lol~ I'll go naked and let everything go... haha j/k :P To be honest, I wouldn't take any brush because I wouldn't worry about my look. :P

  7. hi sis!!! i have these as well and i must day that i love it so much!!! And about the survivor thingy..its kinda hard but id rather have a buffer brush,for me its multi task brush, powder,blush,bronzer.Im all set with that bec for e/s i can survive just using my hands:) tc

  8. ooh meron palang prestige brushes sa beauty bar..haha naku,i live in the province kaya wala akong kaalam alam!

    about the survivor trip, i would bring a kabuki...for my foundation, powder and blush! masaya nako dun :D

  9. I didn't even know Prestige has brushes! Get outta hereeee. I must give that one a try the next time I'm at a drugstore.

    I don't think I'd have a brush on a survivor trip. Even though I loves loves make-up, I really don't wear it much. Crazy, uh? Muah!

  10. Tracy, check them out and see if you like any, they don't have a lot of brush collection but its good for its price! :)

    Ebeautyblog , deary, come to think of it, my brows need some lovin' as well, but I can go away with a pencil! but I understand your point about pencils! Twin sis, you are pretty just the way you are! :)

    Nabi, oOoohh yeah, you told me about it and it does look soft!!!

    jheng, I have this feeling you will choose that brush! heheheh Alam kong fave mo yon!

    Sab, lucky you, whatever i bought on line the brushes? Aren't good :( oohh pink brush?? I wanna see!

    Alyssa, true, why would we bring brushes on a survivor trip? But hey...just choose one! lol doesn't have to be survivor trip! :P you just don't want to make a decision! lol

    Royalmocha, true, we can always use our hands! :)

    Miemie, they have, it's just not that obvious coz it's hidden somewhere! And each Beauty bar doesn't carry a lot of Prestige brushes, usually one of each lang nga eh! :)

    B, lol...i'm glad I was able to tell you guys that there is indeed a prestige brush out there lol...tell me how you like 'em when you did the EENT test LOL Nah, you're not crazy, funny that I'm a beauty blogger and I don't wear much as well, too lazy! :P

  11. I've been looking high and low for a brush like this that doesn't cost a bomb :( I wish we had this here.

  12. Oh my gosh! That would be a real disaster sis if I'm only allowed one brush. I guess I've to find a brush within a brush and more within it ha ha ha! Kind of a contrband ha ha ha! Oh for crease brush, I love my MAC 224 and 217. It's great to be back :)

  13. That sounds like a great soft brush, I'll have to check it out.

  14. thank you darling! I am always looking for more brushes! especially good inexpensive ones

  15. immediately thoufht of my my MAC 217.. but then i realized that i'd rather go without eye makeup than foundation. i'd definite;y bring my kabuki!! :)

    i love this shadow crease brush. though i use my 217 more, i use this to make sure my e/s are well blended. and soooo cheap!! :)

  16. i'm always looking for a new crease brush...where can i find this in the states?

  17. hmm very good question you got there sis nikki, i will definitely bring my lumiere kabuki.. for foundation and finishing powder.. i can't go out without foundation on..

    definitely will check this prestige blending brush asap! lol

  18. Connie? No prestige there? sorry to hear that, but I'm sure you'll find some affordable brushes there that works well :)

    Gracie, you are cute! You are panicking over the question lol...sorry dear for stressing you :) Welcome back sis!

    Gio, it is a good one! :)

    Jaimie, you are very much welcome! I hope you find them there, I think you have it there :)

    Shen, they're great right? But I would say not all of their brushes are great, this one would be my fave from Prestige :)

    Renren, you do have Prestige products right? Maybe you can ask the sales staff if they have brushes there! They should have brushes there! Tell me if you found them :D Goodluck

    Dianatan, lol ASAP ha? hahahahha I trust yeah, a lot of people will be bringing their foundation brush :)

  19. guess what? my personal brushes are inexpensive too but they are great! on the other hand, the brushes am using in school costed me an arm and a leg. :-( boohoo.

  20. Is this the same manufacturer as prestige cosmetics? OH and sorry about the durian thing...I thought you liked it! lol

  21. Liz, all your school stuffs are expensive! but because they are of ULTIMATE quality! lol so I guess we cant complain there. How many school days left for you?

    Fabu-less, actually, it was found at the area of the prestige cosmetics and I believe it is the SAME manufacturer, not sure if they sell it in the states, I believe they do..and they should! LOL I don't like Durian :( :( :(

  22. nopers :( I can't seem to find a decent crease brush. waiting for the next Coastalscents spree. They have pretty promising crease brushes now!

  23. Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the Coastal Scents Connie, I have heard so much about that brush! :) goodluck and I hope you will find a good one! At a good price of course!

  24. Great review, i just bought this, haven't used it yet, but im so happy i bought it although its i bought only one hehhe

  25. Bliss, so it is confirmed available in the US then? That's great..why haven't you used it? :P you've got too many brushes huh! LOL

  26. Nikki, did you read my review on that very brush from Prestige? Bought it at Beauty Bar in Glorietta 3 years ago, and it still works great and looks as good as new. A little splayed than I'd like it to be, but it's a great blender brush. :)

  27. Wow 3 yrs ago!! Lemme check! :D thanks for letting me know!

  28. Hey, how come I never saw this in the drugstore...(I was almost going to get a stila blending brush...but then it's 14 bucks, which it's on sale...)

    And for the answer, I will grab Stila #21 cheek and contour since that's the most I've ever spent on a brush...

    Kidding, it's actually very soft and comfy and I like the cute black chunky handle...not to mention the nice blending power. (Although I don't use powder blusher too often)

  29. oo i have the same brush as you and it scratches my eye! lol, you so lucky to have a soft one!


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