Thursday, August 7, 2008

Want to Feel Luxurious?

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Guerlain and YSL will be launched today August 7, 2008 at 3-6PM at the new Midtown wing of the Robinson's Ermita !

This is an exciting event because there will be cocktails by Bizu, free make overs by the top local make-up artists - Irene Sy Go and Mitch Lim Reyes, Hand massages by Nail Spa, tarot reading by August Tambunting and the best of all, raffling off Hoseki Pearls and YSL Eyewear plus a lot of freebies and discounts!

I will be slave at work, I won't be able to go, if you guys will be going, show me some luvin' and tell me all about it!


  1. Awwwwww, that event sounds so amazing. Esp, about the cocktail party I'm drooling hahaha, hand massage and nail spa all of them sound so good :) I am sorry that you have to be at work :(

  2. Oh sis! That's a shame you can't go! I love shopping events :)

  3. once a upon a time, i ran to guerlain counter in rustan's and bought meteorites.. after few days, i felt guilty of buying it because of the price.. lol.. guerlain or ysl: im happy with my MAC.. lol

  4. Nabi, I know..and Bizu serves good pastries! Make-up and pastries..yum..great combination

    Gracie, if you're here, I'm sure you'll be there!

    Dianatan, I have never bought any Guerlain products! and yeah, I know you are a happy MACoholic :P

  5. I went! :D


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