Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reader's Corner: "Want to try your luck?"

Jesse's Girl cosmetics came out with a wonderful Bejeweled Eyeshadow Set. International readers like me don't have access to products like these , and all we can do is to drool. Well drool no more my dear readers! The wonderful Makeup Masala will be giving away 2 Bejeweled eyeshadow compacts!

The best part is, this is open to all readers no matter where you are.
Including aliens out there (you know who you are LOL)
Want to know how?

Just SMILE and Click the quads below

I am sprinkling my "Luck" to all who join!
*sneeze* lol

Missed the contest? Don't fret,
Join her August Giveaway by clicking here


  1. Aww Nikki! You are too much!
    For your readers: Even if one of my contests states "US and Canada only", I will make exceptions. So please feel free to enter any contest you find on my site!

    Thank you Nikki!

  2. I wanted quad 1.

    I still am happy though because Sab won it. ;-)

  3. awww! it warms my heart liz! thank you so much! and thank you nikki for informing me and thank you toma for allowing us to join!

    big hug to you three! :)

  4. Toma, my pleasure!

    Liz! I know! It is so cute noh? But I'm glad sab won!!! I am more excited I guess coz someone I knew won!!! And you can still join the August giveaway..! I am rubbing my luck on you naman! hehehe Feeling! hahaha

  5. OMG.. they look nice..
    but am i too late now???

  6. Purple Snowflake, sorry, but do not worry, always check back her site as she's got a lot of cool contest for International readers like us. Also, you can join her monthly giveaway :)

  7. Congrats to the winners! I entered, too. Oh, well! I guess this means I'll have to pick one up at the store! :D


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