Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eureka Moment: Tweezers

I hate plucking my own brows. Aside from it being painful, I just can't pluck my eyebrows neatly. You know why? Because I got the wrong tools. Tools are equally as important as products. Same with make-up. Make-up is useless when you use the wrong kinds of tools.

When I borrowed a tweezer from a friend, I was plucking like a Pro! And I was hooked! Hooked to purchase my own pair of tweezer. My friend can't remember where she bought this tweezers. So I was on a lookout for MONTHS (Exactly 8 months) to look for this.

Shame on me, it was just right there, sitting at the lovely Rustan's mall in Makati, and it's not YELLOW! It could be red, green, blue, black, yellow! I bought it on spot and I kept my mouth shut about tweezers from then on!

** available at all Rustan's malls for Php129.75 (approx $2.90)

Askmewhats says ---

  • very affordable
  • stainless steel
  • colored handle is so cute, you can beautify your makeup bag with this lovely tweezers
  • available in flat tip/slanted tip - your choice
  • the tip is so thin that you can easily grab stubborn brow
  • Hard to find! (I've only seen them at Rustan's Malls)
  • The color chipped (a bit) but mine happened after a year


  • Always check that the tip is not too thick, I find that the thicker the tip, the harder to reach those small and stubborn hairs.

  • There's a lot of tweezers that looks like this, check the plastic, I took a picture of the plastic so you'll know which is which.
  • Comes with free plastic (use it, to protect your tweezers). Mine started to chip when I didn't use the plastic case that comes with it <--- learn from my mistake people!
  • Choose slant tip or flat tip, depending on your preference, I bought both, since it's affordable, nothing bad to have both as there really are some hard to reach hairs that needed special tools

Will I repurchase?

YES! I Just did! I bought a black one for back-up!
(if you have a Citibank Credit Card, buy this for 50% off!)

I love it that I've found a product that works and is so cheap!
I call this a "Eureka" moment.
*applause applause*


  1. I've never seen that particular brand of tweezers here, but the one I use has pretty much the same exact design as yours.

    I wish there were places and promotions here that offered discounts for credit card holders. I always use my card!

  2. i've been on the look out for a good tweezer too!, i want a tweezerman, but don't want to drop the dollars on it..gosh, and yours isn't in the US, that means I have to go shopping..hehe..thanks for the tip!

  3. hmm my tweezers dont look like that, im used to the one with handle types... hard to explain lol. im glad they are working for you!

  4. hiya nikki!!!! ive been checking ot tweezers already coz i cant pluck the stubborn hair on my brows and im just so gigil getting em that i end up plucking my skin which isnt cute. where in rustan's did u buy it? do u think its avail in shangri-la? thanks

  5. Tracy, yeah I believe this tweezer's sold locally! :) But I'm glad you have the same design and it works right? About the Credit Card, do check them out if they have any promotions :D

    Mary, you're welcome, I believe you can find something similar to this at an affordable price :)

    Nicnic, hehehe I hate tweezers too, and I've been using the one with handle for the longest time, but since I've borrowed this one from a friend, I got hooked and I'm a changed woman!

  6. Oh that looks like a nice tweezer!!! :) I cannot live without a tweezer. :X I have a disorder of plucking since college. It started with plucking hair from my head then moved all over to my body. It's a bad hobbit, but I can't stand to see hairs that need to be plucked... lol~ It drives me crazy when I see blogger's eye makeup with short hairs that is sticking out or needs to be plucked. I want to grab my tweezer and reach through the computer to pluck those hairs... lol~ :X

  7. Royalmocha, hmm I haven't checked Shangri-la Rustans, but i do believe it's available at ALL Rustan's stores. Basta check the area where they sell's wonderful for your stubborn brow hairs! Tell me if you bought one ha? You have citibank? I hope they still have it! :)

  8. Alyssa, it drives me crazy not to pluck neatly, I have my sister, (who's so good at plucking) to do it. But since she got married and moved out..I have to do it on my own and that's when I realized I needed the right tool. LOL I would do that same, i have small mirror in front of me and when I see stubborn hair....--- YOU ARE dead! lol

  9. you pluck like a pro now? wow!

    now i wanna get these tweezers. cute pa ng color! i only have the silver one. i seldom use it as i often go to a salon to have my eyebrows waxed. rustans should pay you for advertising! hahaha!

    can't wait for the weekend for some shopping! :)

  10. Hi Nikki, I'm alright now. Thank you for the concern. I have one like those too. Definitely better than the those blunt ones. :)

  11. hi nikki! your post is so timely! i just had my eyebrows plucked yesterday by my daughter's yaya! hahaha :) i really can't pluck my own brows! so painful! for years, i've been shaving my brows, coz that's easier! pero ang pangit ng hair na tumutubo. so i really should learn how to pluck my own brows. i hope with this, i can do mine like a pro! thanks for the info and tips! must buy this soon!

  12. haha congrats nikki! u found your perfect tweezers. I have a couple of them and yet to find one tht i really like. the ones that i usually buy is too thick, like u said, cnt reach for the tiny hair.

  13. Great review and I like your nails:)

    The color did eventually chip on my colored tweezers too.

  14. Sab, well if you have someone do it! that's ok brows are uber sensitive, i just had it threaded last weekend, and sugat sugat siya :( coz my roots are too thick and its super painful!!!! So at times, I have to pluck my own to save me from drastic pain! YUP you are right, come to think of advertising and Rustan's sa akin ha! hahahaha You'll be my Manager!

    Vi Anne, I'm glad you're better, lumipat sa akin yung sa yo :) hahaha Take care of yourself!

    Rhea, ohh the pain will always be there no matter what tools you but yeah, this one works so well!!! I pluck so neatly na!!! But of course..if you see stray hairs on my EOTD, it's my laziness lol

    Prettybeautiful, yeah HG tweezers! :D

    HSG, thanks for dropping by :) thanks for giving my nails some luvin'. It chipped a bit but I don't mind!:)

  15. Totally agree with your sentiment on the "Eureka" moment. I think we shopaholics live for moments like that! :D

  16. my tweezer sucks lol but it does pluck... it's a revlon's one. I'm not too sure where I got it since it was so long ago... probably Walgreens lol

  17. Whoa, what's up with all these 50% off when purchasing with citicards? I gotta complaint. Mine doesn't offer any beauty discount!!

    I'm so glad I didn't have to buy any of my tweezers or else I'd have known what to look for. I got all of them for free!! YAY!

  18. Hi Missmall, thanks so much for visiting my site and for commenting, and bigger thanks for understanding my BIG EUREKA moment! Other people won't get but i guess we beauty bloggers and readers do!

    Erica, I have used Revlon's too! and it's NOT doing it's job, and it ain't cheap :( I hope you find yours soon!

    Cinthia...hey hey hey, you are complaining about the 50% while you get all your tweezers for free? Something's wrong with your statement! LOL I should be the one to say ---"UNFAIR!" lol

  19. wow! mura ha! hehehe, i use the one from the trim brand..mura din, i think less than a hundred pesos? please do correct me if im wrong, i used to have tweezerman tweezers but i lost it! was expensive and i lost it, but its also chipped, the printed name was gone and the black tweezer had a lot of silver looked old, chipped and ugly..pero hindi malas ang nakapulot, despite of its ugly appearance it was still in good shape! oh well..i'm just being bitter...haha nagmove on nako and got the trim just as great! :D hindi nga lang colored..hahaa

  20. i love my tweezerman tweezers. those are the only kind that seem to get my small stubborn hairs!

  21. Miemiemie, I do kow the Trim brand, sorry I've used it din and it didn't work for me. But no..its not less than 100php, I think its a li'l above 100php. Tweezerman tweezers works good! It is almost similar to this one that I bought, of course I would go for the cheaper! :D

    Lily, thanks for sharing! :)

  22. i found fab tweezers too, just recently. it's called Rubis (made in Switzerland but i bought it from school. teehee!). it's heaven sent. a good pair of tweezers is a great investment.

  23. Liz! LOL you've got great products and most of them come from your school! lucky you :) and you're right, having the right tweezer saves everything! :D I'm happy you found yours

  24. i totally agree that the right tweezers make such a difference!

  25. When I was in Manila, I bought the Revlon scissor-type tweezers. I became so used to it that when my friend was using the tong-type tweezers (the one you have), I found it difficult to use. I'm a little bit more adept now, but I still prefer the scissor type, although the Anastasia tong-type feels comfortable too. :)

  26. Liz dear, glad you found yours! thanks for dropping by! *hugs*

    Shades of U, I know! I've been queazy to use the tweezers i'm using now (in the past) I've been using the one with handles for the longest time, as I have a hard time holding this, I guess if it works, it works! I'm surprised I am a convert :D

    Fabu-less beauty, you're very much welcome!

  27. I try to pluck my eyebrows everyday but sometimes it's just not possible specially when I'm working early in the morning. I love my Revlon tweezers I bought when I visited the US few years ago. However, I can't use these ones you've got on your post :)

  28. Gracie, I don't pluck my eyebrows everyday, I think mine goes once a week, I just am too lazy! But of course, when I'm in the office and I'm seeing some stray hairs that's when my tweezers come in handy! :)

  29. Ha ha ha! You remind me of my sister! When we used to work together, I used to catch her plucking her eyebrows behind her desk ;)

  30. oooppps Gracie, you caught me! that would be me!! But hey, not ALL THE TIME! just Some


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