Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kamiseta Sale - 50% Off

My Dear Philippine Readers:

If you love Kamiseta but you're not happy with their prices...
Weep no more!!!
I was on my way home last night when I saw this big sign at SM Megamall
A sign that I call..... "orgasmic"


And it's not just any SALE, it's 50% off on everything!!!
HURRY!!! Everyone's going crazy panic buying!
So what are you doing staring at the computer? GO!!!
Oooppss, I have to let you know though...
Wear a small tee or something, coz dressing room is "off limits"
No fitting!
But I did fit, I wore the clothes on top of what I'm wearing!
Embarrassing? Nah! Everyone's doing it, and it works just fine
I got home, bought all 3 outfits and they all FIT!

All 3 outfits bought for Php1,088 (approx $25.00)

Did I say..... "GO NOW!!!!"?
Enjoy shopping!


  1. You like very cute print :P I will be waiting to see your next picture with that shirts you got on ;)

  2. woooh! swerte mo ate nikki! haha laging hindi sale pag pumpunta ako kamiseta! grrr

  3. You always find sales! Come over here and show me how to shop... hehe~ :P

  4. wow, 3 outfits for $25. i can't remember the last time i had a deal like that! maybe when i was in elementary school? cute tops =)

    love bargain shopping!

  5. oh really! great news...abot kaya hanggang mindanao ang sale nyan? mahal kasi talaga ang kamiseta noh? hayzzzzzzzzzzz..

  6. awwww 50%? thats generous. we have kamiseta in indonesia, and they seldom have sale... i love kamiseta!! their clothes are really pretty and cute...!!

  7. Sis Jheng, big UH OH tlaga! But I shopped wisely, hehehe I didn't go crazy buying everything! Just stuffs that fits and are of a good price!

    Yuree, I guess you have to wait long! LOL And you're right, I LOVE prints so much!!! Look at my wardrobe and you'll see prints, stripes, polka dots..and a lot of plain colored shirts! Ohhh that's already everything right? hehehe

    Miemiemie, sis! I couldn't beieve my eyes, coz Kamiseta NEVER goes 50% off! on everything pa! But of course, they didn't include the new collections! It's mid they're letting to on all the old stocks!

    Alyssa, nah! you don't need me to go over there to teach you to shop! Come on girl! You are a good shopper yourself!!!

    Nikki, yeah, when all the "NIKKI's" where born, they were given the power to Bargain Shop That includes you and me! *winks*

    Ella, I hope aabot hanggang Mindanao yan! :) Try to check them out..who knows right?

    Maria...well this was the first time I saw them on 50% off too, so who knows? I hope that it's worldwide! I wonder if they have Kamiseta in the US? or other Western countries, coz they always get models like Alicia Silverstone, Betty & Veronica (lol) , Nathalie Portman etc..

  8. wow, the malls are gonna be popping at the seams again! When I was living in Manila, Kamiseta was my staple. Liked it better than Bayo. ;-)

  9. wow, the malls are gonna be popping at the seams again! When I was living in Manila, Kamiseta was my staple. Liked it better than Bayo. ;-)

  10. Me too!!! Definitely Kamiseta OVER Bayo!!

  11. hi nikki! :) i already got myself a blouse yesterday! hahaha :) i shopped wisely, one blouse lang nabili ko. ( i was really on a hurry yesterday) hmmm... would you know until when is the sale? meron pa naman this week to shop. hahaha :)

  12. Rhea, I believe it's not going to be long...and as I've seen last night, they don't have a lot of stuffs left! Do you know the cute simple top that has this cute DOG logo? All that's left are S and XS sizes! And a lot that are left are those weird sizes, either too big or too grab as fast as you can. I did asked the lady and they said, they have to wait for the head office on when its going to be over, but basically what you see is what you get..its "all out sale" so go back tomorrow! or today! hehehe

  13. Ha ha ha! Sis! I've just posted my no-buy-mode article and there you are shopping! I don't think I'll be needing clothes (or anything) for a while but these ones you've just got are quite cute. Everytime I go around town, malls are doing up to 75% off but I'm standing strong. Will power if you like... It's a choice between a house and stuff that I don't need. Happy shopping...! :)

  14. Gracie, goodluck! You're right, I'll choose a HOUSE rather than clothes and make up anytime! :) Keep the will power strong! You go girl!

  15. 3 tops for $25? That's a steal! Personal favourite of the 3 - the green top with white dots. :)

  16. That's a steal! Love the outfits!

  17. I can only imagine all crazy women going thru all the stuffs. I sorta lose control and myself for sales like that. Nice picks! I love the green top.

  18. Agreeing with Nabi there.. cute prints.. and i love sales =p

  19. i dunno but my taste for Kamiseta's clothes disappeared... but there are tons of sales going on it is indeed evil! :D

  20. Missmall, I love the green polka dot blouse too! but it's a bit loose on me, but I just can't put it down! i love the print so much! glad you liked it too!

    Gio, indeed it's a steal I can't say no to

    Jiejie, yeah, imagine everyone going crazy and then their seats are all full with "men" waiting for their wife or GF! My hubby? He's rummaging the clothes as well (he said he will help me look!) sweetness :D

    Purple snowflake, my heart skips a thousand beats if its a sale that has 50% off and above!!! I can pee on my pants right there and then LOL

    Mhean, I know, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, everything's on sale! so we have to stock up and not shop for the rest of the year! hehehe

  21. yeah, that's what men are supposed to do, help women in the midst of madness! i swear, i lose myself during victoria's annual sale. i always need an extra pair of hands for that kind of sales. surprisingly there are a number of men helping out.. so mine, now ex, didn't feel out of place.

  22. SALE?! is august a big sale month? buti na lang i have no computer over the weekend... hahaha! and i wasn't at powerplant. otherwise i'd be so broke. :)

  23. JieJie, well, you are right! How come he's an "Ex" now? sorry heheh that's too personal!

    Sab, yes yes yes! I was thinking about you when I was rummaging the clothes! I wanted to text you but I know you're spending time with friends at Glorietta!

  24. but when there's a sale i forget about everyone else! hahahaha! kidding! :)


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