Sunday, August 10, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Evil Twin" Look

Sis Jheng , requested for a dark look from me as she knew I am so into neutrals. LOL Isn't it obvious? tee hee

Anyways, I've done my smokey black eye look , my version! Since Cinthia , my dear twin sister in the cyber world, calls me an evil twin, I just have to do my part then :D

Let me break it down...

Eye Products Used ---
  1. MAC Carbon - All over lids (blended well)
  2. Milani Storm - sparkly black crease area
  3. Cover Girl Quad in Barely Beige - as highlighter
  4. Wet n' Wild Kohl Kajal Soft Crayon in Purple
Not numbered
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
  • Fasio Mascara in Black

My Lips
4U2 no. 7 mixed with concealer

Both eyes closed

And of course Presenting, the "evil twin"
who cannot do an evil look!

Applause? Or Boos?


  1. Applause!

    I think you wear dark looks very well!

  2. You still don't look evil with the smile in the last picture! :P

  3. OMG!!! I seriously never thought you would look good with dark colors since you always look so beautiful with natural and light colors...but WOW, I'm so WRONG!!! You look so sexyyyy!!! Awww...You are so meant to be my evil twin!!! =P

  4. evil??? where's the evil there? just sweetness. you actually look good in dark shadows! you definitely have to wear this one out more often, or try other dark shades.

  5. You must have an evil look but you still have angel smile :)

  6. That is a truly gorgeous look! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  7. oooh i love club looks, miss can i have your number??? hahahaha, you look sexy sis!

  8. Applause! This looks so pretty!

  9. Liz, thanks dear! I wish to see YOUR version of a dark look *winks* You can send it to my email you know :D

    Alyssa, it is hard when a hubby is taking a shot, and he said I tried too hard to look evil, but it all came out wrong :(

    ebautyblog, now now, more compliments to me so I'm going to be stuck with the "EVIL TWIN" name huh? I know you my dear twin sis! You!

    JieJie, I will definitely try more dark shades, I'm sure a lot of my readers got bored with my ever loyal neutrals :D

    Devi, hey dear! thanks for the applause

    Nabi, I tried, but just can't! :( Teach me! I'm sure you can't yourself :P

    Parisb, thanks dear, I have a great weekend, you too!

    Mhean, you can have all the numbers sis! you are the true club look queen!

    Lydia, thanks sis! :D

  10. Applause! You look gorgeous!

  11. The Evil Twin still has the sweetest smile!

  12. definitely applause sis nikki.. you look devilish.. hahahha.. dark color looks good on you

  13. aww! you look so pretty, kapatid. :) galing galing mo na! that dark eye makeup really looks good. :) i'm soooo inggit coz i don't have time to do eotds anymore. :) but i'm happy seeing yours and the rest of the pretty bloggers. :)

  14. LOL, I can never think of you as "evil" but the smokey black is nice! You should instead call yourself the sexy twin. I love it. :D

  15. I loooove this long. And the lippy is hot! You still look so pretty, girlie. Not evil in the least. :)

  16. yay its a great look! you look very sweet, and its not overwhelming at all. I love it :)

  17. Oh, this is a fab look sis! I wore something similar today as we planned to visit the Newstead Abbey (Lord Byron's park) but typical of me not feeling great after I've done my make up and ended up staying in bed all afternoon :( Grrrrr I'm feeling better now though ;)

  18. great look. the color looks great on you. but you still look like an angel. lolz

  19. sexy and sweet all rolled in one! :) you look fab nikki! :)

  20. Gio, thanks girl! *hugs*

    Vi Anne, *hugs to you* I do hope things are better, keep me posted sis!!!! Like anytime!!!

    Dianatan, I look devilish? I'm taking it as a compliment ha? hehehe At least I pulled it off, I look super crazy when I tried a devilish look, with bangs all over my face and hair! Hubby was like "I thought you're showing your make up, why are you covering your whole face?" HAHHAHAHA

    Shen, you are one of the busiest person I know who still have the time to put on make definitely hats off to you for that! So I guess I should use more dark colored eyeshadows righty?

    Psychoexgf, Cinthia's not gonna like it that you call me a sexy twin! Sexy , pretty, gorgeous , beautiful ---> Cinthia. Right twin?

    B, girlfriend! LOVE YOU for making my day great!

    Incandescent, great to hear, that's the least I want, overwhelming and people not seeing "who i am anymore" :D

    Gracie, too bad you weren't able to go out with a dark smokey look, any FOTD?

    Liz and Sab, you both are the girls I want! *can I call you guys and you record what you've written?* --> I'll make it my RINGTONE! HAHAHA

  21. Nope, no FOTD sis... I went straight to bed soon as I've blow dried my hair :(

  22. *wolf whistle*

    Honey, you're SMOKIN'!!

    Such sexy eyes :p

  23. this is such a great look for you! love the purple liner!

  24. wow...thanks for giving in to my request nikki! love the looks on you. see, you can pull off dark eyemakeup too! yey! more! more! (kisses)

  25. Gracie, understandable :) it's ok

    Tine..really? "Wolf whistling?" i never know such lovely lady can be manly like that! hehehe thanks Wolf!

    Jaimie, thanks dear!

    Yummy411, yes, I love the purple liner too! I didn't know I have one, just found it and decided I have to use it before I lose it again !

    Jheng, no worries, para sa yo! :) hahaha MORE talaga ha? Kaw kaya? My request for your red lippie!

  26. That's such a pretty look with purple on the waterline,

    I will grab some purple/black shadow and try that...

    Btw, have you ever try this look with a peachy nude lip color, I think it will tone done the rest of the face and make the eye makeup really pop.


  27. you look hot in the smokey, definitely more dramatic looks from you please ;)


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