Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Holy Cow!

Hey friends! Another weekend has passed and of course, what's your resident Askmewhats do? EAT!

We have seen this cute restaurant at the Robinson's Place Manila-Midtown called


Here's a cute photo of their menu

Back of the menu

Their cute table setting
That cow really is so crazily cute!

Spaghetti Bolognese
Php255.00 (approx $5.70)

This tastes good.
I love the pesto bread, the sauce is just cheezy,
just the right size to fill your hunger

Motherload Beef Burger
Php190.00 (approx $4.15)

The patty tastes great, definitely pure beef.
I don't like their potato chips though, although crispy, too oily for my taste

Gotta Try This!

White Grape Tea (bottomless)
Php55.00 (approx $1.25)

This tastes WONDERFUL! Not the usual tea, has a light grape flavor

Overall, it was a great experience, good service, good food. I may come back, but I am not a steak person! lol only when I crave for steaks or burgers, I may come back again!

And, before I end this post...let me share a find...
Brownie's Unlimited, who serves wonderful brownies are now serving Cupcakes!

**Php35.00 (approx $.75)

Their cupcakes may look dry, but don't be deceived by how it looks,
it is moist in the inside!
My only complaint is, you cannot eat this in front of a
you need a fork..Be a lady!!! :P
Delicious when chilled
Perfect match after you finish up a wonderful meal!

What's Your weekend food tripping?


  1. Oh wow, HOLY COW :P I like that name of the restaurant. It looks very delicious too. And price is awesome. I like white grape juice, especially from welch's :) I'm glad you had a good time with your hubby.

  2. mmm that looks yum!

  3. holy cow I am craving spaghetti ^_~ tee hee the restaurant looks very cute. that cupcake looks absolutely mouthwatering

  4. Mmm that hamburger looks good!

  5. I love looking at your pictures of food after I eat dinner. It doesn't tempt me which is a good thing. ;)

  6. oohh! yummy! the juice is refillable? for that price? wow! that's such a good deal! and the pasta looks sooo yummy! *drools* haha!

  7. What the....white grape tea? That sounds so refreshing!!

  8. We grilled today, some steak and brutwurst which I love it too much. I ate it too much hahaha but it was soooooo tasty :D Yummy !! I'm so full.

  9. Nabi, oh yeah! HOLY COW the name is just catchy itself!!! Maybe if I open up a restaurant, let me just call it..."SHIT!" <-- sorry bad you think people will dine in my restaurant? LOL

    Aireen, looks yummy, tastes yummy!

    Nanzy, at least this time, my cupcake is real...not like yours! Your treats are making me salivate and at the end learning they are soaps! LOL *hugs sweetie*

    Incandescent, girl! In a heartbeat, I would send the cupcake to you coz I know how it feels to salivate over food posts! lol

    Lydia, Love the burger! it's their bestseller I believe...I asked for the best burger they can serve!

    Alyssa, no fair! I should start looking at your CHEF posts when I'm full! You SHOULD come back and read my post when you're hungry! That's a demand!

    Sab, I know! I was surprised, refillable for that price and it tastes heavenly! Best flavored Iced tea I've tasted so far!

  10. B, it is indeed very refreshing! I love it!

    Aaww Li'l Sis, grilling outdoors is my "favorite sport" lol..but my ULTIMATE fave sport is EATING! hehehe I wish to eat some so you won't get too full!

  11. the cupcake looks so cuteeeee!!!!!

  12. The bolognese looks mouth-watering. Dang. I want to eat there and try the steak!!!!!

  13. Looked a great meal sis :) Everytime I over indulge myself in meals like this, I end up feeling guilty as I could hardly breath after the meal ha ha ha! I do love a good steak dinner :)

  14. I love the name of the restaurant. And that cupcake looks so yummy!

  15. i am curious about that resto too, maybe will check it out one of these days too. :D white grape tastes great, i use to finish a tall box of it back in Singapore in two sittings. :-/ takaw ko noh haha! brownies i love their brownies but am not a fan of their cupcakes, i prefer Becky's Kitchen (near La Salle Taft). but the toppings are uber cute! :D

  16. mmmm yummy...white grape, num nums...this weekend i went to the bangladeshi buffet with my indian food!

  17. why must you make me hungry!?! lol.. look delish and like you had a fab time!

  18. Oooh stop posting pictures of food! we dont have that many tasty eating places in the UK and if they are they are like £40 per head, hmph!

  19. Prettybeautiful :) Cutey cupcake, cutey "eater" LOL < --- moi?

    Sophie, give it a try! I know you are an adventurous pasta eater! they have a couple of pastas there worth trying! :D tell me how you like it ok?

    Gracie? YOU? I can't imagine you are an "over indulger" I would think of you as a "lady eater" eat in small bites, then not finishing up the food! HEHEHE

    Gio, HOLY COW! I love it too!

    Mhean, really? They have something like that from Singapore? That was the first time i tried something like that, not overwhelming grape flavor like other grape juices, just ice tea with hint of grape! Yummo

    Renren, Bangladeshi sounds cool! What's your favorite Indian Dish?

    Yummy411, girl! when we talk about food, I am always in a happy mood!

    Sorry R :( I just can't stop posting food posties, have to share the joy of food :D

  20. mm food looks good, especially the cupcake xD


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