Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Jipan and Sakura

I was having ulcer attacks as I've drowned Coffee, tea, tea, coffee for the whole day! It didn't do good to my stomach and I don't feel like eating. Hubby told me to eat something light and warm so I would feel better.

We've decided to eat at our favorite restaurant (this was the exact restaurant we had dinner AFTER the hubby's proposal last year). We liked this restaurant because you don't eat inside the restaurant but OUTSIDE. LOL And you can see people walking around the mall and there you go, eating in the middle ! lol

Jipan is a Japanese Bread store and they sell lovely dishes from Bento Boxes to Noodle soups.

Here's what I ordered to warm my poor tummy...

Kakiage Udon

udon noodle with egg, chicken pieces, sweet onions and carrots!
(Php 180.00 approx $4.00)

The good thing about eating at Jipan, a nearly restaurant called Sakura can also place your order, you can sit anywhere as you can order in both restaurants! (not sure if they're the same owner) But Sakura is a Japanese Restaurant and Grocery. I can't seem to tell which one is my favorite restaurant as they both can serve great food in their own tastes.

Again, eating in a restaurant won't be complete if i don't try their tofu dishes.

Tofu Steak

this ain't the usual tofu steak that I always eat, though it looks bland, it tastes really good. You can taste the green bell pepper and the sweetness of the pork and the crunchiness of the tofu. Perfectly blended all together to give your tastebud something wonderful to taste with.
(php129.00 approx $2.85)

Fried Gyoza

I am not a gyoza eater, but my hubby is. This was his order. I did tasted half of it and I would say, there are better Gyoza's out there. I find it a bit too salty for my taste and I can taste a bit of fat inside the Gyoza
(Php115.00 approx $2.50)

Before I end this post, to my Philippine Readers. Do you own a Citibank card?
If yes, please take advantage of the 50% off and sale happenin' at Rustan's mall for Citibank card holders! They have some good products on sale just for us! And I've seen a lot of 3% rebate out there for cardholders like us!

Here's what I got. My favorite nipper (for backup) and a scissor for eyebrows (also for backup). Both are priced at around Php 129.75 (approx $2.80) each and because of the Citibank credit card, I got both at 50% off! So Php 130.00 (approx $2.85) for 2 products!!!

Make your wallet happy,
Shop wisely!!!


  1. Oh my....I love Udon alot alot, especially in winter it makes me so warm :) That really looks delicious, and you guys have cute memory about that place too. How sweet :) I love that mandoo also. yummy :D I love food hehehe

  2. I love Asian food
    I'm so hungrey right now lol

  3. i absolutely love udon! i cant believe how food is so cheap there...a bowl of udon from a Japanese restaurant would cost £5 at least!

  4. Ohmigoodness, I haven't had good Japanese food in a loooong time. Everything looks so yummy! Udon is sooo good! Have a great upcoming week. Muah!

  5. hey, ur hubby can use the scissor to cut his nosehair as well... it's rounded lol

  6. now that's what I call excellent food!!

    that's something we don't get here in the U.S.. more like here in florida..hehe...take crae

  7. nabi, me too! Especially if I have tummyache..this is the perfect comfort food! And we both love FOOD!

    Beautyaddict1one1, eat! Go ahead and eat, don't worry about diet! lol

    Nicnic, that's what everybody's been saying, food is really cheap and delicious here! I guess the Philippines is really proud of serving good food at a good price! :)

    B, *hugs* thanks for the lovely upbeat comment, I love udon too! everybody loves it I guess :) have a great week ahead too!

    Paint me Gorgeous, you are right! I believe this is for nosehairs, but I bought the rounded one as I do cut other people's brows and I don't want to poke them with sharp scissors! lol

    Mary, aaww, sorry you not getting enough excellent food, maybe I should start a service like DHL/Fedex and send food in an instant! lol I'll get rich in this business! :D

  8. I love gyoza at some places, but only some of them are not too oily and taste just right

  9. sakura's my ultimate fave japanese restaurant! next is Haiku. :)

    everything looks yummy! and i have Citibank! omg! i'm rushing to rustans this weekend!

  10. ooohhH! is this the one in GLO? i think i've seen this. i'm on detox!!! i can't eat a lot of rice and anything meat. huhuhuhu!!

    dami ko kasi chinubug sa province. baka highblood na ko! lol!

    miss yah!!

    shen, ketchupin'

  11. I'm so glad I checked your blog after I ate dinner, because it doesn't tempt me... lol~ :P

  12. Nikki!!!! brought back a ton of memories. Jipan and Sakura had been a hang-out several years ago. I even had a dinner there one time with a former flame. =D Thanks for the memories, I really love looking at your blog coz it brings me back to those days when I was still a Makati/Metro Manila girl. =)

  13. Prettybeautiful, I am not a gyoza eater, and you're right, if its too oily, I'd hate it too!

    Sab, go go go!!! Check the citibank promo at the ground floor level of Rustan's where they sell body and bath stuffs. Hope there's still stuffs left for you to buy! hehehe Debenhams! don't forgot, i bought a skirt and a cute blouse for 50% off! :)

    Shen, yup Glorietta that is! :) And eat pa! You're not fat naman eh! :)

    Alyssa, darn!!! Can you do me a favor? Can you check this post again when you're hungry? hehehe

    Shades of u! You are so welcome! I am glad I was able to bring back memories for you...AAAAaawww...former flame...come back home and let us know! we'll be glad to meet you! :)

  14. Wow, that food looks so delicious!

  15. it seems like you went to a different place every weekend. lucky doll!!!!!! I'm also glad I ate dinner already. LOL =P

  16. Tracy, fellow food lover. :) I love love food too and it is delicious!! have some!

    Ebeautyblog, lol...we do TRY to go to different restos as much as we can. While we're still young, while we don't aren't diabetic or have high cholesterol level, we try to grab the chance to eat anything we want! hehehe :)

  17. Gracie, are you picky on food? I am NOT a tease, you've got great food yourself there! :)

  18. I won't say I'm too picky with food. There are some that I can't eat such as Indian food. However, you are lucky that it doesn't seem to cost a lot dining out in Manila. When I go out with my friends we try to hunt for pubs or restaurant offering 2 for 1 meals ha ha ha but when I go out with bf, it's always a treat :)

  19. Hmm...same here, I am not picky, but there are some dish I don't really "crave" for...I've tasted Indian food and they are good, it's just that my tastebuds don't look for it. Aaaww, 2 in 1 meals? I wonder how good it is! Well true, a lot of food choices here and are cheaper! Compared to other countries.


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