Sunday, August 3, 2008

Such a Wonderful Day!

It was a lovely Saturday, as I met up my friends in Highschool for a mini reunion for lunch. After 2 hours of chitchat, met up with my hubby at Glorietta mall, and BOY I love sale! I bought a couple of stuffs mostly on 50% off!

The good part about this day is not buying stuffs (that's why I didn't post them here). The wonderful part of the day is finally meeting the lovely blogger who's always been brightening up my day with lovely messages that kept me going. She shares with me my "hatred" for Mondays!

Sab, it's really nice to finally meet you!!! She's soft spoken and a very beautiful lady!!! I was even more surprised when she asked me if I have the latest copy of Girlfriend Magazine. Told her : "yeah!" Coz I knew the August issue wasn't out yet because they always tend to be in circulation later than the rest of the magazines. I was even more surprised when she pulled out the August issue and gave it to me!!!

I honestly am speechless, I can't stop hugging her! It's just the thought of someone, I barely new, someone I just met online, would go out of her way to walk to the coffee shop (which ain't near) and would even give me something she knew I love. Small gesture like this touches my heart so deeply. I have LOADS of magazine collections but trust me Sab darling, this would be something I would cherish all my life! THANK YOU dear!!!

When I got home, I was even happier when I saw a package! Remembered I told you guys about the order I made for the Ardell Brow & Lash Accelerator? I got it! And I didn't receive a notice card but this package right in front of me! (Yay, no need to wait til Monday to go to the post office!)

Thanks Nessa for shipping this real fast for me! Nessa's super easy to communicate with and her shipping rate good for people who are outside of the US. Trust her that the products are new and in good condition as well (this is my 2nd order and both times, I don't have complaints).

I will start using this tonight and let's wait for a couple of weeks for my in-depth review on this!

Ardell Brow & Lash accelerator? You are in deep trouble!!! You will be investigated! LOL

I wish to see more of the beauty bloggers out there!
If you see me, do not hesitate to show me some luvin' and say "hi"
Have a great weekend everyone!

Before I end this post...thanks to my dear hubby for this...he won this in an arcade for me!

*sigh* Love is Being CHILDISH lol


  1. Awwww It's so sweet of you guys met each other. How cute :D Did you have fun with her ? I also LOVE your little Crabby :D she is very cute haha I was thinking of typical crab stuffed toy but it's really cute! Yup Love is being Childish :D who cares !

  2. awesome package, I want to try one of the lash things out too..let us know how it goes!!

  3. I love the gift from your hubby. It's too cute! :) I had a feeling Sab would be a great person to meet! :)

  4. Crabby is too cute!!! <3

    I've been a Mavala user for a while... no Ardell here, but I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about it!

  5. Nabi li'l sis, yes! It's so sweet of Sab to look for me, coz there's 2 gloria jeans, I didn't even realized it!!! I love love love Li'l crabby too, I kept on looking at it!!! I love it!!! WHO CARES? lol

    Mary, I will let you know how it goes, first night I've used it, I am so excited coz I've been reading makeup alley and it works for a lot of people, I am hoping I am one of those people!!! Coz there are minimal number of people who found it useless!! Wish my lashes some LUCK!

    Alyssa, you've got the right feeling Alyssa, Sab is really wonderful! I wish she could stay longer!!!

    Liz, Crabby is so lucky to have the attention! Everyone finds Crabby cute! Aawww now I'm getting jealous LOL Joking. I have read about Mavala and knew that it's more expensive than Ardell..well if it works, I'll let you know :) I can help you purchase! :)

  6. thanks for the sweet comments =]

    crabby is so cuteee!! heeh

    I agree, I lvoe to use teal liners too, they're so gorgeous. THe only thing I don't liek about the teal liner I have (loreal HIP) is that it's too dry that it falls onto my eyes sometimes, and I can feel it cuz it just hurts. =/

  7. wow, so I see you got the ardell huh. Good luck using it. I hope the ones you got doesn't smell or at least you can stand the smell...can't wait to see your results!

    Crabby is cute just like its owner................'s twin!!! LOL

  8. awwww...i envy you and your hubby sis (sniff) damn i am so missing X right now.

    crabby's so cute..and wow, you met SAB na? geesh we should really set a meeting for all of us bloggers soon :D

  9. awww! you're too sweet nikki! thank you for the kind words! it's really nice to finally see you after weeks of hoping to bump into each other at the mall! hahaha!

    the magazine just really reminded me of you, cause i know you like it. and you were really nice and thoughtful, i just figured i'd like to give it as a gift. :) wait, did you get the letter of the month again?

    nabi & alyssa! if only you gals could go down here! we'll have a party for you!

    and jheng is right! :) a bloggers get together is long overdue! haha!

    btw, i love crabby! he's so cute and pink!

  10. Hey Nikki, how u been? That was nice of her huh? : ) your new pink friend is so kyooot ! I wanna squeeze him eheheh

  11. ohh i hope ardell lash accelerator work on you :D

  12. Crabby is so cute!!

    It's great that you and Sab met each other. That was nice of her.

  13. hiya! crabby is so cute!!!!! o gosh!! a blogger meet up? count me in!!!i wanna see ya'll beautiful bloggers:) take care and ill wait for ur ardell review.. i cant seem to find ardell in galleria. i wanna learn how to put fake elashes as my eyes got irritated with extensions:(

  14. Erica, even l'oreal hip falls off your eyes??? I do know that it only happens with the product will be expiring soon! thanks for letting me know about this, i hate products like that and it does hurt the eye!

    Cinthia, ok then! you are cute too! I won't argue with you on that ok?

    jheng, yay for the bloggers meeting. and I've met her, sweet girl! *hugs* how's Mr. X? You communicating with him? how's he?

    Sab, I KNOW! It's been weeks that we wanted to bump into each other, and finally, it happened, and I wasn't even expecting it! Hope to see you again!!!

    Nanzy, I'll squeeze Crabby for you, I squeeze him everytime I see him! lol

    NicNic, I am crossing my fingers too! Can you believe that it's just 2 nights that I've used it and I've been checking my lashes like crazy!

    Gio, thanks , Crabby is cute because the owner is too (LOL joking)

    Royalmocha, I want to meet up with you too!!! And I'll wait to be able to give out an ardell review :) :D I hope it works so you can use it too!

  15. WE Oughtta meet soon! i wanna meet you na... pa-autograph at papicture! wakekek!

    oohhh.. lotsa loot!! imma soon have this when i go to megamall (thanks to your post!)

  16. ooohh!! and i like crabby.. her btiful color is my fave!! :)

  17. hahahah yes we will meet soon! pero no to autograph no! Pa picture ok lag :) I love crabby too!!! I want the light pink and the light blue din! :)

  18. i'm glad your first meeting went so well!

  19. How sweet of Sab to get you that magazine! Yay for getting the Ardell Accelerator! I've been using it for a while now, and it's actually been working pretty well!

  20. Jaime, thanks dear!

    Tracy, yes, Sab is so sweet :) I'll be meeting with her again sometime..*crossing my fingers*

    About the ardell, glad to know it worked for you, I got mixed reviews on this, so I don't know what to expect! :D I have been checking on my lashes every now and I'm a freak who wants longer lashes! LOL

  21. Hi Nikki! So glad you got the package!! Been so busy lately it's insane but yeah let me know how you like it!


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