Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Pink Pepper

It's weekend once again! And it's time for another food tripping! We've decided to go and eat where it's near our place coz it's raining like crazy for the past week and you just don't know how much it floods here in downtown Manila! :(

Rain or shine, our stomach's always ready to try on anything new !

Located at the Robinson's Midtown Malate Manila. A cute restaurant called PINK PEPPER. How could I say no to "pink"? Yes, even peppers!

Here's how the cute restaurant look like from outside.
A couple of waitress are hovering outside holding a menu
inviting you to try on their dishes!

And here's how the interior looks like
quite small in area, and they have a "band" area to play some LOUD songs
Look at the cute pink lights!

They also jampacked the place with a bar
The bar looks really nice and look what we found?
A cute coca-cola spinning against gravity :D

We hate decisions, good thing they have a FAMILY Meal
I believe this meal is good for 3-4 people
There's only 2 of we can always take out!

Let's start with the Pepperoni PIZZA!
VERY thin crusted pizza!
Very crispy! It honestly taste like crackers
Check out this pizza with the "spicy" pizza oil

Sorry for the bad shot,
the place was quite dim
and putting on a flash would scare the rest of the customers! LOL
Here's the best shot we've done to let you see how thin crust this is
(If you are a hungry mammal, do not just order a pizza as you won't get full!)

Carbonara Pasta
This one tastes yummy, don't like the garlic bread though, not crispy!
The pasta tastes creamy with bacon and ham!

One Whole Fried Chicken
included in the Family Meal.
It is not the usual Fried chicken as there's a hint of Curry
(not sure in the chicken or in the gravy itself)

Overall, the food is ok. Service is good. It is something to check out for as there will definitely be times your taste buds wanted to try something new.

The whole family meal costs Php900.00 + tax = Php980.00 ($21.35)
A good meal with family or friends!

And before I end this post, let me share some beauty related stuffs!
Here's what I saw at the Elianto Counter at the Robinson's Mall!
Their nail polishes are on 40% off sale!
From Php99 to Php59! ($2.15 to $1.30)
But have to check with the sales lady as NOT ALL OF THE COLORS
are on SALE!

Remember to eat a hearty meal,
buy yourself stuffs that makes you pretty!
In that way...
You can really be beautiful both IN and OUT!


  1. Wow Wow on family meal price. That is so cheap! When I go with Dennis and get a supreme pizza and drink that's already over 20 bucks lol

  2. Ohhh, yummy yummy! Looks like you had good eats this weekend. And I love your last on the inside AND out. Loves that! Have a wonderful upcoming weekend, my love.

  3. I'm starting to think everything in the Philippines is cheap!... lol~ :P

  4. Hi Digital Angel and Alyssa, yes, everything looks cheaper down here...IF you guys are up there! LOL For people who lives and work here, the amount isn't too cheap nor too expensive, just right...I believe everyone who travels here would think food here are cheap..but for people who work here..we don't think so! :D

    B, girl! Yeah I had a good weekend!!! (minus the getting sick part) How's your weekend???? :D

  5. i really wanna try that pizza! looks really good :)

  6. that's SO MUCH FOOD mannn! i swear i'm not hungry but that post makes me crave stuff...

  7. pizza!!!! yumm... i haven't eaten pizza in a long time.

  8. Erica, I love think crusted pizza! anything thin crust (I am referring to pizza) count me on giving it a try :D You like thin crush or thick crusted ones?

    Aireen, I am sorry for making you crave.. :( my bad! What are you craving for ? Pasta or pizza?

  9. Hey we have an Italian restaurant here called the RED Pepper. Hehe, what's with the use of peppers eh? :p

  10. ooo! no fair... how come u get 40% discount for elianto nail polish... but we get only a measly 10%? if i am not mistaken la :P

  11. Hi Nikki! I have missed you, I have been so busy lately so I am catching up on all the posts I have missed! Gosh I have so much reading to do but I wanted to say HELLO! :)

  12. the food looks yummy!

  13. nikki! ang saraaap!! i wanna go here soon! :)

  14. That place looks so cute! I love the pink!

  15. I Know Tine!!! I think having "peppers" for the name of the restaurant is good luck..let me open up a restaurant called "BLACK PEPPER" lol

    Plue, sorry! :( I guess it's old stock, I took a look at it and not all the colors are on 40% off! Depends! So don't feel jealous, coz I'm sure you guys have a lot of sales there that we don't have :D

    Nessa, thanks for dropping by to say Hello, I understand how busy you are ..with the SanFo trip and everything! are always yummy :D

    Sab, try it! I'm sure you can visit your college hangout again!

    Lydia, pinks are just wonderful! :P

  16. sounds like a fun weekend! mmmm i love this restaurants, that pizza looks yummy!

    i cant wait till i can go to the philippines next year.

    and i love your quote at the end!

  17. That's a very cute place. For a second, I thought you meant pinkberry. LOL.

  18. Ren ren, Really? You're coming back home next year? Where's your family? If you don't mind me asking :D

    Cinthia lol PINKBERRY restaurant is cute too!!!! But it's Pink Pepper...weird name huh?

    Tracy..hungry? Sorry :( lol


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