Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: MAC's "Cult of Cherry" Nails

Everyone's raving and talking about the MAC's Cult of Cherry Collection. I wanted to share my "Cult of Cherry" phenomena, so I've created something "Cherry" related :D
(again, I am no expert in any way or form, I am just someone who loves painting my own nails, or try to *winks*)

Step 1:

Paint your nails with any colors you want as a base. I chose mine in Platinum color.

Step 2:

Wait for a couple of minutes to let it dry for a bit. I've applied 2 coats.

Step 3:

With a reddish nail art pen, create 2 dots (as cherries). You don't have to make the dots perfect as cherries in real life aren't perfect, right?

Step 4:

Create dots in all 5 fingers so you don't have to open and close the nail art pen (which will cause the product to dry up)

Step 5:

Create twigs with a brown color, in my case, I don't have brown colored nail art pen, so I've used black instead. Create a twig with V shape connecting the 2 cherries.

Step 6:

Again, do it in all 5 fingernails!

Step 7:

Using a green nail art pen, create a leaf, going in any direction you want. Your choice. Your masterpiece :D

Step 8:

Top it with clear nail polish. Blowdry the polish on one hand first before you proceed in doing the other fingers. Make sure to let it completely dry before you ruin your nail art while doing the other hand!

Cherry-fic! Here's a simple Cherry Nails tutorial for you guys to try it out :)

Before I end this post, let me share to you a lovely shirt my hubby bought for me!
Made me smile....I am so childish..but who cares?

Shirt made by the company called "WHATEVER!" check out their shirts. A lot of cool prints and cute ones as well! Click to enlarge and see how cute they are! My favorite is the "You Rock! You Rule!" red shirt!

Still afraid to try on nail art?
Do not be, life is too short to be scared :D

P.S. A lot of my readers asked me regarding the 2 Way Nail Art Pen set.
I've found a very nice supplier and will probably sell them in good affordable price! (via Multiply)
I will let you guys know when the stocks arrive! Soon! :D

Want to see how Cherry nails was professionally done?
Smile and say "Cherry Nails!"


  1. Lol~ I was thinking about doing a cherry nail tutorial, but you beat me to it! :P

  2. Cute nail art twin. And boy, did I tell you how lucky you are? Those shirts are super cute. Your husband did spoiled you!!! Does that company have a website? I wanna check it out!!

  3. wow! the shirts are sooo cute! so are your nails! :)

  4. I loooove the Cult of Cherry nails! You are seriously inspiring me to try something. I don't even have green nail polish (the horror!) but I'm gonna try a little somethin-somethin. That "you rock" and "you rule" shirt made my daaaaay! I love that!

  5. Nikki dearest, your nails are fabulousa!! Love it love it love it. Can you also do mine? hahahahaha it's so cute! I tried doing it with my toe nails, it looked like dominoes!!! Urggggg

  6. Alyssa, you can still do them!!! I'm sure you'll do better! :D

    Cinthia twin, no they don't have websites..sorry sis.. :( But if they have a site or if I've found any, i know your contact, will let you know!

    Sab, buy them!!!! Cheap pa! :D

    B, sis!! *hugs* I am glad I inspire you to do something..even a bit! And i love the tshirt as well, I can't stop smiling when I saw it! It matches my crazy personality! :P

    Dyan, it's still great if it looks like dominos! I would love to do dominos! :P I think i had my nails done from the past...(professional) and it was a cute domino nails! :D it works! so no worries about it. And yes, I'll do yours!

    Tracy, yes they are! If I can buy them all!!!

    Liz, thanks!

  7. Informative and a great tutorial! I still can't do my nails but I'm enjoying seeing yours. BTW I absolutely freaking love those t-shirts! :O Esp the you rock, you rule one. Awesome. Where does a girl find that?

  8. love the cherries!! a company called david and goliath makes the exact same shirt! lol. they have a lot of other humorous shirts too.

  9. Ooo I love your nails! I like those cute little shirts too!

  10. This would look VERY cute on toes!!

  11. hehe i'm in love with your nail pen thing =D lol

  12. lol, you really love playing with your nails! that's some cute nail art!

  13. beautiful!
    but i can hardly paint my nails... it turns out ugly >_<

  14. Aww, how cute! I can't do my nails at all. I even ruin those done at nail salon coz I just lack the patience to wait for them to dry. But it was a fun tutorial nonetheless. :)

  15. I love those shirts! And your nails are so cute, too.

  16. ur nails are so cute! i hope you're keeping a nail portfolio with all this work u've been doing :)

  17. so cute! i seriously do not have patience to work on details like you do.. first i'd think it's fun.. then after one hand, i'd be too tired to continue. lol. for us, there's an online supplier for these nail art goodies.. i think it's cheap, it's 8ty8beauty.com.

  18. Pretty nails! Perfect for Cult of Cherry!

  19. Cute shirts...

    Interestingly, the hard as nail in US have Teflon instead of nylon in it...maybe the formula is sorta different.

  20. lol sis nikki-- the nail art queen.. thank you for the tut.. you have such wonderful hands, mine're too ugly so i don't bother painting them.. lol

  21. oooh very cool? Have you tried Nail stamping?

  22. Parisb, thanks girl! The shirts are sold on malls! I believe in every country, they'll have great looking shirts that make a statement :)

    Lily, we have David & Goliath here too, but it's expensive!!! I don't want to pay a lot for a tee :) Is it cheaper there in the states?

    NicNic and Lydia, thanks girl!

    Toma, yeah, when I do my finger nails, I do my toe nails exactly the same nail art too :D

    Erica, I know! Nail art pens are like God sent for nail art lovers like me! But there are some strokes quite difficult to do and brushes are needed!

    Mhean, I do love taking care of my nails, come to think of it..I've been taking care of it since College (coz we're not allowed to do anything on our nails in highschool) LOL If it's permitted, I think I must have started earlier!

    Plue, give it a try! :P NO need to do nail art, just paint your nails red! You'll feel good! and your hands and feet will look gorgeous!

    Missmall, do you know there's this Quick Dry polish from Sally hansen, I SWEAR! IT works! I hate waiting too! that's why i use a hairdryer!

    Gio, thanks

    Renren, thanks for the suggestion, I haven't printed them out but I have them kept in a folder and will burn it in a CD for me to take a look at it again and again when I'm 60! :P

    Jiejie, thanks, but shipping really makes me stop from buying online!

    Nessa, yeah! Thanks I was smiling when I saw the Cult of Cherry Collection and I have my nails painted in Cherries!

    Citrine, Sally Hansen has too many products I get confused when I'm standing in front of their counters! :)

    Dianatan, you are selling yourself short! Nobody has bad looking hands! I'm sure yours is good!

    May, ohhh that is NEW! I haven't tried nail stamping yet..what do you use for nail stamping??? Sorry *my ignorance*

  23. Awwwwe.. well done! It's so cute and I love it. :-)

    the shirts are adorable too.

    you seem to be surrounded by adorable things. ;-)

  24. I love love your shirts, I would wear something like that :D Very cute !

  25. Those shirts are too cute! It looks like loyal army - a brand in the US.

  26. Liz, I think I am the one who surrounds myself with cute stuffs! LOL i just get drawn to cute stuffs and if only you can see all the mini stuff toys I have! LOL and I'm not getting any younger!!! LOL

    Nabi, I would think you are a type who would wear shirts like that!

    Fabu-less, Loyal army --- hmm..that sounds like a good brand! :) do you own any loyal army shirts?

  27. I have that same shirt from David and Goliath (exact same print), the shirt color is different though. I wonder who copied who?

  28. I love your nails and the shirts!!

  29. Melvel, really? I wonder who copied who too!

    Jaimie, thanks sis!

  30. geez i wish i had patience like yo to do my nails like that..id prob end up buying cherry stickers lmao!


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