Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How To Apply Your Leave-on Conditioner/Hair Serum

Taking care of my hair is just like taking care of my skin. I make sure I use the right product and of course....applying it the RIGHT WAY!

Let me show you some of the leave-on conditioners and hair serums I've used (not all together of course)

1. Pantene Pro-V Leave-On Hair Moisturizer
2. Changpo Hair Coating Essence
3. Citre Shine Miracle Anti-Frizz Serum
4. Sunsilk Radiant Light Brown Leave-on

Always use a small amount of the leave-on conditioner or serum
(photo below)

Too much product will weigh your hair down.

Rub your hands together to distribute the product on both your hands

Create a loose pony tail using both hands.
Slowly distributing the product from the ear down to the tips
Do not apply the product on the roots
(may cause dandruff <-- tested)

Run your fingers all over your hair with feather-y strokes
Slowly passing your hands on the top portion of your head
(you can see that most stylist in hair salon does this step)

There's still some remaining product on your hair
Rub it side to side (photo below)
Comb as desired!

Using these products can be easy, but using this the wrong way may cause ---
  • oiliness
  • weighing down of hair
  • dandruff
Remember to---
  • use sparingly
  • always rub the product with both hands to distribute the product well (we don't want the whole blob of product on one area of your hair right?)
  • check on your hair a couple of days after using this product to see if there are any bad reactions.
  • STOP using the product (no matter how expensive it is) if you started to have dry, itchy scalp (a.k.a. DANDRUFF)
Finally ---

Comb and style your hair as usual and..... SMILE!!!!
(imagine that you've got the best hair EVER!)

Love your skin,
Love your hair,
Love everything about you...
and people will start to Love you too!

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  1. No wonder your hair is so healthy! :) I don't take care of my hair... lol~ :X I need to learn from you! :)

  2. Great tips! I used to put too much of the serum in my hair before, but that just made it look limp and oily. LoL. How is the Sunsilk leave-in conditioner?

  3. Thanks, Nikki for the steps-by-steps guide. You are great!

  4. You have such beautiful hair :)

    how would you rate Pantene's moisturizer?

  5. OH Alyssa, I've gone through highs an d lows with my hair! That's why I want to make sure to take care of it as much as I can! LOL You've got great long hair, nothing to learn from me sis! LOL

    Tracy, same here, when I was younger, the first serum I've tried is the one from St. Ives, and it was really creamy and oily and I put too much! and I never used it after the first use, I blamed the product, but it was my fault! :P

    Feminine Care Specialist, you're very much welcome!

    Pantene's moisturizer, firstly, SMELLS HEAVENLY!!!! <--- this is the major reason I got drawn to this product. for it's function, it is just like any other leave-on moisturizer, makes your hair softer..but don't expect the shine. I find that it works BUT give it some more time, it just gets absorbed I think, and it's just like you haven't put anything! I used this pantene night time before I go to bed because this is so light and isn't oily at all. I always wake up with tangle free hair! :)

  6. hello Nikki!

    me too using the same technique as yours :D

    and ur hair is lovely... so shiny!

    mine is coarse >_<

  7. Ooh, you're getting me excited about Pantene!

  8. Thanks for the tips, they're very useful. No wonder your hair is so beautiful and shiny.

  9. Look how beautiful your hair is! I'm flying you in so that you can apply some serum to my fro. :)

  10. your hair is gorgeous! good tips...cuz i have definitely falling victim to putting too much leave on conditioner on, wasn't pretty

  11. what's your fave from all of your products?

    believe it or not, i don't even brush at all. just once in the morning then i just leave it to dry. i'm thinking of a buying a leave on thingy too!

  12. How shiny and soft is your hair! I'm green with envy. :(

  13. yikes! so i am using the Citre Shine Glossing Pomade wrong... i noticed it weighs down my hair... can you please teach me the proper way to use it when we meet??? hehehe...

  14. Lydia, Plue and NicNic, thanks girls, you girls made me feel pretty (backside) lol!

    Shasta, I'm not sure if Pantene locally still sell their leave-ons, coz we have them for a couple of years then I don't find them anymore. That pantene, I bought it from HK.

    Gio, are you using any leave ons? Or serums?

    B!!! I want to fly there and just chill with you! I'll do your hair and you do my make up DEAL?

    Renren, aww, i'm glad I helped you even a tiny bit, your blog helped me so much! :D love ya

    Sab, I am always reaching for my Face Shop Serum (1/4 left na lang) for the leave-ons..that Sunsilk is new, so I just used it once or twice pa I can't tell pa! :) Go on, pero a smaller one first, coz some of them don't work for our hair! :) Your hair is pretty, I've seen it personally remember?

    Missmall, my hair has gone through enough beating I should really take care of it .

    Mhean, SURE! Just remind me when we meet! hehehe Take your son and daughter along! SO i won't mistake them! hehehhe my bad!

  15. Nikki, I'm not using one at the moment, but I was thinking of buying one. I'm not sure which one to get though. Which one would you recommend?

  16. Hi Gio, well what are your top 3? Or you really don't have anything in mind? Coz it really depends on your hair texture. I find that my hair loves the Face shop's Serum. I go for shining and smoothening serum rather than just the spray on ones and the Leave-on ones. I find the spray-on and leave-on ones doesn't last!

  17. medyo konti yung lagay mo ng leave-in conditioner sa hair mo pero ok na din kasi di naman damp saka mas advisable pag sa damp hair bago mag shower inaaply ang leave-in. sobra ko na dami experience sa mga leave-ins (serum, lotion, cream, spray) kaya masasabi ko talaga mas maganda pag sa damp hair mas madidistribute ng mabuti saka mas maaabsorb, pag serum ok lang ganun ka-konti katulad ng nasa pic saka ok lang ang serum pag sa dry hair pero madali maging greasy looking pag sa dry hair nilagay yung serum. pag lotion o cream naman sa damp hair best ilagay pero hindi ganun ka-konti katulad ng nasa picture, mga hazelnut size dapat ang amount pag sa long hair.

    1. thanks sa advise! ako I prefer hindi damp para alam ko ang areas needed to apply more :D

  18. Thank you for the advice, and the step by step instructions with pictures included!! That was really helpful :)

  19. hello , is this products available sa Philippines ??
    do i have to use it everyday ?

    1. Since this blog post was posted years ago, some of the products are not available in the market anymore like that of Sunsilk. But I'm sure you can find loads of serums/leave on conditioners here in the Philippines.
      Do you have to use it everyday? It depends on you! :D But yes, those light weight versions can be used on a daily basis!


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