Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cebu Pacific Zero Peso Fare!!!

Dear Philippine Readers:

So, you want to travel but you don't want to pay a lot?
Your prayers have been answered!
Click on the banner and hurry up!!!
Sale period is from August 15th-21st !!!


  1. Oh no! my credit card is with my Mom! We need to book a flight for travel on my birthday!

    Thanks for the heads up Niks and thank you so much for the comments of concern. I really appreciate it.

    God bless!


  2. Hey Sweetie, I see KL on the list! Woohoo! ;)

  3. Vi Anne, you are very much welcome! I hope you can book na!!! Go get your CC number!! :)

    Parisb, you know what, travel period is til end of this year..and I already booked 2 flights this year! September and October!!! I cannot take more leaves, I'll be fired! LOL I want to go to KL!!!! I have a lot of free food from Malaysian bloggers a.k.a. You, Beetrice! LOL

  4. wow! i love traveling! way more than shopping! (imagine that!) i wanna go somewhere before the year ends.. :)

    thanks nikki!

  5. darn! i just booked my flight last week! oh well... lol.

  6. Come come! Food is free and plentiful! :) Maybe next year then or when I get free flights to Manila ;)

  7. Sab! Book your flights na! It ends soon and flights get fully booked and the good schedule will be gone! :) Tell me where you plan to go!

    Mhean, sorry, you paid full price?

    Parisb! promise me if you plan to visit manila to let me know! I'll give you free food! *winks*


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