Thursday, August 21, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation

** Available at Rustan's Makati for Php2,125.00 (approx $47)

Hate me for talking about Paul & Joe once again? I am SORRY :( But I have to do this review! LOL I was browsing through the photos shot by my hubby and I came to realize I kept on raving about P&J products but I didn't talk further about the product! I think this is the right time I talk about this product because I am almost done with this one! I have 1/4 product left! :( (I hate to repurchase, goodbye moolah again)

Paul & Joe Says ---

A high SPF powder foundation for cool, sensuous skin. A moisturizing and flexible makeup base with a meltingly soft texture which adheres gently to the skin, whilst protecting against summer dryness.

Askmewhats says ---

  • very natural looking
  • has SPF
  • good coverage
  • non-drying, non cakey
  • has refills (saves the environment)
  • stays put for the whole day, I've done 2 retouch in a day by just patting on my nose area (but again, I have dry skin)
  • Pricey (one refill almost cost the same as MAC SF)
  • compact is quite big compared to other brands
  • since it is really soft and smooth, powder tends to crack when you're half way
  • Limited shades available
P&J Dual Powder foundation as compared to MAC (as I'm using both) has sheerer coverage. It is more natural looking and you have this "Bridal" look when you use this powder (Meaning, very neat looking).

I find that even though "limited shades available" are put under CONS. I think it is fine as P&J shades available in Manila adheres to the Asian skin tones. I find that even if I use Shades 20, 30 or all looks fine to me as the colors aren't too far from each other.

I am using the older version which has higher SPF of 25, while the newer version (Which I also bought) has SPF 20 only but, I was told it has better coverage. (I will test on the newer version soon and let you guys know how I feel about it)

  • if you are going for a really clean/neat/party look, use your favorite liquid foundation, then use a brush, top it with the P&J Dual Powder Foundation (FLAWLESS LOOKING!)
  • using a triangle sponge instead of the sponge that comes with this compact (for me) is better! <-- maybe it's just me!
  • pat gently, do not rub
  • test this product on counters first, because it doesn't come cheap! P&J counters in Manila have new triangle sponges, and they willingly let you test it on your whole face before you purchase anything! Go around shopping, and see how it works for you. DO NOT BE PRESSURED TO BUY!

Will I repurchase?
Yes! I have 2 back ups!

Products, no matter how expensive or cheap they are,
as long as they work on you...
are worth buying!
Never be pressured by anyone to buy anything!
Trust your judgment and instinct!
You'll be ok :D


  1. omg! nikki! i am soooo sold! i need a new powder na!

  2. I really want to try Paul & Joe products now... hehe~ :P

  3. intresting... hope its not so expensive!!but then again, if its worth buying,why not!!!!! hmmmmmm.... no buy no buy no up save up save up...lolz!!!!

  4. wow they allow you to put product on the entire face for testing? when i bought MAC SFF the MUA only tested on my chin and neck area... maybe i'll try someday. do they offer liquid foundations as well? i actually prefer that if it has sheer coverage. i have lots of imperfections to cover. :(

  5. Nikki, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my order from Strawberrynet arrived yesterday!

    The packaging was really nice and the perfume arrived in one piece. :) I also got a little gift (Revlon liquid foundation). I like it, even though it's a bit too dry for me (but I think that can be fixed with a bit more moisturiser beforehand).

    I like Strawberrynet! I will order from them again!! :)

  6. Sis Sab, you haven't replaced your broken powder pa?

    Alyssa, do you have P&J available near you?

    Royalmocha, it is pricey! if you found something that works for you now...then stick to it! heheheh

    Mhean, YES, they are even kind enough to do a makeover on you if you want. And what I like about them..really is that they offer you products to buy, but you never have that feeling of them pressuring you! :)

    Liz!!! Thanks for updating me! I was just thinking about your package but I thought it'll be a month!!! I'm 2 1/2 hours away from HK but I got my package a month after! LOL You are lucky to have that package arrived to you safe and sound! sorry about the freebie that doesn't work for you..maybe its great for people who lives on a very humid country! LOL

  7. I'd love to try out p&j products! I'd expect them to be expensive in japan too!

  8. that's expensivo! but if it really gives flawless finish-- why not? hehe.. will try it when my bf arrives-- so he could buy it for me.. i dont want to shell out 1.5k up for one make-up item.. im too cheap.. lol

  9. Lovely review, sis! And I'm diggin' the packaging!

  10. i love how it seems like the powder melts into the skin...and has spf! always a plus!

  11. Sounds like a great product. I'd like to try it but it's not available here and I don't like buying foundations online, it's too risky.

  12. Great review! I should make a list of the things I want to get the next time I'm in PI. :D

  13. I want one!!! but I'm not sure where to get one here...or if it's even available around here :(

  14. sosyal talaga! 2 backups! :) adopt me!!!

  15. NicNic, they SHOULD be cheaper in Japan! They should! *wonders*

    Dianatan, you can try them at the counter, and see if it works for you! :) Look for Sunday

    B, the packaging rocks right? All their packaging is just super pretty!

    Renren, I know, I haven't really gave SPF a thought but come to think of's a plus factor!

    Gio, same here ! I would never buy foundations online too!!! I hope you guys have it there!

    Tracy, yes! Come here and list down "FOOD" too! :P

    Cinthia, I do believe I've seen some areas in the States who sells P&J...but HK Facial Shop sell them but of course, you have to be there to check on the shades!

    MieMieMie, hey 2 backups because they were on really GOOD sale! LOL And sure! I'll adopt you, you've got great stuffs too! :D


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