Friday, August 22, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Purple Hits Gold" Look

Hey girls (and boys!)

I am so happy (again) today, coz it's Friday my side of the world! I think a frequent readers of my blog would know how much I LOVE Fridays and how much I hate Mondays! I think I am Garfield in my past life! (ya think?)

I am on fire! I've got another look done and it's not the WILD smokey eyed look that everyone wants me to keep on doing, and it's not a NEUTRAL look that some of you wants me to "just forget about it" :P

Let me break it down to you gently... products used and where I used it. Did my diagram improved? I tried my best *drops down knees begging for you to say yes*

1. Bourjois Beige Rose - all over lids
2. Milani e/s Shock and I mixed it a bit with MAC Carbon (to deepen my eye)
3. ELF e/s in GOLD
4. Bourjois Beige Rose - again as highlighter

Other products used (not numbered)

1. NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium
2. Stila Smudgepots in Black
3. Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in Black
4. Paul & Joe eyebrow pencil no. 2

What are your plans this coming weekend? I am going to be a busy bee as my dad and my dad-in-law are both celebrating their birthdays this coming Saturday and Sunday! Don't ask me what my plans are!!! I think I'm going to cram on this one!

Purplish golds aren't the usual combination,
but what the heck right?
As we all say, or as I say...
"Laughter is not the best as Smiling!"

Want to check out my old purple look?
Easy, smile and say "Purple Rain!"


  1. that's pretty! it's really nice how you layered one color above another :)

  2. I really like the combination of colors you used. I'm so jealous that it's already Friday for you. Haha. I still have to wait another day!

  3. Wow Nikki, this looks great!!! :D I never thought purple n gold will look good together.


  4. I like this look :) Purple and gold goes well, I should try to use my HIP eyeshadow oneday (I got gold and purple duo), Sounds like you gonna have fun and busy at the same time. Happy birthday for your dad and dad in law !!

  5. Sis nikki, i love the combination of purple and gold! I myself is a fan of both colors!! weee.. I'll be staying at home the whole weekend.. lol.. take care! mwah!

  6. pretty FOTD/EOTD once again.

    I hate Mondays too, and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Thursdays and Fridays. LOLz. Oh, add Saturdays and Sundays too. :-D

    your being sunny is infectious though. Everytime I visit your blog, my mood lightens up.

  7. Erica, I love layering and blending, i am just "sick" hahaha

    Tracy, don't worry, it'll be my turn to be jealous when it's Monday my side and Sunday YOURS! :)

    Char, thanks girl! I didn't know too! I just experimented and later found out that L'oreal HIP has a duo that is gold and purple!

    Digital Angel, try it! I"m sure you'll look great on it!!!!

    Dianatan, why would you stay at home all weekend? Aren't you supposed to go out and enjoy? Or are you trying hard NOT to buy anything? hehehe

    Liz, I hope you're feeling well..get well ok?? I am glad that at least..I give you a lighter feeling everytime you visit my wonder you don't feel good! You hate ALL 7days of the week! LOL I should pray and ask for an 8th day? *GULP*

  8. it's actually a great combo. ;) IMO, i think you can pair purple with most colors -- from green, to blue and even black. i love its versatility.

  9. Purple and gold isn't a combo that I'll attempt to try out anytime soon, being my unadventurous self, but you pulled it off really well! And your smile is infectious, sweetie. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Mhean ! hey sis! You are a lover of purples? Ooops, wrong question, yes, you are a lover of COLORS! hehehe Lapit na trip mo!!!

    Missmall, aawww....thanks, did you smile too??? lol I am creating this vibes and "blogging telepathy" to force all readers to smile *winks*

  11. I would never have thought of this combination, but it looks great!

  12. Nikki!!! How beautiful is this? Your execution is soooo pretty. I think you have inspired me to try something like this!

  13. so nicely done and both eyes are so even. i can never seem to get my both eyes look even in the colors

  14. Gio, I'm glad you liked it :) You plan to try it? :D

    B, wow!!! ME?? Inspire you??? Can I just say? YOU INSPIRED ME!!! I am so looking forward to your Friday looks and you inspired me to do the same look you just did!!!

    Vanessa, glad you like it...*felt pretty with your whistle* :D

    Prettybeautiful, ohhh trust me, it's not perfect..i have to look back and forth to make sure it matches :)

  15. pretty! i like how you have so many layers...sounds like your going to have a fun lots of cake!

  16. Great job, Nikki! I low that it's neutral, but with a hint of color.

  17. RenRen, I haven't eaten a single slice of cake! hahaha but I did stuffed myself with food :) Enjoy your trip !

    Emilee and Pear, thanks girls!

  18. this is the first time i leave a reply on your blog. it's a very interesting blog with everything in it!

    i had a lot of fun reading it.

    i think purple and gold look great together. :)

    ps: i didn't know you wrote on parisb's blog! OMG!

    i saw that hair tutorial and i thought, eh, she said that was easy???

    i am a hair idiot...


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