Friday, August 22, 2008

Cherry Culture 20% Off on All Orders!

UH OH! That's all I can say!


  1. Cinthia, thanks! hehehe I forgot the link, now it's up!

    Jheng, I KNOW!!!!

  2. Yeah, but they raised a lot of their prices:(

  3. that's nice of them to offer it on all orders instead of having a min like last time.

  4. oh..


    i am just a poor student and i need to save money for my education. LOLz.

    ah, temptation is everywhere.

  5. Oh my...uh oh is right! *shrieks*

  6. ^^same reaction. :( now im going to open the cherry culture site!

  7. THSG, I know! I was shocked! their ROUND lippies are $2.00 each now!!!

    JieJie, I remember, last time, it should be $75 and above am I right?

    Liz, LOL you have so many good make up from school! you don't need Cherry Culture AT ALL! hehehe

    B! I'm sure you don't need it, you've got enough make up to play with! :D

    Jamie, what do you plan to purchase? Me I only need their round lippies and concealer, but the shipping..kills me! :(

  8. ohhhh my dear twin, I was hoping that you wouldn't give me the link! :(

  9. Pretty Twin! Come on! I know you know the LINK BY HEART! LOL You don't even need me to put the link!!! (I know you too well dear).

    Ohhh, I am so happy to see your post!!! Glad you're back with new camera and with more photos!!! I missed my angelic twin! I can't be an evil twin without the good twin right? So don't leave me alone!!!!

  10. oh no! not again! :(

    are you planning on getting anything?

  11. Shen, I'm not sure yet, coz their lippies went up to 2.00 and I've found other sites who sells it for 1.49 or something... YOU? You've got too much na no?

    Vanessa, I want NYX Concealer in a jar and round lippies! that's it hah..

    Lydia...are you ordering?

  12. it's a good thing it's free shipping (for orders $40 up) sa US lang. but... i can't stop looking at the site!! arrgh!


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