Saturday, August 23, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Color Dryer

A nail enthusiast like me aside from prettifying my nails likes to make sure I prettify beautifully and of course, at a shortest time possible! I still want some QT (Quality Time) with my family you know?

Let's talk about MANICURE!

Maximum time spent for cleaning my nails = 10 minutes
Maximum time spent for nail art = 10 minutes
Drying time? = 1 hour + (before I can really move around)

Not good right? That's why I have to do something about it!!! That's when I laid my eyes on this....

All I can see at the store was DRY KWIK!
Who would say no to this right?
(I did 3x, and after research and further thinking, I cave in!)

** Sold at Sally Hansen Counters for Php299.75 (approx $6.50)

A closer look on the brush
(click to enlarge)

Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Says ---

Ingredients: mineral oil, octyl epoxidized soybean oil, cyclopentasiloxane

You have
  • Wet nail color and messy manicures
  • nail color smudges, smears and scuffs
You want
  • Dry nail color now!
How it works
  • easy brush-on formula makes nail color dry to the touch in just one minute.
  • Helps prevent smudges and smears, without dulling the shine.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes cuticles
You'll Get
  • A flawless manicure in just minutes!
Askmewhats says ---

  • the brush is easy to use, very thin and smooth!
  • my nail color lasts longer
  • nail color is shiny
  • dries pretty quick! Definitely a minute!
  • though the ingredient is OIL, it doesn't have this really bad OILY feeling that I hate
  • Salon tested and dermatologist tested!
  • NONE


Sally Hansen has a more expensive version of a 30 second quick dry for double the price! I've been thinking back and forth and I thought, if I can wait for an hour in the past, 1 minute is nothing! I'm glad I bought this as this really works well for me. Of course, I don't go doing hardcore chores after a minute of applying this Quik Dry, but I definitely see major improvement of drier polish! I don't know if it's just me, but my work entails me to TYPE the whole day!!! I usually have my pinky fingernail chip after 2 days. This time, with the Sally Hansen Dry Kwik, it started to chip after 5 days! That's a huge improvement! I will continuously use this and I will get back to you guys for any changes!

  • Apply nail color as usual, you HAVE to wait for a minute before you apply the Sally Hansen Quik Dry with light strokes.
  • Apply Quik Dry on your nails and also on the cuticles and surrounding skin.
  • When polish gets completely dry, massage the remaining oil into cuticles to moisturize.

Will I repurchase?

YES! Definitely!

True to what I said in the past, you can use whatever nail polish you want and it doesn't have to be expensive. But if you want to make your polish lasts longer, always invest a really good top coat so you don't have to redo your polish or feel frustrated!

Let's all paint the town "Colorful"
By starting to PAINT OUR NAILS! *winks*


  1. This looks interesting...

    I have no patience when it comes to waiting for my finger nails to dry.... (because I have to use my hands to work too often). This might be useful to me. I'll have a look at my local Boots to see if they carry it.

  2. I just posted about my nails today :D As top coat, I always prefer Sally Hansen products because they are so awesome. I never used Dry Kwik, maybe I will purchase it next time when mine runs out !

  3. wow 1 minute?! maybe i should look into this too and bring it to the salon next time i schedule a mani or pedi... how much is it sis?

  4. This post is meant for me!!! LOL. I just finished painting my nails and waiting for it to dry right now. I just have to response even it's not drying yet!!!! LOL.

    So tea tree oil really work for you huh? I'm gonna check it out!!

    Have a wonderful weekend twin. I know you will have fun on another food tripping this week!!! HEHE

  5. Hmm.. does this means that I don't have to wait until the nail colour completely dry up before the next coat if I use this quik dry? If yes, then I want!!!

  6. 1 minute?! Looks interesting, I hate waiting for my nails to dry. I'll have to try this.

  7. Haven't tried this, but I just got the quick dry spray from Avon - it works wonders!

  8. Oooo, now it might even be possible for me to paint my own nails at home. :P

    Thanks for sharing, gal!

  9. I hate waiting for my nails to dry too! I'm curious now and want to check this out.

  10. Liz, give it a try :) I know you do your nails so this could be helpful! :)

    Digital Angel, they have a couple of different version, they have a lot of nail care products, that's what I love about Sally hansen!

    Mhean, heheh you already bought yours, enjoy!

    Lydia, thanks

    Cinthia, I KNOW! I can't sit still for long, that's why this product was made for YOU AND ME!

    Jessie, you use this Dry KWIK after you finish everything. After you apply the final coat, wait for a minute then apply this Dry KWIK over your nails...and it speeds up the drying step.

    Gio, if you don't have this product, try using a blowdryer.

    Tokyostar, yes, I've dried a spray one and it works too!

    Missmall, yes, if you hate smudging and all those crap...try this! :)

    Smirking cat, tell me what your thoughts about this after you checked this out :)

  11. I'm actually a big fan of sally hansen products. This was a useful post. Thank you.


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