Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eureka Moment: MMU Mini Case

**Available at Landmark, Trinoma for Php9.75 (approx $0.22) per pack

I have ordered e/s samples online and I am waiting for them to arrive. Being an "organized" person as I am. I wanted them to have a home. I thought I couldn't find anything cheaper than my previous post as seen here

Me being someone who wanted to get the best deal, I made sure to always look around and search for better deals! Money is not everything, but we worked hard for better use it wisely right?

So finally! I've found a very good deal mini container for my e/s samplers! What I love about this is's PINK!!! And what's the better deal? Comes in packs of 2 with FREE mini spatula!!! That's the best deal I would say!!!

Here's a comparison against an AA Battery for you to imagine how big the container is.
I don't mind it's size as e/s samples aren't much!

I also plan to do a surgery for my Urban Decay Primer Potion. I've seen in most beauty bloggers that the remaining UDPP can fit 2 mini jars. So I bought a bigger container to fit them all in! So, let's not get out of the Motiff! :P

** Available at Landmark , Trinoma Branch for Php24.75 (approx $0.50)

I love it that it also comes with a free spatula! It's as big as an AA Battery. UDPP, you will be in PAIN tomorrow! lol

Happy Weekend everyone!
I'll try to post more Eureka moments for you guys!
As being beautiful doesn't have to be expensive!


  1. I am so surprised about their price. It's very cheap! It would be awesome if it comes with shifter then, you can put like powder type of eyeshadow or pigment :) And it's PINK !! I love that little scooper also. You are a good shopper !

  2. oooo! those looks really neat :) I want to get some hehe

  3. Oh these are so cute! I normally buy my 5g sifter jars from Silk Naturals as they're the cheapest I could find so far. I'm always depotting my stuff, especially from sample sachets (say if I have two of the same samples, put them into one pot).

  4. ooooooooh so cute!!! love the pink, of course. hehe

  5. Ohhh, can't wait to see the results. I too did surgery on the UDPP once and it was surprisingly easy. Good luck with that, lovely!

  6. Hey this is good news as I'm dropping by trinoma tomorrow!

    :-) CG

  7. >__< you know what.. I tried to find these little plastic containers for my EDM stuff. I'm actually thinking of giving away samples to my BB creams cuz I think i got too many and couldn't finish them ><..

    I need to go find these containers some where=p..

    ur so organised compare to me

  8. i have this!!! this is where i put all my e/s too! :) don't you just love landmark?!

  9. cool! i also uses these pots for my MMu samples haha..i'm just sad that Landmark Trinoma has not yet replenished their blue colored jars..i like it better than the pink ones =D

  10. I love that they're pink! Great deal, too.

  11. They are so cute! And they're PINK!! I want some too eheh

  12. Those containers are cute!!! you are a very organized person indeed. For some reason, when I put my left over of UDPP into a container, it was quickly dried up....guessing it's the air that caused it...but yeah, too bad I had to threw mine away :(

  13. What a great deal! It cost more than $1 for 2 jars of sample containers here. It's so cute and pink! :)

    I don't want to be a party pooper, but is the big container plastic? If it is, you better not put your UDPP. It will dry out. You need to put creamy products like UDPP in glass containers for it to not dry out. I should know... lol~ ;)

  14. Digital Angel, Hubby was asking me if they have the sifter, well for the price, I won't complain, and I usually just get a minimal amount of MMU on the cap :) so this is ok for me! :) I am a smart shopper? YAY!

    Erica, I hope you guys have it as cheap as this! I guess China is nearer to the

    Tine, same here! I never bring full sized stuffs when I these babies are useful!

    Trinh, we are the pink lovers! and a lot of other beauty bloggers out there!

    B, that is a cute NEW profile pix! I love it!!! I got lazy last night and didn't go through the surgery yet lol...UDPP says *WHEW*

    CG, Lucky you! i'm at work now..while you are shopping happily at Trinoma :(

    Purple, I hope you can find them!!! that's sweet of you to give out samples. BB creams rock! read so much good stuffs about them!

    Sabby, landmark is the BOMB!!! It's like going to QUIAPO minus the heat and traffic and pollution!

    Gale, I love both blues and pinks, I was looking for the blue ones but they don't have it the same size as the pink ones!

    Emilee, GIO another PINK lover ! YES!

    Cinthia and Alyssa, I am so glad I got lazy to do the surgery for my UDPP, I might use the bigger container for something else then, I have to buy a glass container..nah Alyssa you're not a party pooper, this is very useful! thank you so much you both!!! LOVE YOU BOTH *hugs*

    Lydia, they are cute and cheap..cute can't be cute if they're expensive! LOL

  15. oh! i have to go to Landmark asap! have to check those cute lil pink jars! "UDPP, you will be in PAIN tomorrow" lol!

  16. woah ang mura niyan ate nikki..hmmm..nung naghanap ako pinakamura na yung P45 sa pampanga..kainis wala landmark samin kasi haha

  17. hahahah Dianatan , go buy them na! nauubos siya pretty fast!

    Miemiemie, if ever you have the chance to come back home, let's all shop together! :D

  18. Yay! Got my own little pretty pink containers. Got the two sizes (still php 9.75 each). There's a blue one pala though the body is not clear like the pink one so I didn't get that. The big container you bought also comes with a sifter pala but it's located together with the other sifter jars. It was the SA who told me.

    Thanks for the tip!

    :-) CG

  19. CG! I'm glad you got yours! how many did you buy??? landmark is so addictive no? You're very much welcome and I'm glad to be able to help you guys as I've been helped by a lot of you guys with all the blogs you did! :D *major hugs*

  20. Just bought 10 pcs. I noticed that there were about 6 pieces left and I thought of you :-)

    Thanks for leaving some for me to buy tee hee :-)


  21. CG ha! hahahahah I was laughing so hard when I read your comment! Actually....yeah, i did hauled most of them, but hey! I did left some talaga! hahaha it's funny coz my hubby did say "why not get them all? Nahiya ka pa!" hahaha then there you go with the comment. Thanks for thinking about me :D Good or bad way, I am happy! hahahha


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