Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Cheesecake Etc...

I won a Php1,000 (approx $23.00) gift certificate of Cheesecake Etc. from Girlfriend Mag. (Thanks Sab for the mag and I learned about this through you)

The first thought was, OK we'll have it "to go" as I can't imagine myself stuffing Cheesecake worth Php1,000!

And when I asked for a menu, me and hubby decided to SIT DOWN! Just look at the menu! I didn't even know they serve that much variety!

Page for Cakes

Appetizers, Sandwiches, Pastas and Rice Meals

Coffee, Tea, Soda and Fruit Juices

And let's talk about our orders. Actually the waiter got our order all wrong, we told him we want our sandwich to be sided with an Egg Salad, and he took note on an Egg Salad Order as Appetizer. Well, we did not gave him a hard time and we took the order anyways. Hubby loves egg. So he's happy! :P

Egg Salad topped with Cheese
Php115.00 (approx $2.50)
(we added this into our sandwich below...yummooo)

Turkerrific Sandwhich
Low Fat Smoked Turkey Ham with Cranberry Jelly
Php215.00 (approx $4.80)

This is how it looks like inside
Wheat Bread - I heart
Lettuce - I heart
Turkey Meat - I heart
Cranberry - I heart
Egg salad on side - Hubby Hearts :D

Fettuccine Carbonara
Classic White Sauce topped with Bacon Bits and Cheese
Php175.00 (approx $3.90)

Fat Free White Mocha
Php110.00 (approx $2.45)

To end our meal with a warm tummy!

And what's eating at Cheesecake Etc. Without a cheesecake?
Sorry it was long gone when we took it home before we remembered taking a shot :(
It is New York Cheesecake YUMMMYYY!!!

The best things in life are free!
(thanks to GF Mag, I was the Letter of the Month this August)
Have you had any free meal that you won't forget?
Spill the beans!


  1. Never ever have free meal before. Suck!!! Ur very lucky. Where's my lucky scrub??

  2. the egg salad looks so yummy! geez the food in the Philppines are so inexpensive compared to the restaurants, cafes, ect. here in the US! lol or maybe it's just my city hehe lol

  3. Everything is so cheap over there. I wonder what the cost of living is.

    Guess what? I'm reading your blog before dinner and I'm hungry!... lol~ :P

  4. freebies are always good! :-) i never had free food before as well. LOLz.

    but i had cheesecake yesterday and i still feel full 'til now.

    their egg/cheese salad looks fantastic. :-)

  5. Cinthia, you are my lucky twin!!! So you should get all the luck!!!

    Erica, it's just the location and city! :) It's always equal to how much a person earns :)

    Alyssa, cost of living in the PHilippines is really low, because of low salary wages, everything is just cheaper here when compared to the States :)

    Liz, wooohhh you're still full ? You should eat more! You deserve to eat more coz you're getting slimmer!

  6. Erh... Nikki.....

    where's the cheesecake? (and I don't mean the box...)

  7. are a meanie! LOL I did my apologizing already, when we took it home and left it overnight..the next day when we woke up...someone ate it all already! and we didn't have the chance to take a shot :( :( :( I am SORRY!!!!! :( FORGIVE ME!!!!

  8. Wasn't being a meanie..... I really wanted to see the cheesecake!!!!

    New York cheesecake is one of my faves......... who ate it?! And how dare they???? >:T

  9. Fettuccine Carbonara is sooo yummy
    i love Fettuccine

  10. Liz, hahaha I was just joking! well...I think either sis-in-law..or the rat! hahaha Don't worry, now I have an excuse to eat cheesecake again! hahah I'd say "let's eat cheesecake, liz wants me to take a shot of it" lol..

    beautyaddict1one1, same here! i love pasta..both red and white sauce!

  11. pardon me while I *drool* are so bad - tempting me over there! I'll probably be stuffing my face like a glutton if I ever make it to PH!!

  12. Fabuless beauty, it is reasonable right? But trust me there are some expensive and over-charging restos out here..I just don't go there so you don't see them on my blog! lol

    Beetrice, I'm IN! I'll stuff my face with food with you when you and Parisb comes to the Philippines! Everyone, if you see a "panicking" group stuffing their faces with everything at a time, just SAY HI to us! LOL You stuff whatever you want to stuff, my treat! But I'll stuff my face if I go to Malaysia DEAL?

  13. Yuuuummmmy!! I haven't had free food in awhile but I know that food is always tastier when it's free!

  14. you are ON!! come here and we'll send you back as stuffed as a turkey ready for Thanksgiving! :D

  15. Hahahahaha, definitely Nikki, blame it all on me! ;)

  16. Yes B! You said it right, food always tastes great if it's free!

    Beetrice, oh my!!! stuffed turkey? Are you sure I don't need to pay for 2 seats when I fly back to Manila???

    Liz, of course, I'll blame it on you, coz Hubby can't see you and you're so far away! :D

  17. sayang wala na cheesecake! hahaha! the pasta looks yummy! i should try eating there! :)

  18. Saby, hehehe yup sorry ! i really should eat more cheesecake so I can photograph it! :D


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