Monday, August 25, 2008

Askmewhats at My Women Stuff

When Parisb contacted me and asked me if I wanted to be a Guestblogger for the Month of August. Who am I to say "no"? I have been reading My Women Stuff way before I started blogging. This is a huge thing for me and I wanted to make it "read-worthy" for her readers!

So, without further ado --- smile and click on the feature below! Thanks Parisb for the trust and confidence!


  1. Yay, my Nikki. I am so proud of you and your ventures. You better get it, girl! Muah!

  2. nice post! i know of another way to make curls, with is tying hair into braids before bed then sleep with it :D

  3. hey hey..
    I just had a post about my what to do with my hair.. and here you posting good tutorials for doing wavy hair.. hehehe

    thx for dropping by my post.

    btw I'm giving away Free Samples So please check out my post?? hehe

    take cares

  4. wow another feature?! really on your way to being a celeb! lol. great tutorial sis. ;) btw, that is a very interesting, cheap and easy way to create curls. too bad curls don't suit my face shape, i look older!

  5. Great tutorial! Congratulations!

  6. cool! i'm gonna try it with my fingers. i find that curling irons give my hair too much bounce and make it too curled so it looks really unnatural.

  7. woooohooo way to go! haha ang exagge ng reaction ko..:) hehehe

  8. congrats, sis! I am so proud of you. You're getting really famous. :-)


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