Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "Vampy Nails"

Let's be vampy! Though I am not keen on using bright red lippies, I am into Bloody Red nail polishes. As long as people look at my nails not my face, I am ok with it :P

Here's another simple "to do" yet Bold "to look at" nail art tutorial for all of you!

Step 1:

Apply any red nail polish as base. I used the ELF nail polish (thanks Toma!)

Step 2:

Using a white nail art pen, draw a triangle dot at the side. (this will look like a half flower)

Step 3:

Same fingernail, draw 5 dots (to create a full flower look)

Here's me using left hand to draw my right nails If I can, YES YOU CAN!
Together please: "YES WE CAN!"

Let me show you my thumb, since the thumbnail has bigger space Draw more dots Look at the blue dots I've done via computer
(this looks useless for now...but you'll get the purpose below)

Step 4:

Using a yellow nail polish pen (or any bright color pen), create a BUD on the full flower (the one you have 5 full dots)


Using another colored nail art pen to create a BUD on the HALF flower (you can use the same yellow if you don't have enough colored pens)

Step 6:

Another color again for the other half flower (the thumb has 2 half flowers remember?)

Step 7:

Do not forget to apply a clear nail polish on top of the art.

Sit back, and enjoy your creation!

  1. If you don't have enough colored pens, you can use one color on all those flowers!
  2. Apply your nail polish base, and let it dry for a couple of minutes before you start drawing.
  3. Always draw one hand first, STOP, let dry, before you continue the other hand (to prevent smudging)
  4. Invest on a good clear top coat and quick dry polish, to protect what you worked hard for! (you don't want to spend so much time drawing and it'll smudge and chip in less than a week right?)

Again...keep this in mind...
"Imperfection is Perfection!"


  1. oh its been ages since i last sported red nails,hahaha..they look pretty ate nikki!:)

  2. Bloody nails :D so, did you use kwik nail dryer from Sally hansen ? Does it really dry that quick ? :P I love your nail tutorial, it looks so precised. just perfect.

  3. i love the nails AGAIN!

    i just ruined mine when i started making accessories two days ago. my thumbs are still kinda sore and all my nails look ratty.

    i soooooo envy you.

  4. Miemiemie, go sport one now! You're young, so you can sport any nail color!

  5. Miemiemie, go sport one now! You're young, so you can sport any nail color!

    Digital Angel, yes, I've used the kwik dry on this one and it works really well!

    Liz, you are definitely a busy girl doing all those hair style and stuff, :) Thanks for loving my nails!

  6. Wow Nikki, you never failed to amaze me with your creativity! Love it!!!!

  7. Very cute!!! I like...I have nail art pens but not the ones where you can squeeze it out. I think these are way better!!!

  8. Alyssa, thanks dear

    Dyan, well you never fail to amaze me with the names you call me! LOL

    Cinthia, really? what are yours? Are there different versions of nail art pens?

    THSG, thanks!

  9. very vampy indeed!don't you just love how red instantly looks sexy? :)

  10. a girl can never go wrong with bloody red nails -- can make any gal's hands UBER SEXY! and of course, you have to be creative again with the nail art. very nice sis!

  11. Hiya twin! You are so sweet!! How come you weren't this sweet before huh? LOL. I actually like darker makeup on you though. You look so sexy with darker makeup. Seriously!

  12. Saaby, I honestly didn't think I can pull of red, but I finish the whole week wearing red nail polish and I love it!

    Thanks Mhean, you go ahead apply your dark nail polish and show it to me! I want that color too!

    Cinthia, hey I'm always sweet! It's just that, being a twin to you takes a load of pressure! LOL now I'll be sweetest to you..coz I missed you so much! I was lost when you weren't posting much !!! Thanks dear, I want to look fab on neutrals! I can't wear dark make up during day time!

  13. I forgot why I never like painting my nail. I tried painting mine too and it didn't last long coz my nails are very brittle and thin and they're like so small that it looks like a kid's nail.

    yours are very nice though and all your nail art design are very cute. :)

  14. hey dear, where did you get your nail pens? i want! :D

    thanks for the tut! your red nails are fab, i like painting mine in red or black :)

  15. i love love red polishes. from bright and true red to dark (almost black) red. how creative! this is sooooo cute! you do make it look so easy. i wonder where i can buy those pens locally.

    btw, i changed my url to nakulayan.blogspot.com. lame... but not as lame as the previous one.

  16. Love the nails! Very vampy!

  17. This looks even better than the previous ones. You're on a roll, gal!

  18. Very cute! I don't think I could do it on my fingernails, but maybe on my toes!

  19. Hey! I love red... whether on my lips or nails ;).

  20. Vi Anne, I usually paint my toe nails! I only started to religiously paint my fingernails is when I started to do nail art! :) You are ok just leaving your nails the way it is, I'm sure your nails will thank you for it! :)

    Jheng , in one of your videos, I think I saw dark something or black nail polish, I LIKE! P.S. I emailed you the answer to your query.

    Jiejie, thanks for letting me know your new URL. I panicked and thought you just "poofed" without saying good bye :(

    Thanks Gio!

    Missmall? Really???? uh oh, now now, I'm getting pressured to do it even prettier the next...hmmm...can we go..."good" "bad" "good" then "bad" again? Since this is good, can I go a not so good one next? Please? hehehe *wipes perspiration*

    Tammy M, yeah, toes would look great!!!

    Renren! Sis, thanks

    Gracie, do you know that I thought about you when I did this? I knew you would love Bright reds!!!! :D

  21. loving the red nails, simple but pretty!

  22. ooh thanks so much for doing this. i love it and teen yummy411 is going to lloooovvvee this!!!

  23. hey doll! how are you?!

    i love the nails :] They are soo cute*

    where can you buy those pens?! I've never seen finger nail polish in such bottles! I want some :]

    thanks ♥ Xx

    Keep in touch gorgeous

  24. Lovin' the great nail art post! Now I have an idea of what you wear on those nails of yours :)

  25. NicNic, thanks dear!

    Yummy411, uh oh, only teens? OH NO! I'm not on my teens no more..so am i still allowed with this? hehehe

    Sara, thanks so much for dropping by , I missed your posts :) I bought direct from a supplier. I believe you guys have it there in the US, but mostly sold on sites! :)

    Lilan! LOL nice to see you here...you peeked on my nails! tsk tsk tsk :D i'm glad you did though!

  26. WOW!
    Thats really nice!
    How much are nail pens in the Phils and where did you get 'em?

  27. i wish i could do my nails or even keep them long. but i can't as i am in the food business and it just not possible... sigh. i love seeing beautiful nail pix. and your nails are to die for! you are very creative too.

  28. hi! where did you buy those nail art pens? thanks!

  29. i love wearing bloody red nail polishes lately, what elf shade did you use? light red? and where can i get those nail art pens?

    thank you♥


  30. Its bright red ELF color :) Nail art pens well I sell them myself as I got the supplies from overseas :) I think you can try to check out ebay as well, a lot of sellers will be selling these types of pens.


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