Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eureka Moment: Scholl Buy 2 Take 1 Air Pillo

I've always been honest to you guys on everything I write. And here's one thing you'll learn about me after reading this post. (I bet you're really curious now eh?)

I won't blab further, I'll just breathe in and out...and tell the truth...


I just realized that I'm shouting that to the world! Well, I do ! I really don't like my feet! Why? Because they are super weak, you can see that my feet is older than my real age, and I can't wear lovely shoes with heels because I'll be limping my way home.

But before I blab further about my feet and give out too much information that may embarrass me further lol I was out shopping with the hubby last weekend and hubby was looking for something comfortable to put in his "work shoes". We found Scholl and this is not a review as i haven't used this yet.

*thinks again* If this is not a review, why am I telling everyone about my bad feet??? :( I can't get over this! LOL

Ok, the reason why I created a special post for this because Scholl Air-Pillo is having a promotion of buying 2 free 1 pair of Air Pillo! Me being a self proclaimed Smart Shopper... I have to tell you guys about this right?
Buy 2 take 1 pair Available at Landmark, Trinoma
(Php160.00+ each approx $3.50)

Hubby bought 2 pairs and the free one is mine! Here's how it looks like (photo below)

Not too thick, a bit thin, so I'm not sure yet how it would perform I don't wear shoes often, so it may take some time for me to review this Or I can always interview my hubby for a review on this :)

Start making peace with your body
I hated my feet too long, and nothing changed!
As long as all the parts of my body are working fine,
everything's ok right?


  1. I have your type of feet myself! :'( I can't wear heels for the life of me or else I'll be in pain in an hour! It kind of sucks, because I need heels for height... lol~ :P

    Don't worry Tobey can get all the attention he wants!!! :) He's way cuter than I will ever be. When people are around us, they don't notice me... lol~ Nevermind people generally don't notice me. I just don't stand out. :/

  2. i hate my feet too nikki! if i could pamper them everyday i would. i wish i don't hafta walk... i like the idea of just gliding, so that my feet won't suffer..

    i love heels pa naman.


  3. cool! hehe i rarely wear heels too..kasi i tend to slouch with my current height, what more if i wear heels? hehehe..

  4. what to do :( none of us is perfect. if u don't have prob this place, u sure have one elsewhere. it's the rule of life!

  5. I think that my feet are worse than anybody in here for now :P so please don't complain :P you know why...and I can't wear anything like that unless it's prescribed from the doctor. I know it sux and it is really expensive =/ it works very well though. I hope these comfort your feet :)

  6. Alyssa? YOu too? Bummer right? I've always seen really pretty shoes when I shop and I just can't seem to wear them! Tobey's really cute, but don't worry, with your make up skills, people would definitely check you out too :)

    Sab!!! Did you read my mind or something? I honestly wish people would just glide! If using rollerblades is "normal" I would use it in a heartbeat!!!!

    Miemiemie, you are lucky to be a tall girl! tall and pretty! tsk tsk tsk what are you doing there? Join BB Pilipinas!

    Prettybeautiful, WELL SAID! so true!

    Digital angel *covers face* sorry!!!! Yeah, I remembered your heel problem!!! So sorry, I sound like a baby complaining huH? Yes yes MOTHER, I don't have the right to complain :( :( :( My bad!!!! How's your heels by the way? better?

  7. I think as we get older, years of wearing painful and uncomfortable shoes finally catches up to you. Anyways, I like these soles, esp the ones that have the arch.

  8. Fabuless beauty, I twinged...coz what you said is TRUE , you know why my feet turned that way? I was OC with my feet, I was standing for good 6 hours in class when I was teaching in China...and when I get home, instead of resting, I wanted to have really clean feet so I would wash them at once, I soak them in lukewarm water (that is good) BUT, its winter, so after you soak them with warm water, as soon as you pull your feet out..the environment is super cold! so I've tortured my feet long enough :(

  9. Funny you've posted this article sis as I do hate my feet as well! I just hate everything about them that's why I spend over 3 hours during my pedicure to stop them looking like 'hammer time'. As you know, I love wearing pretty and sexy stilettos so, really I have to look after them (and my back!) if you know what I mean. I've been using these Scholl insole pads as they really give my feet that ease specially when I'm working. When I'm in the ward on a 12 hour shift, I have to make sure that I'm as comfortable as I could be otherwise, I'll end up crying with painful feet. Now, that's the scene we don't want our patients to see ;). So, if you're into court shoes (close), I'd recommend these... great with stilettos too as long as they're not one of those open toes ones. My bf bought me a 4 inch court stilettos and with these pads, I could wear them all night... even dance with them ;). Sorry sis, I didn't mean to override your review. Ha ha ha! Trust me!

  10. Gracie darling! no worries, no apologies needed! i am glad someone who have used this can write an intensive review on this! this is perfect to know that I made a right decision buying them!!! You are right, I'm a type who could cry on spot from too much pain! hahhaha and that won't be good when you're in front of the patients and they go "WHY?" and you go "IT HURTS!!!!" and they cry too..saying "Iam HURTING TOO!" and everyone's crying!!! ooohhh not a good sight! :) I recommend everyone who wants to know about this foot pad to read your comment :) Thanks sis! I'm glad you're back!!!!!!!!!! MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. let me just say, i love how kikay your blog is. i find a lot of your reviews really useful! ;-)

  12. Caryn, sweet cakes, thank you so much! *blushes* I felt a bit embarrassed that my blog is kikay! hahahah I don't intend it to be, lol but I guess the "real" me really shines! Kikayness! I"m sure there's a lot more KIKAY bloggers out there (hello Jheng, Shen, Mhean...and a lot more hehehe)


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