Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks to the BeautyGeek

I got home, Tuesday night and really not in the mood as weekend is still far away and I'm having a back pain (it's not because of old age oK?)

As I saw a big UPS package at the living room, I didn't expect it to be mine! (as most packages that comes my way needed to be picked up at the post office) It's funny how just a package you haven't even open yet would brighten your day. It's like Christmas all over again!

A little bit of background, this wasn't just something that dropped from the heavens...I joined the Beauty Geek lovely CG Giveaway, because I really wanted to give CG Lash Blast a try but I'm having second thoughts as I've read both rants and raves. Someone out there really does listen to me! :D

1. CG Lash Blast in Very Black
2. Eye Enhancers in blazing blues
3. CG Wetslicks Amaze Mint in Toast-ed

And not to forget, they were all housed in a cute PINK make-up Pouch with 2 coupons <-- that I won't be able to use (too bad)

Thanks to Janine! A beautygeek who's got sense of humor!
and thanks to P&G Canada for sending this to me so FAST!


  1. you won! wow! hahaa i joined that too..:) congrats ate nikki! do some reviews on them na!

  2. Congrats! You're always winning and getting free stuff. :)

  3. congrats.. wow.. you're one lucky gal! hehe. i just wonder when will i get lucky.. LOLz. i never really got/won freebies. :-(

  4. congrats.. wow.. you're one lucky gal! hehe. i just wonder when will i get lucky.. LOLz. i never really got/won freebies. :-(

  5. how lucky! free makeup is always sweet. congrats! btw, i love lash blast, volumizing and separating. but i find that the brush is too fat, and takes some time to get used to.

  6. ooohhhh! cover girl stuff! can't wait for the reviews!

  7. wow!!!!!!!! you are sooo swerte! :)v reviews reviews! and bring that on our pow wow! i wanna try the las blast too. :) teehee!

  8. MieMie, yes bunso, I will do a review on this as soon as I can! I love the lipgloss!!! :D

    Alyssa, this is just the moment I'm starting to win stuff, trust me, I am not lucky when it comes to winnings in the past!!! You can ask my family about it! :D

    Liz, just like me, time will come you'll win stuffs too! :) I've waited decades for luck to shine on me :P

    JieJie, i was looking at the brush and find it a bit too big too! But we'll see! :) Thanks for letting me know!

    Sab, I love CG stuffs!!!! Do you know that when they were newly launced at Robinsons' Galleria, I was there bugging the SA? hahaha

    Shen, I will try to do a review as soon as I can :) Tuloy ba pow wow?

  9. congrats!!! that e/s quad is fukinawesome! and i love lash blast!!! its too coo!

  10. Congrats! Can't wait for the reviews.

  11. Wow, nice prize! Enjoy your goodies. Missed your blog, girl, but I'm back in circulation. =D

  12. congrats! i hope you love your stuff! i soooo want a pink covergirl baggie!!!

  13. Awwww you are so lucky!!! I am jealous! I guess your the lucky twin, that would make me..... :(

  14. I love, love, love your enthusiasm, Nikki! And I think the only one more excited than I when I drew your name is YOU when I let you know you'd won -- fair 'n' square, I might add! Enjoy!

    BTW, I found the fat brush a little odd and unwieldly at first, especially because I was on the subway when I tried it. The second try was less odd, and I found I needed fewer wand strokes (than 30!) per eye to get good lash.

    Looking forward to your review!

    xoxo Janine

  15. Vanessa, oohhh another lover of Lash Blast..can't wait to use it! I am saving it til I finish my current mascara! :)

    Gio, I can't wait to review them too!

    NicNic, I know!!!! I can't believe I am that lucky!

    Aileen, I'm glad you're back! Aileen, I have to tell you! I've been ordering MMU samples now! Not foundation, but e/s samples..blush samples! And the wait is killing me~ I ordered from Joppa, paid via paypal and Joppa told me they never got my order! :( sadness..i think they are still reviewing the case!!! UGGHHH!!!!!! Now you know why I get lucky on other stuffs because I get really UNLUCKY on other stuffs! :(

    Yummy411, oohhhhh i give you luck that you win something too!!!

    Cinthia, no no, don't think that way, I am the luckier twin, you are the LUCKIEST TWIN! :)

    Janine!!!! LADY!!! You tried the lash blast on a subway?? What are you THINKING??? hahahaha I am laughing now! Thanks so much! Do you know that when I saw you giving away that CG stuffs I didn't think twice but I joined right away, and positivity really does help! I told myself I won't buy the LASH Blast YET...coz I joined a contest!!! GIRL GIRL! That's a secret then..being POSITIVE! :D Love your contest and I love love love the prizes!!!!

  16. Oh, congratulations for winning this gift pack sis! I'm never lucky with winning anything that's why I only send for them when they're purely give away rather than having to enter any competitions :)

  17. Gracie, you never won anything coz you never joined! kaw ha! hahahaa


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