Thursday, August 28, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Sweet Meets Joe Black"

Black is black!
Black always ends up dark and smokey! But I wanted to touch a bit of "romance" in my smokey black look, that's when I added a hint of my favorite color --- PINK!

Let me show you a very simple diagram I've done :)

Products Used (eyes) ---

1. MAC Sushi Flower - all over lids, for baby soft pink base
2. Laura Mercier e/s in Black, then topped with LM e/s in Cobalt (for a bit of shimmer

3. MAC e/s in Carbon
4. ELF e/s in white - as highlighter and inside the corner of the eye

Products Used (not in diagram) ---

1. Stila Smudgepots in Black
2. Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in Black

Both eyes closed
This time, I've used the darker colors on my crease area
To create a more dramatic look!

And here goes nothing ---
but LOVE

dear Philippine Readers:
I've heard that a strong typhoon is coming over (again)

Please be safe everyone!!
God bless!


  1. Yay, this is a combo that I've done before!

    If you find the black too dark for day time or would simply like to tone it down, I find that grey works really well with pink too (I use MAC Soft Grey pigment).

  2. I really love the added touch of pink to this smokey eye look. You look gorgeous!

  3. Looking at your full face picture, you remind me of this friend I knew in elementary. :)

  4. Black never goes away! :D

    What a sweet look, even with the black you still look like a sweetheart~

  5. Wow. Adding that pink surely made a difference. The two combined colors look great on you. Hot smokey eye look.

  6. Liz! OOOoohhh I do plan to get into grays! Thanks for that, I've been browsing magazines and I saw this really love gray look that I want to try :)

    Tracy, thank you dear!!! Ain't it obvious that I love pinks? hehehe

    Alyssa, do you still see your friend? I would love to get to know someone who looks like me! hehehe I was told I resemble quite a few my face is so...ordinary...or "CLONE-ABLE" hahaha Do you look like someone too?

    Fuzkittie, sweet !!! Thanks

    Miemiemie, oo noh! but I hope it won't come...i am praying so hard as typhoons have been hitting us hard! and it's sad!

  7. Ooooohhh... I like this look! You definitely look great with darker colors. I see you've come to like using it more in your fotds. btw, how's the stila smudge pot in the waterline? it's cream formula right?

  8. Hi Jiejie, you really like? Well I don't do it on purpose but just when I'm experimenting with colors, I end up using darker colors now..coz I tend to get used to all those lighter colors (as I use light colors during office)..I have a couple of color combinations in mind :) About the STila Smudge Pots, I don't use them on waterline, i use them Below the waterline..then I smudge it with a dark eyeshadow color! usually what dark e/s i used on my crease, that's the same color I used on my waterline :) I wouldn't use Stila Smudgepots on my waterline as it is very difficult to remove as it STAYS! lol :)

  9. very pretty twin!! see I told you, you look good with darker shades..hehehe

  10. Aw, how sweet naman your caption of the last photo. I totally agree with you on that :-)


  11. You're comment on my blog made me laugh; about Tobey always looking the same... lol~ I needed that a lot right now. I think I'm going through bad pms because it's making me cry over little things. I'm crying right now for no reason at all *sigh*. I'm usually not this emotional, but my cycle has been messed up this year. :/

    To be honest, we lost touch in middle school. There was 3 of us and she moved away. I still keep in touch with the other one, but not her.

    Do I look like someone? The question is who do I not look like? I've been told I look like someone everyone knows. I've been told I even look like this 50 year old woman. :/

  12. Does that mean I'm not inlove with myself when I'm camwhoring because I'm not able to give a sweet smile like yours? You don't have to answer that sis ha ha ha!

    I love what you did here sis... I'd never thought a combination of black and pink as e/s would work but you've given me an idea ;)

  13. I haven't started my monthly thingie. :/ I'm just going through pms. I have never been this sensitive and emotional before.

    Well, the people who told me I look like this 50 year old lady were young. They said I look like this pastor's wife. :/

  14. u look so sweet in red nikki. hope u won't be affected by the typhoon :)

  15. I usually go through hunger when I'm pmsing. I'm still going through that. :/ I'm never this emotional though! I might be here and there especially dog movies. Don't ask me why I cry in dog movies, but I do! :P I cry more for dogs than humans and that's another story. Little things are making me cry. Just sitting here made me cry. I know this is foolish but not getting comments made me cry. :X The weird things is I'm emotional but I haven't got my hunger this time. :/ Dude I have a messed up system!!! :(

  16. Oh you mean birth control pills? I tried that in the past but my body couldn't handle it. For that reason I won't take it anymore.

    I'm trying to stay sane, but it's hard I'm telling you! :P

  17. Cinthia, too bad, i want to look good in neutrals too!!!! *pouts* Share some pretty neutrals to me! LOL

    CG, hehehe Thanks, I want sometimes to look serious but he was teasing me kc :) hehehe

    Alyssa, *hugs* I hope you're feeling better today!!! let me know!

    Gracie! *wipes forehead* thanks for telling me that I don't need to answer your question, you are ALWAYS teasing me :( :( :( You're making me cry! :P

    Prettybeautiful! Thanks so much, I'm glad the weather station didn't predict it well coz we didn't have the typhoon FOR NOW *knocks on wood*. Thanks for your concern :)

  18. This is a great smokey eye look. You look great with darker colors. And I love the added touch of pink. Great combo!

  19. hiyeee...i love dark eye makeup on you nikki! :) hehehe...but you don't look like the evil twin at all, you still look sweet and "angelic" with a touch of some naughtiness LOL

  20. Love the diagram! You look gorgeous! What foundation did you use, if any? (lol, sounds like a cross-examination =D)

  21. no i really like it. my experiments don't usually come out that nice though. actually it doesn't look like an experiment at all!

    stila's that good huh? i wonder how different cream is compared to gel. i really like gel.

  22. Lydia sis, thanks for saying that!

    Gio, I love pinks, so why not put something you love to something you seldom use? hehehe thanks for the compliments

    Saaby, thank you dear! goodluck with your entrance exam tomorrow!

    Jheng, ikaw ang ever in love with dark colors and I'm glad you liked my dark colored eye looks! :) Thanks for pushing me to try it!

    Aileen, thanks sis! I love doing the diagram! I actually enjoy it a lot like doing make up too! I've used BE Bare Escentuals. It's pretty when you just put it on fresh, but after a couple of hours, it does turn a bit dark and oily for me :)

    JieJie, thanks for liking it! I appreciate your thoughts on my trials! Anyways, about the Stila Smudge pots, it is GEL based. Gels are always the same as cream when you just physically exam it, but gels are lighter in texture, and doesn't feel too heavy like creams. I really love Stila Smudgepots, coz just right after you apply it, you don't have to wait for seconds, after application, I just go ahead and open my eyes and NO SMUDGING at all!!! My biggest problem is, I don't see Stila smudge pots black sold in Strawberrynet (where I got Stila) now, so if I used this up, I have to look for alternatives! :(

  23. real pretty! i love the black under the pink :)

  24. i love this look! very sexy n vampy :D


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