Friday, August 29, 2008

A Winning Package from Makeup Masala and Tip for the Day!

Please don't hate me, don't think that I'm the luckiest gal in this world coz I've been posting some winnings a couple of times this week. Can I just say that they were all won a couple of weeks ago but as you all know, I live in a far away land of "bad" postal services that's why I got them all at once. <--- am I being defensive here? hahaha

Anyways, I won this from Makeup Masala's Lubriderm giveaway, I've been looking for a moisturizing lotion for my really really dry skin and when i saw Lubriderm giveaway, I jumped up the chance to give this a try, and the "giveaway" angels up there are on my side so I won!!! I'll do separate reviews on this when I got the chance to use them :D

Here's the package with the lovely Makeup Masala Logo

And see just how many freebies I got???
My skin is really happy now!
Thanks again Toma!

Anyways, let's get back to business. Aside from doing nail art, I've been cleaning my nails mostly on my own and I've been cleaning my mom's nails as well for years now. I wanted a complete set of nail care and one of it would include the Cuticle Remover.

I've had my cuticle remover filled in my "old' nail polish bottle as I find that brushing it to your nails is better than using a cotton. As cotton tends to absorb the liquid and I can't seem to get any of this product onto my nails, which means --- Wastage!

I haven't had any extra nail polish bottles for me to use, I'm glad I am "nosey" and I found this wonderfully cheap Cuticle Remover. It's always been there! At times, simplest things like this matters in making our "beautifying moments" breeze-y!

A closer look at the
Caronia Nail Care
Cuticle Remover

**Available at Watson's or Health & Beauty for Php11.00 (approx $0.25)

Instructions ---

  1. Start preparing the cuticles and nail bed for a manicure by removing old nail polish with a Nail Polish remover.
  2. Brush on a generous amount of this Cuticle Remover
  3. Allow cuticles to get soaked and soften before pushing
  4. After pushing, brush away excess cuticle and nail plate particles before you apply your desired polish

And the good thing? You can buy a full bottle of a cuticle remover and refill it!

A small step like this helps a lot in prettifying your nails!
You don't even need to use a nail polish!
A clean nail says so much about you!
So groom your nails and be pretty from head to toe...
Fingernails to Toenails :P

Want to check out a cheaper version of a Nail Polish Kit?
Smile and say : "Manicure and Pedicure Set"


  1. Congrats to you, winner!

    Your nail art always blows me away~~ How do you not be lazy and take care of your nails?! xD

  2. You won a Lubriderm, too! I haven't really been using mine yet.

  3. Congrats on winning! :) I swear you should go to Vegas and play the slots... hehe~

  4. I hate you :P lol... no I don't but you have been having a great freebie week and that's pretty awesome! Time to stretch the luck by buying a lottery ticket ;)

  5. congrats twin! you're on a roll!!! now give me some digits...I'm gonna go buy me some lotto!!!

  6. I was feeling much better until a minute ago when I scold someone on the phone... lol~ Couple of days ago I found out there is someone with my name who opened a credit card, but it's not me because we have different birthday and social security number. I guess that person didn't pay her credit card for the past two months, and they're in search of her. I told them it's not me and stop calling nicely. Now I can't stand it because they call 10 times a day asking me to pay for it!!! It's driving me crazy now. :X

    Sorry I usually don't say a lot of personal stuff about me, but I am feeling better. Thank you for asking! :)

    I do love Tobey. He's cute and makes me laugh! :)

    If you want, I can get you some NYX lipsticks at this store I go to. It's pretty cheap, but they don't have much selections. One thing good about her is that she does restock with new colors often.

  7. Well, I ended up finding out there's another girl with my name... lol~ Basically, she opened a credit card and was diligent until two months ago. They're trying to find her, but they think it's me because we have the same name. After realizing we had different birthday and social security card, it should had been over but they're not good with communication because different people keep calling me. At first I tried to be nice, but 10 times a day for the past couple of days was enough to get me mad. :X

    I don't mind sending you the lipsticks if you want. How about we trade?

  8. wow! lucky you! hahaha..swerte mo :)

  9. I was into reading alyssa's story, hope she is alright now :D
    Is cuticle remover necessary ? I never tried that before....I wanna see actually how it works. It's pretty cheap too :D

  10. Thank you for the sweet wishes!!! :D

  11. Congratulation to u. thnx for the info about the Caronia Nail Care Cuticle Remover. I’ll buy it.

  12. ooh! you are one lucky girl!!!

  13. congrats on the prizes! you sure got one heck of a luck. i think i've never won anything in my life, even during bingo at school family events.

    i was searching for a cuticle remover here.. i can't seem to find it. I got this oil that softens the cuticles... it worked better when they did a demo on me at the mall. that was the worst experience though. i just did my nails like the night before. for weeks i wanted dark red nails.. then while walking at the mall, this lady dragged me to the stand and test out her products. i'm an idiot, i told her several times no.. but she took my hand and started erasing my nail polish! again i'm an idiot. instead of being mad, i ended up buying the crap just the get the heck out of there. i'm an idiot for being polite and giving my money to someone who didn't deserve it. it was a junk too! i really hate people in the mall like that, and it wasn't some ghetto mall too!

  14. Fuzkittie, I guess it's the "love" of doing the nails itself? Just like make-up, I honestly am not into wearing much make up, but I LOVE the process of applying make up! :) You got my point? hahaha

    Tracy! Me too, I'm finishing up what I've been using and I'll use the Lubriderm next! and yes, you're my winning Buddy on this! :)

    Alyssa, nah, I'm never lucky with lotto or some sort of casino! LOL I've tried those! Trust me, I've been so unlucky many times in my entire life!!! That's why all of these winnings are too surreal!

    Parisb, everybody's been asking me to buy lottery ticket! TRUST ME! Out of all the lottery tickets I bought, I never guessed even just 1 number!!!

    Cinthia, lol I am afraid to give you digits coz you're going to get mad at me when you didn't win!!! I'm loving our relationship now...--- all SWEET! :D

    Alyssa, *big hugs*

    Miemiemie, it honestly just looked like I'm so lucky coz everything just came this week! but really, i've gone through hell with those postal offices just in getting the packages,'s EQUAL now :)

    Digital Angel, you don't need to cut or push your cuticle. I suggest if your cuticles are "virgin" then let it be, coz the moment you touched your cuticle, it's like marriage, you have to be consistent in cleaning them. So I find that if I'm lazy, I just brush this cuticle remover liquid onto my nails and brush it with a nail brush! It made my nails more presentable!

    Ainara, you're very much welcome! are you in the Philippines too? I can't seem to see where your location is :)

    Plue, you're one lucky girl too! :P

    Jiejie, I HAVE NEVER won anything from the moment I was born til...hmm...before I started blogging, I only started to win stuffs when I started to blog. So I guess, I should've blogged when I was younger huh? Oil that softens the cuticle? I've seen one from Sally Hanssen, but an oil that dissolves a cuticle doesn't sound too good for me! So I let it pass! JIEJIE!!! I am exactly like you!!! Do you know that up until now...if a sales lady come up to me, I tend to go away???? And if ever I will be talking to a sales lady, I HAVE to buy something, I kept on whispering to (who I am with) that I have to buy coz it's embarrassing not to buy anything coz she took time to assist me ...YES, even if I don't need the product! So I was smiling when you said that coz we are EXACTLY THE SAME!!! OH NO, is there any medication for that? hehehe Sorry it didn't work for you. I have an advise, try to mix water with a gentle liquid soap...I've read somewhere that your cuticle is the softest after a warm I suggest while taking a shower, or bath, softly brush your fingernails with a clean toothbrush, that'll do the trick! :D

  15. Congrats on winning! You're a lucky girl!

  16. Congrats on winning! You're very lucky ;)

    Shall I be waiting for your next giveaways? :p

  17. Gio, thanks girl!

    Devi, if I do have one next, I'll definitely let you know!!! I am still at war with postal offices! hahahaha


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