Saturday, August 30, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: In2It ColourShine Lip Gloss

No color name COS06 is the product code
**Available at SM Malls, Crossing for Php229.75 (approx $5.00)

Hey everyone! It's weekend my side and I needed all the rest I can get! The week has been hectic, and thank goodness the typhoon didn't push through! Let me talk about a newly purchased gloss I made. By the way, eventhough my lips are full and I shouldn't be using a lot of lip glosses as it could magnify the "plump-ness" of my lips, I don't care! I love to use glosses as my lips are dry and I need all the glossiness and shine I can get! :D

I've stumbled upon a new lip gloss from In2It. I honestly tried to search for their website but I can't find any. I gave this a try as the brush looks just like Stila's Lip Glaze but the difference is, this one, you have to squeeze out the lip gloss!

I chose a shimmery pink toned color as I love pink lips! They have approximately total of 5-6 shades (sorry I didn't count). They have their shades ranging from peach, pinks, reds.

Here's how a new brush looks like

Press the tube and the gloss will come out

Apply it straight on your lips or on top of a lipstick

Askmewhats says ---

  • NON-STICKY (this is very important for me!)
  • affordable
  • high gloss and shine
  • doesn't have a strong smell (has a hint of strawberry)
  • handy, easy to bring along
  • the cap isn't the "click" type, you have to twist it til it closes, so won't get lost easily
  • it is difficult to control how much product would come out
  • I haven't tried the ever famous Stila Lipglaze so I can't seem to compare the staying power between the 2. But just like any other "not so expensive" gloss, it doesn't stay too long. Stays approximately 2 hours of continous talking and 1 sip on a cup!


This is an ok product. Color wise, definitely a lot of dupes out there. But what I really like about this gloss is the fact that it isn't too sticky at all! Done a kiss test to hubby and he said it passed his standard! LOL As he doesn't like the feeling of a sticky gloss when I kiss him *winks*

Will I repurchase?
I seldom repurchase lip glosses! I always tend to be unfaithful with lip gloss brands.

Before I go, I wanna ask,
"Can you handle sticky gloss?"
Me, I really can't! I hate the feeling!
I always ended up wiping my lips if it's too sticky!

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  1. The tube of the lipgloss is so tiny, therefore, it makes it so cute! :) I love cutesy things... hehe~

  2. Hmm the tub looks like the new Dior Kiss! Hehee. Never heard of this brand, but thanks for the review~

  3. thanks for the review. :-) in2it can be found in almost every drugstore here in Singapore. I might give it a try soon (I still do have a lot of glosses).

  4. Alyssa, it is tiny! and I love cutesy stuffs too! No wonder I bought this!

    Fuzkittie, oh yeah! I tried researching about this brand, all I know is it's made in japan (not sure, correct me if i'm wrong).

    Liz, hahaha you love glosses too for sure! With weather like ours..glosses are great!

  5. definitely cute! i agree that glossies like these are hard to control.. :) i stopped using lippies like this. if it passed with the hubby, i'm sure R will like this as well. :)

  6. I have only ever tried In2It eyeliner but i love the colour though, your lips are lush ;)

  7. Looking good! I wonder if we have the lipgloss here. I've had good experiences with in2it products and I think they're quite nice.

    I've only tried probably 1-2 of Stila's Lip Glazes and well, I wasn't really keen on 'em. Feels "rough" on the lips. My favourite glosses would be Origins Once Upon a Shine, Bath and Bodyworks Liplicious (LOVE!) and MAC's Lipglass, Lustreglass and Lipgelee. Oooh... my hubby can't even take a light lip balm -_-

  8. The color looks gorgeous. Just wondering, under the lip gloss do you put any balms?

  9. Thanks for the review. I have never heard of this brand but I love the lipgloss color.

  10. Shen It was great to finally meet you!!! :D *hugs* more meetups to come!!!

    Bliss, thanks, i don't call it lush, I call my lips THICK! hahaha

    Connie, I've tried in2it lipstick, pencil liner..and they're all good products! SO I guess their products are of quality!

    Pnicess, I always put on a balm before anything! but this photo, I didn't put any since I'm doing a review on this so I want everyone to see how it looks "as is" :D

    Gio, thanks! I wonder if they will be selling this to the US or only in Asian countries


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