Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Swap and a Whole New More!!!

I call Digital Angel Nabi my li'l sis because we became beauty blogging friends and we always kept in touch on what's happening in our lives! We've been talking about Life, Love and of course Beauty! We never actually talked about swapping but we share our likes and dislikes on beauty products and little did we know, we're already doing a swap!

I can't even remember what I swapped for because she added up so much more!!! I couldn't remember the "oooohsss" and "aaahhhsss" I did again! But definitely not porn-like! lol It's more on a kid -sounding OOOOOHHHHSSS and AAAAHHHHSSS!!!! Then it hit me that I'm not a kid, so I shut my mouth and emailed and her can't stop thanking her (and I think she wanted to kill me with all the thank yous...BEAR with me sis! It's your fault! lol)

Here's the package that I got from the Post Office
(they really have to open it and check it! I swear!)
(good thing you hid the drugs quite well Nabi LOL)


What's in the bag?

  • 78pcs e/s palette! (yay! I own one now!)
  • 4 Milani e/s singles (love love love this, she took time to research the colors I don't have)
  • Everyday Minerals foundation (now she's trying to influence me to go back to MMU foundation, I think she's winning)
  • L'oreal De-crease (I've been wondering how this works compared to UDPP, I just don't want to purchase as I still have 2 UDPP on stock)
  • Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer in Ivory (my COLOR!)
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Blue (love blue liners)
  • Maybelline Lip Express Lipstick 'n Liner in One in Rush Blush (upto this moment, i still left it unopen, if it's open I have this bad habit of using new ones! lol)
  • Childish clips (that's how she call it, but I love it! I don't care! I'm using it! hahaha)
  • And a cute pouch and she put in the kitty memo with a lovely note!

Husband is still screwing back my jaw! LOL I'll be doing swatches as I go through reviews on each of them! If you want to see a certain swatch NOW! Let me know!

Final thoughts ---

I believe swapping is not only swapping about certain products, I honestly believe swapping is also nurturing a new friendship. You tend to get to know the person more, on what that person likes or wants. Swapping makes you want to make sure to give the person something she will appreciate and use! I am glad I am into this beauty blogging world! New friendships do blossom!

Who says making yourself pretty is superficial? I OBJECT!


  1. Congrats on the new stuff! I agree, swapping (even blogging in itself) is a great way to start new friendships. Who knew a few months ago when I started blogging, I would meet so many wonderful people (YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU MS.

  2. Awwwe.. Nice! And it was very sweet of Nabi.

    Hello Kitty is too cute and I love love love the palette.

    Anyway, I do not like it when other people say that those who love to doll themselves up and look their best are shallow. ugh!

    I would love to do swapping too, in the future.

  3. wow ang dami naman....nakakainggit,ate nikki adopt me!:)

  4. Toma! You are a sweetheart! So True, we became beauty blogging buddies!!! I am glad I started this!

    Liz! True, nabi is really sweet and hello kitty made me smile!!! :) Swapping really is fun!

    Jesmakeup, i believe a lot of sellers are selling these palettes. I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers owning their palettes

    Miemiemie, I already adopted you no! I call you sis na eh!

  5. Congrats on the wonderful products! :) When talking with Nabi on the msn messenger, I can tell she likes you a lot! You guys built a great friendship!!! :)

  6. what brand po yung pallete?
    if you happen to know where i can purchase one, pls let me know. thanks a lot!

  7. Alyssa, thanks dear! :) Sweet of you to say that! Yes, it's great to build friendship eventhough you guys never met :)

    Queenbeetch, I checked and I don't see any brand name, I could ask Digital Angel and I"ll get back to you :)

  8. that's a big palette!!! looks very interesting. let us know how you lilke it. :)

  9. wow, that's so nice! that's the fascinating part about the blogging world. i once was given a book by a fellow blogger.

    please let us know what you think of the l'oreal de-crease. if it's any close to the UDPP.

    enjoy your loot! :)

  10. that is sooo nice of angel! :)

    i can imagine you being almost like a kid on Christmas eve! all the goodies that you got!

    can't wait to hear about them!

  11. Nabi is a doll isn't she! What a nice haul! Have fun playing with your goodies!

  12. I am glad you like all these stuff :) Thanks for posing them so nicely hehe. It's time for you to play with all these goodies ! YaY !

  13. Jojoba, sure I'll let you know! :)

    Grace, I'll definitely do a review on L'oreal Decrease, I've been using it since I received it, so I'll do a review on this as soon as I can :)

    Sab, YUP!!!! I've been looking at the palette every now and then, opening up my make-up case..looking at it once in awhile ..smiling..looking like a crazy gal!

    Nessa, thanks dear! I am having fun!!!

    Digital Angel, I KNOW!!! I've been pretty busy the weekend so didn't have much time playing with it, I'll let you know how i feel about them! soon! thanks

  14. Hi again Queenbeetch, the palette was bought by Nabi at the Coastal Scents :) You can click on this site

  15. thanks so much, will check it out. :)

  16. Queenbeetch, you're very much welcome :) I hope you get yours soon!

    Vanessa, it is ! :D


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