Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Cravings

Hey everyone! It's another weekend food tripping post!!! I had a great weekend, I am re-charging myself to be ready for another work week! I am basically a home person! I usually spend my Saturday going out, then spend Sunday the whole day at home!

Anyways, without blabbing further, let me show you this weekend's food tripping....

For whatever dish you order, you have unlimited servings of salad, soup and bread
If you order sandwiches and pastas, you have to add Php95.00 (approx $2.10)

Here's the Bread Table and plates

The Salad Table!!!
I love salad, do you?

Let's get rumble with the dishes we ordered!

Baked Ziti
Php340.00 (approx $7.50)

I love Ziti! Everytime you ask me to choose a pasta meal and they have Ziti,
I will definitely choose Ziti. I love the texture, the flavor, the sauce inside the hole..
when you bite it, the sauce oozes out! YUM. I love this dish!

Chicken Cordon Blue
Php375.00 (approx $8.30)

One piece of Chicken Roll with ham, cheese and creamy sauce.
It is served with mashed potato and veggies.

Roastbeef with Mashed Potato
Php375.00 (approx $8.33)

The Roastbeef was cooked perfectly, just the right size, gravy is delicious!
We made sure to ask for extra gravy! oooh lala

American Baked Spareribs
Php415.00 (approx $9.25)

This dish is served with rice. A perfect bbq sauce on a tender ribs.

It was overall a good experience, good service and lovely ambiance.

Cravings Bakeshop and Restaurant
5/L Shangri-la Plaza

Have a great start of a week everyone!


  1. Ziti's price is pretty fair but I see that chicken Cordon Blue and Roastbeef and Spareirbs are pretty expensive and it comes with very little bit amount of food. I wonder if they would make me full. I like that idea bout salad bar :D and very cheap & healthy.

  2. Awwwe. You and Keith seem to dine out every weekend. That's great! Me and Mr. A seldom do that because we are (absurdly) watching our weight and we don't wanna get tempted. *sniff*

    the dishes look good and seem to be reasonably priced. *sigh* i wanna go back to the Philippines. :-(

  3. mm i love salad bar. sometimes i get too excited and eat too much at the salad bar and can't finish my entree dish.

  4. The food looks good. I have a question to ask. Do you cook at home?... hehe~ :D

  5. Ziti!! Yum!!!

    I like salad bars too.... don't seem them around much over here in Ireland though... :(

  6. SO Digital Angel, not everything here is Cheap. I guess I am just eating at the right places that's why everyone thought everything's cheap here! LOL Well, we did get full because of the unlimited salad! :)

    Once every weekend, that's our "mini date" and celebration. We make it a point to go out on dates like we're still single! :P

    Lily! Same here! we had our dish wrapped as to go! :P

    Alyssa, yes I do, but usually weekends, that's why I have it as weekend food tripping coz we usually eat at home!

    Liz, I guess they usually make salad at home..and not sell it at think?

  7. ohmygulay! i just had breakfast and now i'm hungry again...

    salad bar! yum! i'd be okay with just a salad... :) and pasta! :)

  8. Hmmmm, you might be right, even though I suspect at home, the Irish don't make the elaborate salads that you see in restaurants.

    I miss the salad bars in Taiwan.... I used to fill up just with a few trips to the salad bar! I like that there'd always be a variety of vegetables, fruits, and sometimes even meat and seafood.

  9. thank you for revisiting my blog :) the food looks yummy, i just had dinner but now you're making me more hungry :)

  10. OMG, I'm so missing Cravings! We used to go there every week after our class in Ateneo. Is that branch still open? As usual, your post brought back so many memories! =D

  11. gosh, its been ages since i've been to cravings. to think this was a regular when i was at uni ;-) ahhaha!

  12. Sab, lol OH MY GULAY THE GULAY! :P We have to meet up again and EAT!!!

    Liz, uhmm..I felt bad now coz I never tried Salad in Taiwan! I kept on eating MOS Burger <-- not sure of the spelling(shame on me) lol..coz we need quick and "filling" meal! LOL

    Blu3, sorry..i guess I should let everyone know to eat "with greed" before reading my blog on food posts :P

    Aileen, I seldom go to Ateneo area, so I'm not sure if Cravings' is still there. Aaaww..I bet when you were back here you love to dine out too?

    Caryn, some restos really does bring back old memories huh? Do you know that everytime I see Wendys, I remember college days with BF, we went to different universities and would meet up at Wendy's. He always get Bacon Mushroom Melt and I always get the Chicken, and we would share! :P Sorry going back to memory lane! :D


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