Monday, September 1, 2008

All In the Name of Beauty --- Bloggers Unite!

**thanks to sis Sophie for the lovely shots! I just realized, we didn't have a complete group shot!

L-R Shen, Me and Jheng
(photographed by: Sophie)

Jheng wanted to try the 24pcs nail art pens so I texted her that I'll be handing it to her personally as I wanted to see her again too! :) I am so excited to know that she's with Sophie and Shen. I got really excited but I got stuck at the SM Makati sale! LOL It took me some time to reach Gloria Jeans (sorry girls! I am not the late type)

When we finally meet, it's like long time friends who haven't met for decades and we were chatting and laughing like there's no tomorrow! :P I love all their newly painted nails!

Me playing with Jheng's newly purchased nail art pens!
I love painting sessions!
as Joker says --- "WHY SO SERIOUS????" LOL

My model working it out! She's so cute!

I hope to see you girls again!!!!
Muwah :X


  1. You guys seem close! :)

  2. Oh wow, seems like you guys had a good time together. I wish her nail shot was little bit bigger so I can see them. It's cute though. Why there is nobody who I can meet around me =/

  3. sounds like a lot of fun! y'all are so cute! jheng is always funny making cute her usual cute poses.

  4. awww! where did you guys end up? i love to see a close up shot of the nails too! :)

  5. i envy you, ladies.. ! :-)

  6. Hey.. Looks fun..
    and the photos are quite artistic i think=p

    hehe glad u like edc out fits too. cuz I LOVE THEM 2=p..

    p.s... jealous of ur swap postage.. with the 78 color pallet..

  7. will upload a bigger shot later. I just loved that shot of Jheng. mwahahahaha!

    Lovely seeing you again achie Nikki! :)

  8. You look so focused on doing her nail, it's cute. I wish there was a closer pic of her nail so I could see what you did, but I bet you did a great job.

  9. Alyssa, eventhough I just met Shen first time, and the rest 2nd time, it was like we were friends since highschool! I guess reading other people's blog really makes you closer! :D

    Digital angel? Well , you live so far away! But you can always chat with me! *winks*

    JieJie, Jheng is the mother of all poses! She just kept on moving so it takes a lot of talent for Sophie to take shots! hahaha Peace tayo sis Jheng

    Sabby, we met at the place we met! GLORIA JEANS!

    Liz, when I visit Singapore, I hope you're feeling better, then we meet up!

    Miemiemie, lapit ka na din!

    purple, hey hey!!! Yes, I find the shots artistic! lol and i love EDC and I can't wait to buy more in HK! They can go from 70-80% off sale!!!!

    Sophie, oo crazy Jheng talaga! :)Nice to see you too!

    Incandescent, hahaha I feel like a nerd! :P

    Girls, the close up actually NOT needed, hahaha I think I've done that simple flower post from the past nail art shots! it's nothing amazing really! :D

  10. wooow! ang saya naman!! been MIA.. will come back this week.. im still on a vacation.. miss u sis nikki

  11. Ohhhh!! Where can I purchase nail art pens?!?! I wannnnnttt =(


  12. Dianatan, welcome back!!! How's your vacation?? Well, I will read about it when you come back! miss you too!!!

    Sarah, thanks for visiting my site, I sell them, you can email me at I haven't really put up everything yet for online selling, been busy the couple of weeks. But I'm selling it mostly to friends and readers :)

  13. You're all so pretty! Sounds like you had a great time.

  14. what a cool meet up!! everyone looks like they had fun!

  15. What fun! You ladies are beautiful..

  16. gals seemed so close together. I'd love to be able to meet up with my twin one day....just one day :(

  17. Gio, you are sweet, thank you!

    NicNic, it was short, but I really had a blast!

    B!!! Welcome back!!! *hugs*

    Cinthia, I wish to meet you too!!! I honestly do!!!! I'll let you know if I have the chance to visit the states, SOMEDAY....

  18. That's awesome that you girls met up! It looks like you all had fun.


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