Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Joppa Minerals Haul

One reason I don't purchase much MMU, is not because I don't like them. I am proud to say I am one of those few who purchased Bare Escentuals and I've been watching their DVDs again and again til I got my own "Swirl, Tap and Buff" moments. Trust me, it made my morning!!! :D

I haven't been buying any MMUs online as I am a "5 senses" person. I'd rather buy things, I see, I touch, I smell, I feel and funny to say, but the Hearing works as well! I'd love feedbacks from people I shop with. <-- you think I won't be able to explain this huh? lol

Anyways, that's where e/s samplers and blush samplers are handy! I know, I'm late, I'm a late MMU addict! But it's better late than never right?

I made my first order from Joppa Minerals when I saw a post from Nanzy of Shizznizzle, since I am starting to love blushes, and she kept on raving about their blushes, I gotta try! I am not strong when it comes to temptation!!!
Here's my package just roughly after a week!!!

My Blush/Bronzer Sampler Eye Shadow Sampler Plus Free Joppa Lotion

Let me lay it down neatly for you! :) 54pcs e/s sampler

Here's my 22pcs Blush/Bronzer Samples

I just randomly swatched blushes that caught my attention
(NO BASE, just one swipe)

L-R Just Blushed, Sunkissed, Raspberry Ice and Tickle me Pink

I've transferred some samples to my PINK pots!
It is indeed addictive and I transferred the Joppa Stickers as well!

How do I feel about my first MMU samplers haul?

I am impressed with the shipping,
I am impressed with the colors and the quality!
Will I repurchase?
uhhh...ahh...ooohhh... YES...lol


  1. whoa!!! that's a lot of colors for you to play with, twin!!! I never bought sampler before, maybe I'll get in the trend one of these days. Let us know how well these work/look.

  2. the blushes look really pretty! i've never tried any of their blushes before, i do like their mineral foundation!

  3. Oh my god, 54 eyeshadow sampler ? That's alot, so you couldn't choose the colors since it's sampler ? cuz I see so many brown tone..you don't have to buy any pigments for while. I wanna see how other eyeshadow comes out on your eyes. Great Haul Ate Nikki :P

  4. Samplers are fun! I find them more practical than full sizes since I have yet to use up any single product :P The blushes look pretty!

  5. ang cute ng pink containers mo! hay..sobrang want ko nga magorder ng eyeshadow samples from the different mineral brands here sa US kaso pagbalik ko nalang,haha kelangan focused ako sa review..:)

  6. Ohhh and ahhhhh is right! Those colors are soooo pretty.

  7. You got your Joppa stuff already!

    I ordered mine, almost two weeks ago, still hasn’t arrived. Did you avail of the free shipping?

  8. That's a lot of samples! Unfortunately samples in baggies really turn me off :P Still, can't wait to see what you make of these.

  9. Wow look at them samples :D I'm glad you truly enjoy them, Nikki..and I'm a proud enabler hahahaha


    (and the e/s are really pretty, my BFF from Indonesia bought them and she just adores the colors)


  10. OMG where did you get those pink pots! AHH I want some! lol I know I've been really getting into MMU lately too it's so much cheaper than MAC and so pretty!

  11. LOL the smelling part was funny =D the only thing i smell is lipsticks or lipglosses because there;s always a fruity smell

    i'm lovin your sample haul, soo many and it looks fun to try =D. do some looks soon

  12. wow! nikki! :) you got a lot of stuff!

    i'm glad you liked all of them. i have the pink pots too! :)

    the only thing that stops me from buying online is the shipping. it's freakin' expensive! :(

  13. tht's alot of colors nikki! so i guess now we can sit back and wait for the colors review? :D

  14. I'm digging the pink, plastic containers... lol~ Nice haul of mineral eyeshadows and blush! :)

  15. LOL I'm doing great, enabling you! hehehehehehehe the pink jars are so cute, Nikki...now who's enabling whoooo?

  16. Neat haul! Sample bags of pigments are really more than enough for just one person to use. I think I have about 100 colors all in sample bags and I never run out. Never! Ooh! The blush look very very promising! I've never been too keen with mineral blush though. Look forward to see how the blush works out for you.

  17. Hey..
    I like ur HAUL..
    LOoks so nice.. I'm thinking of pressing my loose pigment eye shadow and blushes from everyday minearls.. hehehe

    But having trouble finding empty tins><

  18. Cinthia, I have never bought much samples or MMUs before because of shipping, since Joppa waived it just for a couple of days, there's nothing to lose then! :)

    The blushes are indeed pretty, I have to test on their staying power though! So give me sometime, I'll report back to you! :P

    Digital Angel, it is 54pcs samples, ALL the colors that Joppa has, they have it all on samples..yes, meaning all the browns and neutrals! LOL I can't ask them to remove that :) I've been using it too for quite sometime, it looks ok :) Have to get myself used to MMUs :)

    Blu, so true! I think samples will last me for long, especially with all those colors! I don't think I will get to have same color combination for a month! hahaha

    MieMieMie, yup focus ka muna on coming back home! :P

    B, welcome back pretty girl!

    Melvel, yes i did! :) Tell me when you received yours, it gets too confusing! hahaha

    Parisb, same here! That's why I bought those pink containers! I get too clumsy with sample baggies!

  19. Nanzy, you are enabling everyone! even in Indonesia! hehehe

    Roxy, so true, you can't ask for more with MMUs! I bought those pink containers at Local store here called Landmark :)

    Trangster, I will definitely do looks with these, how's schooL?

    Sab, only buy when they're on free international shipping! I think i posted about them when they had this free global shipping! I'll let you know again, I wouldn't buy any because of the shipping rates too!!!!

    Prettybeautiful, sit back and relax? LOL Now I'm pressured!

    Alyssa, are you into minerals too?

    Nanzy, I believe we're tying to enabler each other! The revenge of the enablers!

    Connie, I am never too keen on blushes too until a couple of months ago. Now Now, I want to test them all but I've only got left and right cheeks! LOL

    Purple Snowflake, I honestly do not have any idea where I could buy those empty tins too!!!! Tell me how the pressed pigments go. I believe having them pressed really is better, but I just am too lazy doing those!

  20. im still scared to get too into MMU, its too messy!

  21. Wow, so happy you finally crossed over and tried MMU! Amazing haul! Doesn't it feel like Christmas in September (or August) when you got your package? Better late than never girl! So happy for you and don't forget to post your FOTDs using these. :)

  22. wow, that's a lot of samples! I'm glad you like them. Those pink pots are so cute!!

  23. You know what always annoyed me with samples.. the bags that in comes in. It's so annoying trying to get the product out! =(

  24. Wow, sis! These look a great MMU haul! I barely use mine as I find it quite difficult to use. However, I've been trying my Taylor Made MMU during our summer holiday and I actually enjoyed putting them on. I'd definitely wear them whenever I've got plenty of time to get ready :)

  25. hey, quick Q, can you order free samples even if you aren't based in the US? thanks!

  26. Vanessa, yes, it is messy! Trust me, I messed up many times! LOL I am so clumsy good thing I had them in pots...do you know just yesterday, I had them all fell on the floor with huge "crash" sound, good thing the pots are strong! NO cracks! *wipes forehead* Whew!

    Aileen, thanks girl, I always look back to your blog for "advice" on MMUs :) thanks dear! I will try to create looks soon!

    Gio, I do like them, but too early to tell, I may get tired , who knows? Or I may get even more addicted..we'll see! :D

    Katy, me too! I wanted to buy more pots! I don't want them in baggies to be honest!

    Gracie, MMU is addictive for me, coz I got so hypnotized by the SWIRL, TAP and BUFF! LOL Even e/s i do that! LOL Embarrassing but true!

    Caryn, yes, most MMU companies ship internationally, but some are just too expensive, so you have to check first on their shipping policy before you click the BUY button. I also take advantage of their sale period at times, or better..FREE SHIPPING! :D Welcome to my blog by the way :) Nice to see you here

  27. Fuyoh! Would you look at all that e/s?! :p

  28. yey another Joppa lover! but me loves their foundie and finishing powder haha. try that too sis, my current HG MMU foundie. ;)


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